Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Ready!!!!

I hate shopping. I hate shopping for clothes. I hate shopping for shoes. I hate shopping for purses. There are only two things I do like shopping for - books (that one is a given) and watches. I love collecting watches to match outfits - though I hate shopping for said outfits.

But with a trip to San Francisco coming up soon, I knew I had to start getting ready. Since it's my weekend to work, I had today off and I figured today was as good as any to get started.

I shopped until I dropped. Literally - I got into the house and simply dropped on the couch. Right now I'm so pooped I can't even get excited about what I bought. I'm lucky I even made it into the house with my purchases. I was tempted to leave them in the car until I was less pooped.

So, I got mega clothes. And I mean MEGA. I started from the inside and worked outside. My sisters despair for me over bras. I hate buying them and usually just stick with one or two until they wear out - drives Lisa and Nancy nuts!! But I knew I needed some good ones. And I found one that was comfortable. It was funny though - since the one I wear the most is almost worn out, I've been drooping if you know what I mean. When I tried on the new bra, my chest was higher. It was most disconcerting to look down and see my puppies - OK truth time. They aren't puppies. Puppies makes them sound young and...well.....perky. Mine are more like the old hound dogs you see sitting on porches. Very droopy. Anyway - this new bra gave them life and well - perked them up some.
TMI - I know. I'm going to kick myself when I'm over being so pooped.

Then I had to get new sleepwear. I'm sharing a room with Wendy, Rosie and Kate - with a couple of special guests showing up some of the time. Female guests - just want to make that clear. But I couldn't wear my normal sleepwear. While it's very comfortable, I kind of spilled hair dye on them not long ago while getting rid of that gray hair - which by the way will be taken care of come Monday! I have a hair appointment to get highlights - which Nancy, a former hairdresser herself assures me is the right word to use - not streaks - which is what I was thinking of getting - nope, it's highlights. It seems odd saying that though 'cause I'm getting more than that done. I'm having it coloured then highlights added! I do this about once a year - the rest of the year I colour it myself - and get it all over my comfy sleepwear.
So I had to get nice sleepwear. And since I'll be there for a few nights, I had to get more than one set.
Then I got pants and tops and something special to wear to the RITA's. If I think of what that all cost, I'll have a heart attack. When I paid for them all, I just pretended it was someone else. That should work until the credit card bill comes in. Although a lot of what I got was marked down at the register. It turned out to be $50 less than prices marked. And that allowed me to get another pair of PJ's

When I was visiting Nance not long ago, I got shoes, two pair of walking shoes - not running shoes because I'm afraid hell will freeze over before I run anywhere. But I remember from last year that comfortable shoes are an absolute must. I also got a couple of pairs of sandals so I was all set for daytime. But I knew I needed something a bit dressier for evening.
Now I don't know how long it's been since I wore heels. I know many women swear by them, and I'm in awe of the people who actually dance in them, but I'm just not a heel wearer. I'll wear high heels right about the same time I start running.
So after my clothes shopping excursion, I headed over to the mall.

At this point I feel compelled to confess something. *Deep sigh*. I lied. I lied to myself and I lied to anyone who reads this blog. I had to walk by the bookstore. It called to me. I could hear it whispering "Kristie, come in. You know you want to. Give in. Give in to my power. Come here Kristie. Enter me" It was like I had no resistance at all. I was compelled to enter. I folded like a wet Kleenix. I don't understand why book stores can't leave me alone when I walk by them. It's that damn Siren call.
But. I did get the last laugh. I didn't go down the romance aisle. Instead I stayed at the front where they have hardcover books on for really good prices. So I picked up a hard cover copy of Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell for(regularly $34.00) $8.00 minus 10% 'cause of my Chapters Avid Reader Card and Nora Roberts Angels Fall (regularly $29.95) for $10.00 - less 10%. That's $63.95 worth of books for only $18.00 - minus 10% - I'm much to tired to do the math.
SCORE!! I showed those Sirens - oh yes I did. Try to lure me in again - hmphh

So - after that brief stop at a shoe store. Now I knew I was going to have to get something that lifted me a couple of inches off the floor, but heels were out. And the sales clerk pointed out a very nice pair of shoes with wedge heels. I tried them on and low and behold - they were comfortable!! "I said that's it! I'll get these." They gave me a bit of height, were comfy and while not as dressy as I wanted, still two out of three wasn't bad. Plus they were on sale. A Very Good Sale price.
Only one problem. Something odd happened and one was a size 7 and the other was a size 7 1/2. And no matter how hard the clerk looked, she couldn't find a matching pair in either size. The store was getting busy so she asked if I could come back since her manager was on a break. I said no problem.

After that I headed to the bank. I got some American money and some American Travelers Cheques so I'm all set now that way. The only I need to do is hide it somewhere until I go and remember where I hid it. I see a problem with that.
I stopped briefly at the food court for some bottled water as I need to whet my whistle and avoid thinking about all the money I'd spent so far today.
I didn't have to worry about a purse as I got a real cute one in Massachusetts. Funny story that.
Brief history. As well as despairing over my lack of bra sense, Lisa and Nancy HATE my purses. They hate them bad. I need big purses in order to hold 2 or 3 books, but they don't seem to understand that. They complain my purses are Mom purses - the kind our mother used to get. Well, I have to inherit something from my mom. What's wrong with the same taste in purses??? But this latest one I have they hate more then any other purse I've had. Lisa says it looks like a diaper bag and Nancy says it looks like a pair of fat old man's dirty underwear. They are good at coming out with insults those sisters of mine.
So while we were in Massachusetts, I figured I'd shut them up and get a nicer, smaller one to take with me. I saw one that was ever so adorable. I picked it up and wandered around to do some more shopping. Imagine Lisa's horror then, when I went to find the two of them and showed them the purse I was going to get. LISA WAS PLANNING ON GETTING THE SAME PURSE. She was horrified, HORRIFIED I tell you that me - the one who has a purse that looks like a fat old man's pair of dirty underwear, had chosen the same purse she had. There was just no way she was going to get the same one. Heh heh heh. I won!!
So by now I was ready to head back to the shoe store. I went in and the sales clerk told me they couldn't find a matching pair of either 7 or 7 1/2 shoes. But both the ones I tried on were comfortable and I liked them so she said I could get them and they would give me a 10% discount because they were 2 different sizes.
SCORE!! They were regularly $100, marked down to $30 and then with an additional 10% off - I'm too tired to do the math - I got a squeal of a deal for 2 unmatched shoes.
I was on my way out of the mall when I passed a jewelry store that was going out of business and had earings and necklaces marked AS 70% off. Of course I had to get some to match my new clothes.

