Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goulish Halloween Book Giveaway

Halloween is only a few short days away, and to honor this fun day where children get free treats, I have decided to give away some special treats away for the adults!

I have two spooky gift packages to put in your pumpkins. The people at St. Martin's Press so graciously sent me 2 copies of Sherrilyn Kenyon's One Silent Night, her newest book in her Dark-Hunter series that comes out in November. Not only will you get this future release but 3 other books to go along with it.

Bloodcurling Prize Pack #1:
One Silent Night- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Phenomenal Girl 5- AJ Menden
Dark Magic- Cheyenne Mc Cray
Between Light and Dark- Elissa Wilds

Terrifying Prize Pack #2:
One Silent Night- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Any Given Doomsday- Lori Handlehand
A Curious Affair- Melanie Jackson
King of Sword and Sky- CL Wilson

You have to act fast in order to win these books! Just comment here by Friday, October 31 by midnight and answer these questions:

1. What is your favorite scary movie?
2. What is your favorite scary book?
3. What candy did you love to get when you went trick o' treatin as a child (or for some, until they turned eighteen? :P)

Katiebabs (KB)


Kate said...

Ok, since I've never read an alt-fantasy-urban-etc. book but rummage around at a lot of blog that do, I see this as a golden opportunity :)

1. leaning towards "The Orphanage," which is not the best movie in the world but scared the crap out of me well enough, though "Scream" for its post-modern comic self-awareness.
2. The Haunting of Hill House, Shirley Jackson, hands down - it's actually one of my top-10 all-time favorites. Second? 'Salem's Lot, Stephen King.
3. I don't remember the candy so well, more the costumes, but I loved those little caramels that had the white fluffy sugary stuff on the inside.


Kate said...

(I mean to say "'Scream' for its post-modern comic self-awareness is second' - I was interrupted and thought I'd completed that sentence...:)

Hilcia said...

Okay, I'll play:

1) Scary Movie: The Omen, 1976 version with Gregory Peck
2) Scary Book: The Stand by Stephen King
3) Favorite Halloween Candy: Candy Corn

Leslie said...

1. An American Werewolf in London. I'm not into scary movies but I really enjoyed this one.
2. Suffer the Children by John Saul. I don't read the horror genre but I still remember reading this when I was in junior high. Might not be scary by today's standards but it did scare me at the time.
3. I loved to get Smarties or Hershey bars. Now I just swipe them from the kids when there not looking. : )

Yan said...

1. I loved Scary Movie since it was mostly comedy (I can't handle scary)
2. I love the old Goosebumps books, it used to frighten me so badly when I was little.
3. Reese's and anything chocolate. I hated the candy corn.


Stephanie H. said...

1. Okay, I LOVE scary movies. It is so hard to just pick one favorite! But I think the best horror film is Werner Herzog's remake of Nosferatu.

2. This one is, uh, also kind of hard. My favorite, though, would probably have to be "Changeling" by Frances Gordon. Dark, sexy and incredibly romantic. I highly recommend it!

3. This is easy! Almond Joys!!

Maered said...

1. Scary movies? Has to be "The Ring" and "Grudge". I was extremely freaked out after watching these films. I haven't watched the original Japenese movies, but I've heard that they are scarier!!

2. "The Shining" by Stephen King. Was the first book I read by him and I couldn't get to sleep after reading it. Actually, anything by King creeps me out!

3. Chocolate and fudge. Mmmm. My tastes haven't changed much at all since I was a kid!

Great giveaway, guys! I had pretty much given up on Kenyon but she sucked me back in after reading Acheron. :)(Although the 2nd part could have been longer,IMO)

Marisa O'Neill said...

1. Scary movies - I try my best not to watch them. But I guess I can say Alien (the first one) scared the s#@t out of me. I remember so clearly when that 'thing' popped out, yikes, I spent the rest of the movie with my head in my hands.

2. Scary book - The Tommyknockers by Stephen King - or anything by Stephen King. He rules. After reading one of his earlier books I have to sleep with the lights on for about a week.

