Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 2 - a day later

Kristie here. Until things actually get started here I may as well go on and on and ramble about the side stuff. I didn't blog about yesterday yesterday so I'm doing it today. As Katie mentioned we went on a 5 hour tour. Now I'm not much of a sight seeing person so that's enough to satisfy me as far as that goes. I have pictures to show people back home now and that will work.
What Katie didn't mention is the tour director. I don't take many tours - as I don't get away that much and I'm not much of a sight seeing person but I think in the world of tour directors, she has to stand out as one of the toughest. That woman SCARED me. She got on the bus and started out by saying "you people WILL NOT be late getting back on the bus will you? Because if one person is late then that holds up everyone else and I DO NOT want to be behind the other group. Whenever we stopped to get off for some picture taking she would say It's is now 10:13 and we WILL be back on the bus by 10:27. She had me intimidated let me tell you!
One piece of advice to anyone reading this that I learned by experience. if you are going to be doing a lot of walking, do not wait until that day to break in a new pair of shoes. This is not a wise thing to do. I did it and I paid. As if my feet weren't tired enough from the day before, I put on a brand new pair of running shoes, shiny and white. Not a good idea. I should have brought my old broke in, dirty pair of lived in runners. It didn't take long before my feet were sore all over again.
At one point we were on top of Russian Hill and the tour director had anyone who wanted to, get off the bus to walk down as it was too steep to take the bus. Between a very bad case of vertigo and real tired feet, I decided to stay on the bus and meet all the 'walkers' at the bottom. I wouldn't have felt so bad about this decision if a tiny little old lady who had to be in her 80's at least and used a cane got off the bus to hike down the hill. I don't know how she did - I wasn't there, but she didn't seem to be huffing and puffing to bad at all. So I told myself it was the vertigo - it was the vertigo.
Ah well - I was going to write more but Katie and Rosie are have an interesting talk that I'm missing so I will be back later with more :)

Talk to you later


Tracy said...

Kristie that lady was the total Tour Nazi! What was up with her? Crazy lady.

It was fun though - so glad I could go with you guys!

CindyS said...

You are a better person that I, I would have turned and told her I didn't like her attitude. I understand timelines and such but if I'm paying money you need to be nice!

And your poor feet!

I didn't know other people thought sight seeing was boring. Okay, you didn't say boring but for me, no thanks. Show me the shopping!