So - I think I'm ready clothes, purse and shoes wise. And that's a pretty good feeling!
OH - And I got a new watch too!


SJ said...

I find I'm the same way - before going on a major trip, it's so easy to spend tons of $$. Those shoes sound like a great deal, though.

Kristie (J) said...

Sydney! They were!! And who cares if they both aren't the same size. It's not as if anyone will know.
OK - everyone will know now - but they are comfortable and that's what counts!

Kati said...

NOTE TO KATE: Take many, many piccies of Kristie. She'll be the hot one with perky boobs.

Jill D. said...

Oh Gosh Kristie, this post just had me cracking up! You are so funny! The comment about your hound dogs....I am still chuckling.

You are going to have such a good time in San Fran. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Shannon said...

Girlie, I hope you bought more than one of those bras! I think bra shopping might rival jeans shopping in terms of hatred. Horrible! Possibly worse than bathing suit shopping. I have learned the hard way that if I find one that fits (which is difficult since I wear an unusual size) I need to buy at least 2 or 3 of each style. Isn't it am eye opener when you put on a new bra and the girls are suddenly in a whole new place?

I am jealous of your new clothes. I am jealous of everyone who is going to get to see your new clothes. I demand pictures!

CindyS said...

Holy shopping-palooza! I know you said you hate shopping but it sounded like fun to me ;) And I can't wait for the pics of the Rita outfit and the shoes!

I hate bra shopping. They all look so pretty but they are pure torture. I have 4 bras but they have no underwire - I just need them for decency I guess. I have pretty ones but they only last as long as the event I'm at - then I get home and release the hounds!


Wendy said...

Re: Sleepwear. Y'all are seeing me in my usual cotton PJ bottoms and old T-shirt combo. And you're going to like it dagnabit. And yes, The Boyfriend does think I'm damn sexy - why do you ask?

All I bought today were new brakes for my car. Although that should make Rosie pretty happy since she's driving up with me.....

pidute said...

arg! hate shopping too ,it's not the shopping ,it's more the staring at yourself on the mirror and finding that nothing fit you :( .
But i love shopping for sleepwear (reading in a nice PJ's ? heaven! )
So did you find a fun PJ ?
The hound dog was hilarious.

Kristie (J) said...

MK: They won't be perky. They will never be perky - but less droopy - that they are

JillD: I was so tired when I wrote it, I'm surprised I could be funny *g*

Shannon: Oh yes! I bought more than one, I'm dressed 'cause I have to work shortly, and I have one of them on, It's odd to see them 'higher' than I'm used to.

Cindy: My new bras are wired AND padded. 'Release the hounds' - howling with laughter!!!

Wendy: *g* if I hadn't spilled hair dye that's long faded out of my hair but not out of my jammies, I might have gone with them. They are comfy! And I imagine Rosie is appreciative that you have fixed brakes *g*

Pidute: You're right!!! The clothes look gorgeous on the hangers - it's when they are on the body that the trouble starts isn't it? And that's the trouble with summer - no excuse to get into pj's as soon as you get home from work. You can get away with that in the dead of winter - not so much in summer :)

Carolyn Crane said...

That is hilarious about the purses being the same ones! And what the heck, you spent money, but you saved so much. You are going to have such a great time in San Fran.

KT Grant said...

What type of PJ's should I bring?!
I need to bring my slippers.
I have no clue what I am going to wear or pack. HELP!!
Kristie, me thinks we should put up a post calling for help for what clothes wew should bring.

pidute said...

There is always a brillant excuse to be in your PJ's !

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie,
Your sister Nancy here. I have to correct you on your comment on old man dirty underwear purses. What I said is your purse looked like really fat dirty old LADY underwear purse. Kind of the granny panty type. It looks like you are hauling a dirty old lady butt on your shoulder.

Kristie (J) said...

Nance: Ha!!!! You said underwear!!!
(see they also try and get me going by calling them underpants and I'm constantly saying underwear. They say what do you wear under pants? But I say aha! what if you are wearing a dress or a skirt. I don't think we've gotten together yet without the underwear vs underpants discussion.
So now the truth comes out - you DO call them underwear.

Pidute: sigh - but those excuses are so much more believable in winter.

CJ: I thought it was a riot that Lisa was planning on getting the same one. She didn't of course - not after she saw I liked it too. As she is a real purse collector - I've probably messed with her mind good by liking the same one *g*.

nath said...

LOL, the hound dog comment was hilarious!! I was wondering why you had a pic of the hound dog!!

Yeah, I know what you mean about shopping... but think about it, you're all done!! One big day and that's it :D and man, you got some good deals!!! that's the best you know, when you hate to go shopping, but find everything you were looking for when you actually go and at a good prices!