3.Candy? - When I was a kid I loved good and plenty. What. Was. I. Thinking.

Kara said...

1. Favorite scary movie - The Shining
2. Favorite scary book - Dracula by Bram Stoker
3. Favorite candy from trick or treating - Carmel

Nikki said...

I don't watch scary movies now, probably because I was traumatized as a child when my oldest sister made me go to see a few when it was her turn to babysit. Therefore, these are not "favorite" scary things, but the ones I remember the most.
1. Rosemary's Baby
2. The Mephisto Waltz, by Fred Mustard Stewart
3. Butterfingers

Karen W. said...

1)I don't really do scary movies, so I don't know if I can see it's a "favorite," but "The Exorcist" freaked me out.
2)The first scary story I remember reading (and loving) was THE LOTTERY by Shirley Jackson.
3)Anything chocolate, and surprisingly, that hasn't changed. :-)

Ellory said...

1. What is your favorite scary movie?
Don't like.. but I'd have to say Dracula

2. What is your favorite scary book?
Don't read scary books but I remember reading some of Poe's short stories.

3. What candy did you love to get when you went trick o' treatin as a child (or for some, until they turned eighteen? :P)
CHOCOLATE... Love any chocolate without nuts.

web said...

I wonder why the only way I can comment on this blog is to find the post in the archives? Is it just me? To make it extra annoying, I always forget and have to rediscover the trick every time.

But anyway. Favorite scary movie: Carrie. (The original.) Runner-up: Phantom of the Paradise. Favorite scary book: We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. Favorite halloween candy: anything chocolate, but I am also all over Smarties.

Bridget Locke said...

Psh...I'm such a chicken. I'm not big on scary movies.

However, if I were going to go there, I'd say the movie that freaked me out the most was The Birds. Yes, the lovely Alfred Hitchcock movie made back when. Totally fake and now when I watch it I basically roll my eyes. However, when I was about 8, that movie scared the crap out of me.

As for scary book. Huh...not big into those either. I'm really not a big fan of having the crap scared out of me. So, I'm going to leave that one blank.

My favorite candy? Anything chocolate. When I was 13, I went with a big group of friends over to the West Hills (super affluent part of Portland). Got those super sized almond Hershey bars and cans of pop. Yummy!

And if I could choose one of the two prizes, I'd say the first. I've already got most of the second.

I'm so totally lame. LOL!

Bridget Locke said...

Oh, and Carrie, the movie. That movie is just so wrong in so many ways.

As is Howard the Duck

Pam P said...

1. Hitchcock's The Birds is one that freaked me out, too, still shudder when I see a long row of blackbirds along telephone poles in our parking lots downtown.

2. Book that gave me the chills, especially since true, was the one about Manson and his followers, Helter, Skelter - the way they'd creep into people's home and move things around, leaving people wondering. Every time my father paced and picked up things and put them down in odd places somewhere else after I read that, I'd shiver.

3. I liked getting Mounds bars when I was kid. Liked those soft chewy caramels with white in the center, too.

I Believe In Fairytales said...

1. The Shining

2. Any Stephen King Novel

3. Chocolate

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I admit it, I love Howard the Duck!! :P
I have been craving Reeses Pieces peanut butter cups all week! I love to eat out the middle first and then the edges.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I admit it, I love Howard the Duck!! :P
I have been craving Reeses Pieces peanut butter cups all week! I love to eat out the middle first and then the edges.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I admit it, I love Howard the Duck!! :P
I have been craving Reeses Pieces peanut butter cups all week! I love to eat out the middle first and then the edges.

KC in Fla said...

I'll play ;-)
Scary Movie- The Shining
Scary Book- It, S. King
fav. Candy?- Reese's ( in any form they come in!!!)

mydarkloves said...

ooh! a chance for Stryker...I'm in!
1. The Lost Boys ... ok, maybe not so scary, but I'll take that over The Exorcist any day! (now THAT was scary)

2. Pet Sematary by Stephen King. I was actually afraid to turn the page while reading.

3. Smarties. And chocolate.

Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

AnimeJune said...

