Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kristie here

Well - I'm back from the Literacy Signing. My body is moving at a great deal less than warp speed. You see - remember the other night when I said about the walking? Well - if you go to Dear Author, you can read Jane's Big News. She rocked in her interview!! So did Sarah and Kassia and Marcella. We know this because some of us went with them to offer moral support. And we walked there. Well, we walked almost the whole way, then there was a mix up and Sarah bravely jumped in front of a cab to hail it down to take us the rest of the way.
After the whole thing which you can read at DA was over, they all decided to walk home. Now this little blogger is not in the greatest of shape and wanted to cab it back SO BAD IT WASN'T FUNNY!!! But every one else was walking so I figured I would too. But - after that walk home and then standing in line for 45 minutes to get into the literacy signing, Feet, those poor little dear things at the end of my legs, that I already slightly abused when I got a manicure for the Toes to treat them, but it turned out to be not such a treat for the little dears, started screaming at me!! Seriously! I'm surprised everyone around me didn't hear them yelling. They certainly let me know they were not very pleased with me. And part way through the Literacy Signing, they quit. Those little dears just up and quit. So what could I do but listen to them and get them back to the room. I missed getting a lot of books I wanted, but I did manage to score a few. I got the book that Beverly Jenkins was reading earlier. What a nice person she is - and almost a neighbour - geographically speaking. I also got Jill Monroe to sign a book for me :). And a got a couple of Hope Tarr books. I got a few more and I'll list them next time. But the biggest score was Shades of Dark by Linnea Sinclair!!!!!! Happy Dance! Happy Dance!.
Now we have something planned for when the Literacy Signing closes shortly. I'm hoping Feet will be happy enough that I don't plan on putting shoes back on them for the rest of the night and cooperate by starting to move again.

I'll be back with more news - and hopefully not so rebellious Feet!


Tracy said...

Kristie - my feet hurt just from our first night jaunt to the restaurant and then the tour...I can't imagine how badly your feet hurt after MORE walking!!

Signing sounds great!!

Christine said...

Now you girls need to schedule foot massages into your day!