Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Those Covers that make you go "HUH?"

Let's have some fun with some upcoming covers!
My idea for this post came about because of this cover on the Ellora's Cave website that made me go "hmmm..." At first glance I thought it was pretty hot. One girl (with red hair!) being sandwiched in between two hot? men. But then someone pointed out to me that the woman in the picture should be nicknamed "Bendy Girl" because if you look at her butt, it seems very out of place. This is a WTF cover if any!
Then I found this one and I can't decide if they are doing the mambo in the shower.

Um, where is the Onion?? What does the title mean? Sorry, this has to be one of the corniest titles I have ever read!

I originally saw this cover on Kmont's blog and honestly, the vampire broody looking man with the abs of steel scares me. That is quite a long sword he is holding. *G*

But let us end on a positive note with some lovely covers that make me want to go out and spend!

Are there any covers that make you go "HUH?"or "YUCK!" that we should be aware of?

Katiebabs (KB)


Bev(QB) said...

Oh, that first one is just wrong! Shame too, cuz that shoulda been a hawt smexy one.

But I'm starting to suspect that some of the larger epubs put out bizarre covers just to get attention. I mean how else to explain that NO ONE, from cover artist, to editor, to author ever notices these things? hee

had me scratching my head the other day-- not just mantitty, but a man with titties. What's weird is that I've enjoyed the cover artist's work elsewhere.

And I am a sucker for Nathan Kamp covers. Put him on the cover and the book not only gets my attention, but if the back blurb sounds even slightly interesting, I'll buy it. The man needs to work less (yes I said LESS).

NY print covers that push the nekkid man envelope also get my attention-- the Elizabeth Amber Lords of Satyr series, for instance. Or just genuine examples of HOLYSHIT! Would ya look at HIM... which is how I started the Jean Johnson Sons of Destiny book crack.

Oh good grief, I just realized that I am the targeted buyer for all those nekkid menz covers! I've been seduced and manipulated, haven't I? GAK! I feel so USED!

Bev(QB) said...

uh, I dunno what happened up there, it worked in the preview just fine

Katie(babs) said...

Bev QB: OMG the guy on the cover you have in your post has bigger boobs than I do! YUK!
EC and Samhain have some interesting WTF covers.
And yes, Elizabeth Amber covers are oh so scandalous, but I can't turn away from them :D

kmont said...

Busted my gut laughing!

If he's Breathing Her Air, uh...yeah, well just look where her ass is and his face is. That cover is just disgusting. Who in their right mind would place her torso above her ass? Someone was on the cannabis that day. What an obvious screw up. Ha!

And you're scurred of the long, strong sword, eh? For Lenox's cover? Teehee, I thinking that's the point. (yes, I snickered. sorry, too close to the weekend)

As for the onion,, no, I just cannot say what first came to mind. From their grins though I totally believe the onion is indeed happy.

kmont said...

lol, meant the front of her torso with the behind....oh nevermind. Not enough coffee today.

Shannon said...

Oooh! I like the cover for Untamed. Lovely.

I am getting tired of all the mantitty. It seems to be everywhere. I think I am getting old. I prefer artsy or subtle covers. Demon Angel and Spymaster's Lady have covers that I don't feel reflect the fabulous stoies within. eh. I guess it is a marketing thing.

Amie Stuart said...

Is that blonde in the Onion cover a dude or no? I can't tell. He's got a chicks face and a dude's chest. I dunno....

I owe you email (but I got attacked by allergies last night)

Amie Stuart said...

PS I loveLoveLOVE all the Cast covers--they're phenomenal!

pidute said...

LOL my favorite is the happy onion, just plain scary, what's wrong with his teeth? and the hair around ? yum!
Bev(qb) i don't know what i like best his hair or his breast.

Kristie (J) said...

Sure - post these while I'm at work and can only open my screen a minimal amount so I can only see pieces at a time and miss the whole effect - when the daughter of the boss is helping out during the summer and constantly comes by my desk asking for work to keep her busy!!!!

*grumble* I miss all the good stuff *grumble*

JenB said...

RE: The Happy Onion cover - "The Happy Onion" is the name of the restaurant that the two main characters work in.

The rest are just weird. Have you ever looked at the Changeling Press web site? I think theirs might be the worst.

MaryKate said...

"The Happy Onion" is the name of the restaurant that the two main characters work in.


I freaking LOVE that Jen knows this.

Jen, are there ANY M/M books you haven't read?? You are the goddess of the man-love books!

Katie(babs) said...

Imagine if the title was, "The Bloomin' Onion"? Love at The Outback where everyone loves to use the backdoor!

Tracy said...

Ok - first cover...just plain scary! She should not be able to bend like that!

I think the next one they're doing the mambo while being abducted by aliens! Not that that's any better! lol

Thank heavens Jen knew why it was called the Happy Onion. I was starting to think it was a misprint and it was supposed to be the Happy Union! :)

JenB said...

MK - Well, I kind of have an advantage on this one...Ally is a member of my Yahoo group. ;) And yes, there are a few M/M books I haven't read yet...but just a few. LOLOL

I teased her about the name too. I said it makes me want to go brush my teeth.

The cover's cute, but I'm not into long hair or blond dudes, so that part's kinda lost on me. This one's a romantic comedy (with rimming), not Ally's usual angst.

*zips lips to keep from rambling about more M/M books*

Carolyn Jean said...

ON the mambo cover, it looks like he's doing her belly button!

Katie(babs) said...

CJ: sex with a belly button is one such act I have not read in romance as of yet.

JenB said...

sex with a belly button is one such act I have not read in romance as of yet

It probably happens behind the scenes. You know...when the lights are off and it's reeeeeally dark...well...accidents happen.

It's that infamous "wrong hole" phenomenon.

Katie(babs) said...

The whole belly button thing has me remembering that episode of Family Guy where Meg, the teen daughter and her boyfriend want to remain virgins so start having ear sex instead. LOL

JenB said...

KB - I love that episode!

Maybe I'll write a belly button sex fanfic. Which two characters shall I use?

Katie(babs) said...

Butch and V? LOL

JenB said...


Butch/V belly button sex scene. Awesome.

sydney said...

:D Thanks for laughs. The first one - yeah, she's miss jelly/bendy, the proportions are off. The second one - is that a shower or are they being beamed into a spaceship?