Sunday, October 26, 2008

So - I promised to blog about my newest obsession

I semi-mentioned it an an earlier post when I said I'd started watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada.
I posted the routine that blew me away.
Well - the obsession is growing. I've never voted in any of the shows where you vote such as either American Idol or Canadian Idol or Dancing With the Starts.

But..... that's all changed with SYTYCD. I watched it on Wednesday night - it ran from 8:00 to 10:00. I even spent Wednesday trying to convince my coworker Donna, to watch it - telling her it was her homework assignment for the evening.
Well after it was over, obsession really took over completely and I voted - non top - for the next two hours!!! Yikes! I was up 'til midnight voting and my normal bed time is 10:00. I was on the early shift last week so that made it even worse since I had to get up real early on Thursday.
When Donna told me she only saw part of it, I told her she failed her homework assignment but could get a second chance if she watched the repeat tonight. Somehow though I don't think the obsession has taken over her body yet - but I'm working on it.

So - what is so good about it you ask - that I've gone over the edge? Well, my 'supplier' Carrie sent me the tryout routine of the dancer I've pegged as who I want to see go all the way.

And here is the routine I spent TWO HOURS!! voting for

The connection between these two is just incredible and Carrie and I have exchanged a few emails on how fine ;-) these two are.

And for those who are liking them too, here was their first dance

I love how Nico explains what dance is to him.

And here is another routine I spent a lot of those two hours voting for

I found their routine mesmirizing.

And this is the third routine I voted for

So - there you have it. My alternate obsession.


LorelieLong said...

Oh, Nico......

:::happy sigh::::

I think there might be some knock-down, drag-out fights throughout Romancelandia about Nico.

Amy C said...

Wow! That Nico and his partner are amazing! They are intense together!

I would love for you to keep posting their routines every week! I'm enjoying watching them :).

Kristie (J) said...

There's something so darned attractive isn't there, about a dancer who as the one judge put it is so masculine that he can put his nose back into place without a thought, yet gets so emotional when the judges understand him.
And the fact that he's danced the past two weeks without a shirt REALLY appeals to the shallow part of me. And then there is his very attractive eyes too!
When I started watching SYTYCD last season, I picked Joshua as my favourite right from the beginning and he won. Here's hoping I picked right again. And this time - I'm doing what I can to make sure that happens ;-O

Kristie (J) said...

AmyC: Well - since it's an obsession :) you can count on it. I'll also post other ones I really enjoy too - though I don't think anyone will top Nico and Arrasay. When I was voting - for every vote I did for the other two, I voted 3 times for Nico and Arassay. And I have the number memorized by now!!
1-977-977-4207. Took me years to memorize my own phone number and I still don't know the numbers of my sister or either son (it's programed into the phone and I have it one the fridge) but by call 150 or so - it was stuck in the brain good!!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I am addicted to NBC's Biggest Loser. I must watch it every night on Tuesday no matter what is going on.
But this Nico, guy is pretty nice to look at :D

AnimeJune said...

Two of my little sister's dancing instructors got into the top 40 of this show, but neither made it to the top ten.

Marisa O'Neill said...

Ooh, Kristie - I LOVE the American version of So You Think You Can Dance. I've watched it every summer for three years. I had no idea (what cave have I been living in) that this show was a franchise and was done in other countries. THANK YOU for posting the videos of the Canadian version. Wow. I'm always amazed at these dancers who are for the most part solo dancers who specialize in one sub-genre.They are thrown together as couples and have to learn choreography from a myriad of choreographers in different styles in four days and then have to perform it in front of thousands of people on live television. Talk about pressure. Their artistry, technique and performance continually blows me away.

Pamela Clare said...

So that's what you've been up to! I came hunting for you because I was officially worried. But now that I know you've been lost in the world of amazing dancing, I'm feeling okay again. :-)

There really is nothing like watching people who are connected and can dance well dance to beautiful music. I think that's what makes figure skating interesting. It's like dance. Imagine it without the music, and you'll see what I mean...

I miss you, Kristie, dear! Hope you're doing well. Now to read through more of these posts!

Kristie (J) said...

Pamla: Hi! Yep - I've been kind of preoccupied with SYTYCD (hiding in embarrasement) I've watched it twice today, yesterday and, um probably the day before that and the day before that too - well and also the day before that because that would have been Wednesday when I watched it for two hours then spent two hours voting. And in between, I've been trying to figure out (without success) what the heck the matter is with the blog that it's all out of whack and why some people can't comment.. And that's been my obsession THIS week.

Marissa: I was real late to the US SYTYCD party, but I've been there for the Canada version (and then some!) There's also an Australian version that I've been watching quite a bit of on YouTube.
I am awed at the talent that these dancers have!! That they come from all different dance backgrounds - Allie for example came from ballet and until now that's all she's done - and that the have the passion and the drive and the energy to something so out of their realm and do it so beautifully.

AnimieJune: Well hopefully they will try again!! I'm sure there were very many talented dancer who just missed the cut by so little.

Katie: Yes, yes he is :)

nath said...

What did you think of this week's elimination Kristie? I personally thought Joey should have stayed and Isaac gone home :(

I think it's getting harder and harder to decide who should leave and stay.

Love Nico, like his style :P He's a crowd fav. and I'm pretty sure he'll go to the top 3 :P

kmont said...

You probably remember my obsession with the American sow, so I meet your obsession and raise it on an equal level lol. Thanks for the vids!

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: I would have picked Issac to over Joey - but since I figure Issac will most likely be next time it didn't bother me too much. What I really want to see though is both Danny and Francis do something like Hip Hop or Contemporary. They are both ball room dancers and so far that's what they've got. I want to see them really have to stretch their dancing wings.
And *dreamy sigh* how can Nico NOT be a favourite? He's got everything - in spades!! I'm calling him for the winner - but then again *yikes* - that might just be the kiss of death from me

KMont: I loved your recaps for the US version - so that's one of the reasons why I've been doing the Canadian one.
I used to get excited to watch Dancing With the Stars. Now I sometimes watch it - and it can't even be compared to SYTYCD!!