Thursday, October 16, 2008

And the Questers are reporting in!

Two more readers have just finished reading Broken Wing and have posted their review!!

Besides Rosie and Jessica, Amy C and Barbara have now shared their thoughts. I'd better get busy updating the side bar!!


Anna said...

My copy arrived this afternoon, I'm gonna start it tonight. :)

Peggy P said...

I'm enjoying all the reviews popping up about Broken Wing - like a freight train picking up speed. I see there was an interview in Romantic Times with the author but I don't get the magazine, anyone seen it? Can someone in blogland interview her? I wonder what she thinks of all this? Anyone? Kristie? Bueller?

And how is it that the actual release date is so far off but we're all reading it anyway?

azteclady said...

oh so that's why I can't find it... ;-)

Jace said...

This book sounds really good - I like a tortured hero ;-) so I'll probably get it too. :-)

MK/Kati said...

I'm four chapters in. My, the writing is so lush, isn't it?

Kristie (J) said...

MK: *laughing* Is lush a good thing for you? Some don't like lush.

Jace: Well, as you might have gathered - it gets a thumbs up from me :-)

AL: That's probably why you haven't found it yet *g*. Although Katie did find a copy in Borders, I think most everyone else has gotten their copy online.

PeggyP: As a matter of fact, before I even finished it, I emailed the author and asked it she would so an interview and she said she would love too. So I'm hoping to have it posted on the actual release date. As I don't do interviews very often, I'm a bit nervous.

Anna: OK - now I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and my eye on your blog) hoping I haven't led you astray!

MK/Kati said...

Kristie - Lush = Tom and Sharon Curtis = Windflower = WIN!


Anna said...

No astray. LOL! So far I've gotten to Chapter 14 and I'm loving it. :D