Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Katiebabs & KristieJ talk books

Before we begin - and you will also know which book we are discussing this time, I direct you to the newest Quester.

Yep, Anna of Anna's Book Blog has her thoughts on Broken Wing posted. Be sure to check them out.

AND: Leslie of Leslie's Psyche emailed me to tell me about a great interview Judith James did at a blog I've never noticed before - but have now :) You can find it at Yankee Romance Reviewers - and just so you know - they are having a contest for the book!!

And before I start - this is going to be a two-parter for two reasons - one) because it's just so long and two) well - you will see at the end :)

KristieJ: So *g* speaking of books - this brings me to ............. Broken Wing! What did you think of it?
KatieBabs: I thought it was pretty good, really enjoyed it and adore Gabriel
KristieJ: Pretty good - Katie - you're a tough sell
KatieBabs: I felt James put a little too much torturing to the point of me going, oh my god, what more can she do? But I loved Gabriel and Sarah's romance
KristieJ: LOL - I didn't think she did nearly the torturing as some authors - Sherrilyn Kenyon for example - but I agree with you - Gabriel and Sarah's romance was so very sweet - but not in a treacly sweet way. More in a touching way
KatieBabs: the kissing!
KristieJ: They were both - but especially Gabriel - were so innocent. LOL - I know you really enjoyed the kissing. I thought it very tender too - that's why in my review I said he was virginal. Because he was when it came to that aspect
(at this point I should point out that there were a number of pauses before Katie got back to 'chat')
KristieJ: helllllooooo
KatieBabs: oops sorry was watching my man on CSI. Grissom drool
KristieJ: Grisom?
KatieBabs: William Peterson.
Judith James almost writes like Robin Schone but not as erotic, well it was sexy but not omg they did what??
KristieJ: I started a Robin Schone book after I put this one on the shelf but it didn't seem to have the same kind of - I guess poignancy is the word
KatieBabs: Schone's books are hard to get through. What is the word about them?
KristieJ: LOL - I don't know, I've never read any of them
KatieBabs: they are very dark sexually, tortured men
KristieJ: What did you think of the second part of the book - the part with Gabriel's journey?
KatieBabs: I thought it was very interesting, but a bit rushed. I would have loved Sarah to go find him. Could you imagine that?


KristieJ: She did go to find him. She found him in London. He was even more lost then
KatieBabs: No, I mean search for him way out...I was so happy Gabriel didn't ho around
KristieJ: I was too. I thought it very clever of him - the story he used
KatieBabs: I liked his buddy
KristieJ: He was good wasn't he? So savoir faire (probably spelled wrong) not matter what the situation
KatieBabs: very sly
KristieJ: And quite the hound - that one scene Gabriel walked in on *chuckle*
KatieBabs: heh heh
KatieBabs: I am going to go to bed, snooze time

At this point I confess to a bit of confusion

KristieJ: yea - I think I will too
KatieBabs: but we should do an AIM chat for Broken Wing

(pause while I scratched my head)

KristieJ: well ....... - I thought we were.
KatieBabs: oh! ...... lol
KristieJ: I think I'll catch the tail end of ER - Apparently it's Abby’s last night
KatieBabs: I will be in bed dreaming of the days of George on ER
KristieJ: And Luca for me. Before there was RICHard - there was Luca
KatieBabs: Luca!!
KristieJ: I'll save what we have and maybe we will try another time
KatieBabs: this weekend?
KristieJ: I have to work Saturday and then I'm going to a surprise birthday panama party after that - but I'll be around on Sunday after I get home
KatieBabs: will see on Sunday then
KristieJ: Oakely dokely. Night for tonight
KatieBabs: sleep tight

So - no need to comment on Broken Wing because we did indeed 'chat' about it on Sunday where we get much more into it. That post will be up soon.

However - feel free to comment on Grissom - since *laughing* he obviously was more on Katie's mind. Or who you like better - George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross or Goran Visnjic as Dr. Luca Kova.


C2 said...

This has nothing to do with Broken Wing or ER but I was thinking of you today Kristie - I'm wearing new fuzzy socks and I could track my movements at work. LOL

Kristie (J) said...

ROTFL!!!!!!! I'm never going to live that down with my friends. But they ARE comfortable socks though aren't they? Until you get the balls of fluff at the toes. Just don't 'empty' them at a friends when you've had a few drinks and are feeling nice and relxed *still chuckling that you're wearing them too*

Anonymous said...

You two are too funny, lol. Oooh, Anna finished! I'm off to see what she wrote!

Anna said...

William Peterson is a very good distracting. ;)

Carolyn Jean said...

Okay, you guys are so funny. I never watch ER anymore, but remember that pretty curly haired girl? I always liked her. I'll tune in tomorrow to hear more about this broken wing KISSING!

Bev(QB) said...

Clooney, Clooney, Clooney!! Sorry ladies, but I've never been a fan of Luca/Goran.

Oh, and Noah Wylie may have been wet behind the ears when he first started playing Carter, but can I just say that by the time he left, he'd matured into "I'd do him" status?

Come to think of it, once Wylie and Clooney left, I don't think I've watched it more than a handful of times since.

And, can I also just say that there's something about the Grissam/Sara boinking that just squicks me the hell out? I just can't picture them in the throes of passion with each other! Alright, MAYBE I could see Gil and Mistress whatshername going at it because there would be some detachment there, but otherwise, nu-uh- I like my Grissam to be asexually sexy.

(Hush... it does SO make sense!)

Kristie (J) said...

Bev:LOL - I don`t really watch CSI so I don`t really get Katie`s Grissom thing. And I didn`t REALLY start watching it until AFTER George left and Goran started.

CJ: I haven`t watched ER for a few years now - not since I realized I was turning my head away more than I was watching it `cause I was getting so squeamish watching it.

Anna: Now see - Katie will agree with you - but I just don`t get it. But since..........I had my own distraction during Part II.......

Barbara: Stay tuned - we get even funnier heh heh

Amy C said...

I loved Robin Schone's two books, The Lover and Gabriel's Woman!

Kristie (J) said...

AmyC - I'm going to read them *g*. But I first tried just too soon after Broken Wing and I knew they wouldn't work so close. I'd be doing constant comparisons.

Katiebabs said...

Robin Schone had some of the most tortured almost insane heroes I have ever read!
I miss her books *sniff*