Saturday, July 05, 2008

Which one to choose, which one to choose?

I often have more than one book on the go at a time. I think there are quite a few of us like that. But lately I've gotten even worse!! It seems I read a book, put it down and then kind of forget where I put it. So I pick up another book, start reading it, put it down and forget where it is and move on. I also have "work" books and "home" books. Work books are the ones that I can safely take to work and if someone comes and asks what I'm reading I can show them.
Ice Storm by Anne Stuart is a good example of a 'work' book. I've come out of the closet a lot at work now. Most of my coworkers know I love romance books and that I'm headed to San Francisco to a romance writers conference. So I have no problem pulling that one out and showing them.
In fact I even have two coworkers reading and loving the Stephanie Plum books. One is all the way up to Eleven on Top and the other is reading Two to Score.
But as open as I've become in my love of romance, there are still some that I just wouldn't be comfortable with being seen reading in public. Such is the case with Warrior by Angela Knight. And that's one of the tamer covers.
Another book that I don't really consider a 'work' book that I'm reading is The Cat by Jean Johnson. While I don't mind the cover at all *g*, it's a bit too man-titty to pull out at breaks and lunch.

But I've never had so many books on the go as I do at the moment!! I don't know why that is! And then - I spend too much time on the computer to read them all!

I'm currently reading the above Ice Storm and Warrior. As well I'm also reading Time's Captive by Kate Lyon. This is my TBR book for Keishon's challenge in July. It' s proving to be a very emotional book so I can only read bits at a time.
I'm also part way through Tall Tales and Wedding Veils by Jane Graves. I've loved her books in the past and it's not a bad 'work' book.
I started Netherwood by Michele Lang but it's proved to be one of the books I've misplaced *sigh*. I'll find it - I know I will - and then I'll be back to it.
I was so taken with the Authors Talk series, I ordered a couple of Jill Monroe books and I've started reading Primal Instinct.
(and here's a fascinating post they did on how Author Talk came about.)

So - I just counted. That's seven books I have on the go right now!
Is anyone else a multiple book reader like me? And if so, what's the most you've had on the go at one time?


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's kind of a habit, like smoking and it's addictive...only soooo much better for your health!

Let's see, I've got about seven books going myself at the moment. Some I REALLY need to be reading, the ARCs, but dang it if the others aren't calling to my addiction too.

It's never easy....sigh....but someone's gotta do it.

Ellory said...

Oh.. I'm a multireader. I don't know how many books I've going. at least a 1/2 dozen.

Nice to see others have that bad habit, too.

Julia said...

You've got to let me know how you like Anne Stuart's ICE series. I love them all :)

azteclady said...

Hi, Kristie!

It depends on the books--if I'm truly liking it, I have a hard time changing gears, so I power-read, and then move on.

However... there have been a couple of times when I've had trouble liking any one book enough, so I will grab another, and then another and so on and so forth. The most I've had going--slowly, obviously--at one time was six.

I hope I never have to do that again! *shudder*


Rosie said...

Kristie, do you remember a few years back when KarenS did a post asking everyone who read multiple books at a time to "out" themselves? I commented I only read one book at a time. Just one.

Within months of that post I sort of got possessed or something. I went through a schizophrenic multi-book and DNF phase.

It's been a couple of years, but now I might have two books going at once, but I read fast enough that I'm pretty much back to one book at a time.

Oh, and the whole work and cover thing? I'd completely forgotten about it until recently because I have either been part-time or eating away from the work environment. My boss saw one of my books and did some major eye rolling and commented about my choice in reading material.

Fortunately we have the sort of relationship that I could let him know that his comments could get him into trouble if I was so inclined. We laughed, and I don't think he, or anyone else in our section, will do that again. However, my cheeks burned red-hot the whole time.

Carolyn Crane said...

KJ, that is a LOT of books! I really want to get Anne Stuart's Black Ice. I totally can't wait to read it. So funny that you have work books.

I think so many books is a symptom of not falling in love with any one. OR is it moods? Or do you just like variety? I'll have maybe three at once.

Shannon said...

I am the opposite of you, Ican really one read one book at a time. I get sucked into the story and don't want to put it down. The only time I would technically have multiple books going is if I start one, can't get into it, and start another. Sometimes I go back to the first book, but often thay end up DNF.

I can't read at work since I am busy teaching all day. I do have the private covers and public covers. There are those books I will leave laying out in the "public" areas of my apartment and I don't mind who sees them (landlord, friends, neighbors). Then there are those books that remain in my mysterious front bedroom. No one goes in there except me and the pets. I keep books in there (or hide them away when company comes over) that I don't want to explain. Heck, just last night I made a comment to The Boy about having had more knowledge than "experience" when I was a teenager thanks to the fact I had read romance novels. He was all "Aren't those the books grandmas read?" Doh. I think he and I need to sit down and have a talk.

Marg said...

I generally have two or three on the go. One that I read at home, and the other that I read on the train, plus something that I am listening to, and the book that is the one that I just pick up every now and again.

At this very moment in time though I am in between books. I have none that I have started. I am not 100% sure how that happened!

Wendy said...

I'm not a multiple books reader. I like to concentrate on one at a time or I start feeling like I'm cheating on the book, heh.

Dev said...

Sometimes. I've been known to be in the middle of up to 5 books at the same time. Depends on the situation. Sometimes, one book sucks me in and keeps me hooked until the end; sometimes it takes me a little longer so I tend to play the field a bit.

Christine said...

I'm mostly a ONE book at a time kind of girl. (85%)

However, I have occasionally read up to THREE at one time. (5%) If I'm reading an erotica book, I'll only read that when the kids are not home or asleep. So I'll then have a second book that I'll read when my kids are around. If a third book comes into the picture, chances are its YA.

Other occasions I'll sort of start TWO different books, and alternate between them for a day or two. One of them usually ends up grabbing me more so and I'll then stick with one until I finish. Then I go back and finish the other one. (10%)

KT Grant said...

I am reading 6 books at the sametime. No joke.

KT Grant said...

Warrior by Knight was a DNF for me. I am a bit saddened by this because I love Jane's Warlord! Oh well.