Friday, October 31, 2008

Various & Assorted

1) First off - my obsession

SYTYCD Canada was wonderful once again. Here were my top favourite routines - the ones I spent the two following hours voting for

Nico and Arrasay got the majority of my votes. I just LOVE this couple!! This routine was crisp and clean and they were totally in synch with each other. And the are so great together. The only problem *sigh* I was spoiled by seeing Nico in only a pair of ripped jeans the previous two weeks.

Allie and Danny came in second in my voting. I loved this routine. What impressed me the most was Danny. His background is ball room so seeing him do this style and do it so well was great. And Allie's background is ballet so it was nice to see her dance in her style

This was third. Kaitlyn and Izzak really killed this routine. Up until Wednesday night Izaak was good on his own but not that good with a partner. This changed I think with this routine.

Natalli and Francis got quite a few of my votes too. This routine was a lot of fun. Francis is also a ballroom dancer and I've been waiting to see something different from him since up until Wednesday night he got nothing but ballroom dances. I think he did an excellent job. And you just gotta love a French accent.


The quality isn't the best and if I see a better one I'll post it. BUT THIS IS CRAZY!! They don't call us Crazy Canucks for nothing I tell you. I don't think I breathed through the whole routine.

And I said Assorted

2) We have us another Quester!! I'm a bit late with this but Janet of Dear Author read Broken Wing and reviewed it. And best of all - she LIKED it!!

3) Nath contacted me the other day to see if I'd be interested in doing a review with her at Breezing Through on the newest JD Robb book. I'm in a book slump, but this is one I've managed to read so our thought should be up sometime today :)

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nath said...

Thanks for doing the review with me, Kristie!!

I didn't watch SYTYCD Canada this week, but I did watch the result show :) The group dance yesterday was awesome :)