Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another and......

Rather than do another ETA - just check out Jessica's blog - she has a great review of Broken Wing.
What a wonderful night!! Two who have succumbed to The Quest and two new Crusaders!!
Add to that Simon Baker in The Mentalist and a good, though long book I'm reading and it doesn't get much better.



So Barbara was the blogger in question who was about to watch North and South for the first time. She watched it last night and loved it. But I'm not sure whether she had time to watch the whole movie or just one episode.
Ssshhhh - I'm just about to ask her.


Katiebabs said...

Kristie, we should do the dance of joy because The Mentalist is this season best new show with over 15 million viewers a week!
We will have Simon to ourselves for years to come!

MK/Kati said...

Hey Kristie - I just found out that Judith James will be visiting RNTV on November 11th. The book is being shipped directly to me, and I'll be posting the review prior to her visit.

Just wanted to keep you updated on my part in The Quest!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Oh, I watched it allalright! And loved it all! Especially, John ;) Thanks again for the recommendation Kristie. Don't forget if you have anymore great movies to send them my way :D

Kristie (J) said...

Katie: He's so fine isn't he? There isn't much TV I watch anymore - but I will be watching The Mentalist - and I'm so glad to hear it's doing good!! It's a scary thing to get invested in a television show that isn't!!

MK: Thanks for the update!! I can hardly wait until then!

Barbara: so - it was 2 2 chip nights *g*. And.......have you seen The Outsider with Tim Daly and Naomi Watts based on the book by Penelope Williamson? Or Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis? Cause those are a couple more I highly recommend!!