Oh, so not fair, you know I'm willing to do anything short of murder the Pope for free books.

My favourite scary movie would have to be "Child's Play." It was pretty scary.

I might have helped that I was six at the time I first saw it.

And that I had a boy-doll that size in my closet at the time. Spoooky!

My favourite scary read? I don't read horror anymore, but when I was a tween I tore through R.L.Stine's teen slasher books - most noteably "The Stepsister". In short stories, the scariest is probably "The Pear Shaped Man" by George R R Martin.

Favourite Candy: Anything with peanuts, chocolate and caramel. So M&Ms, Caramilk, and Twix. It's weird - I developed pretty severe nut allergies a few years to ago to all the major nuts EXCEPT peanuts and almonds. Lucky me, I guess. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Ok, here goes...

1. What is your favorite scary movie? Nightmare On Elmstreet. Scared the crap out of me as a kid, lol.

2. What is your favorite scary book? The Amityville Horror. To tell you the truth, it's the only "scary" book I ever read *shrugs*

3. What candy did you love to get when you went trick o' treatin as a child (or for some, until they turned eighteen? :P) LOL, the mimi Snickers bars where the best! I would dig through my stack of candy to find them, and now I didg through my daughter's :P

Amy said...

Hmmm, I'm not much of a horror fan, so let's see...
1) Poltergeist, totally freaked me out as a kid.
2) Tell-tale heart by Poe

3) anything chocolate, especially snickers and M&M's.


CindyS said...

1. Scream
2. Laurell K Hamilton's first three books.
3. Rockets (can't find them to buy 'em but I've seen other people with them - pure sugar)


Amy said...

1) Psycho
2) This is harder for some reason. two recent books that creeped me out were Isolation and The Face of Death.
3) Um, I grew up in a conservative household and we didn't go trick or treating. but I love candy corn.

Renee said...

Movie: Halloween-Boy can Jamie Lee Curtis scream!

Book: "Jerusalem's Lot" (Salem Lot prequel short story). It scared me so much, I couldn't read Salem's Lot)

Candy: Smarties and 3 Musketeers

Happy Halloween!

Aymless said...

1. The Movie: The Birds by Hitchcock
It still freaks me out when I see lots of bird sitting around on powerlines, especially sea gulls. *shiver* Killer Clowns from Outer Space is a close second. I find clowns to be scarier than they are funny.

2. The Book: The Stand by King
While reading the book in the library someone coughed and I was out of there like greased lightning. I still leave crowded rooms when someone coughs.

3. The Candy: I loved the Smarties and Sweet Tarts. Somehow all the chocolate seem to disappear and reappear in my mom's not-so-secret chocolate stash.

Bev(QB) said...

1. a. Scariest: The Haunting (the original)
1. b. Freaked me out the most and damaged me for all time: Halloween (the first one); I haven't wanted to watch a scary movie since (and I used to LOVE them).
Honorable mention for scariest: Hitchcock's The Birds

2. The Haunting of Hell House (or was it just Hell House, I'm confusing myself). Couldn't sleep for NIGHTS!

3. Smarties and Bubble Gum; But if I had to pick one, then it would have been the Smarties. Odd that I'm such a Peanut M&M addict now, huh?

Heidi said...

1.) Christine. I saw it at the local mall in Clearwater with my best friend Kitty. It took me several weks to convince myself that a car could not suddenly come to life like that.

2.) Dark Shadows by Lara Parker.
Okay, I admit it...I used to be one of those kids who used to run home to watch Dark Shadows every weekday afternoon. Lara Parker who was Angelique Collins in the DS seris is a very talented writer as well as an actor. If you really want a good novel to read,I would highly recommend hers.

3.) I still long for the Hershey bars and peanut brittle that I used to get in my trick or treat bags.

kimmyl said...

1. The Sixth Sense

2. Intensity by Dean Koontz.

3. anything chocolate