Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It should be a GOOD mail today!

I got an email this morning notifying me that two books have shipped and usually when that happens I get them that day.

The two books??

Salvation in Death by J.D. Robb and

To Seduce A Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt.

This would be opposed to yesterday when I got a bill from Rogers saying I owed them over $400.

Random Thoughts:

I was half way to work this morning when I realized I had done the unthinkable! I hadn’t put a book in my purse! Oh No!
Now I don’t always get a chance to read at work – the ideal was in the summer when I could eat outside and take my lunch at unusual hours as to avoid people J
But carrying a book in my purse is a comfort thing. One never knows when one might get caught in an elevator, stuck in a two hour traffic jam, decide to make a trip to the doctors office – whatever it might be.
So when I realized I didn’t have one, I had quite a dilemma on my hands. Did I turn around and go back home and grab one or continue on? I was already running late since I got held up due to an earlier accident so turning back wasn’t really an option. I was all set to have a day filled with semi-anxiety.
But! There is a happy ending to this. I also carry my lunch in a book bag and I’d thrown a TBR book in there some time ago. I remembered this just as I was pulling into the parking lot at work. ‘No book in purse’ anxiety crisis averted!


Kwana said...

Too funny! I just blogged on Elizabeth Hoyt today. Lucky day.

nath said...

LOL, when I started this new job, I brought two books that I put in my desk :P Just in case I don't bring a book but I end up having some free time ;)

Wow, they shipped Salvation in Death already? I knew I should have ordered it earlier... Ah well, I just placed my order today. Hopefully, I'll get it before the release date :P

Amy C said...

So glad your book dilemma turned out alright! I always kick myslef in the arse when I go to a doc appointment and forget a book. I always think, "This time they'll be on time." But of course, the doc seems to take even longer!!

I haven't read either of those authors. I have an Elizabeth Hoyt book, I plan on trying to read it before the end of the year. Her historical settings aren't usually the time period I read, but I've heard great things about her.

Nicole said...

Man, I need to finish the last JD RObb. For some reason, I put it down early on.

Oh yes, I have the "no-book" anxiety problem. Of course, I work in a bookstore, so there is usually something I can pick up to tide me over.

AnimeJune said...

I'm reading Hoyt's "Serpent Prince" as we speak.

Also, as for running out of books - while working at the Disney store in the mall - I was afraid I would (gasp!) finish the book I carried with me before I got home - which would leave me (the horror!) bookless on the busride home! So during break I actually ran across the store to the bookstore, bought a romance novel at random and brought it back. Just in case.

I didn't finish my book before the busride home, though, and the new book I bought turned out to be my first Did Not Finish romance, the dead boring "Almost a Lady" by Jane Feather.

azteclady said...

No book panic--ack!

Glad to see it was averted :wink:

Have a great day, Kristie!

Marg said...

I had forgotten that Elizabeth Hoyt's book was out soon! Off to place an order!

Tracy said...

Oh I can't stand it when I forget to bring a book with me to work. I feel like there's just part of me missing! (I always keep a couple in my trunk just to be safe! lol) Glad it worked out for you!

Jill D. said...

I always try to carry a book with me no matter where I am going. One time I was on my way to the gym and I did not bring my book with me, because I was working out and new I wouldn't have any reason to read it. Well it started to rain when I pulled into the parking lot and by the time I found a parking space it was a full out torrential downpore. There was no way I was getting out in that mess and decided to wait it out in the car until it stopped. Wouldn't you know, 30 minutes later it was still raining and there I was sitting in my car without absolutely anything to read. Doh! So since then, I alway take a book with me. You just never know!

Kristie (J) said...

Kwana: And it was there when I got home!! Not the In Death book - it should be here tomorrow me thinks.

Nath: so are you going to have to pay shipping charges for it? I'm still totally bummed about that! And it will be their loss 'cause a lot of my online purchases are spur of the moment or 'get me up to the free shipping' limit.

AmyC: They are very good. Not quite as good as a recent historical we both read and loved mind you - but I really enjoy her books

Nicole! LOL - yep - you work in the perfect place don't you - if it starts kicking in.

AnimieJune: *g* I'm glad I'm not the only one with this disorder. I did come so close to turning around and going back to get one - but then that would have collided with my other thing - being obsessively on time!

AL: I tell you it was a real concern!! Really! *g*. They have the paper there I could have read - but it's just not the same thing. Thank goodness it turned out that I needn't have worried.

Marg: psssstt - it's a good one - and worth the order!

Tracy: That's EXACTLY how I was feeling!! Like I'd forgotten to put on pants or something. OK not like that, but I did feel like part of who I am was missing. I just NEVER go anywhere without at least one book in my purse. Usually I have 2 or 3! I just don't know where my mind was.

JillD: See - now that's exactly the kind of thing I mean!! I might not get a chance to read it - and as it happens I didn't today at work. But you just never know when you MIGHT have some time.

nath said...

Yeah, I'm going to be paying shipping charges... I'm definitively going to cut down on my pre-orders... but I'm still going to get some of the hardcovers I want as pre-orders... but definitively cutting down :(

Leslie said...

I learned the hard way. Flat tire, jack broke, dh walked to Walmart to get new jack. Me sitting there with only the owners manual to read and 3 kids to entertain. Never again without a book! lol

Jessica said...

OH my goodness, I totally used to do that!
btw, I read your blog on Linda Howard's Death Angel. What a disappointment. Cry No More was the first book I'd ever read of hers and is still my favorite. I have to agree that these later books just haven't hit the spot. It's great to find your blog :-)

nath said...

Woohoo, they shipped it this morning ;) yay!