Sunday, July 13, 2008

RWA Dress Concerns And An Annoucement

Two weeks from tomorrow, Kristie and I head out to San Francisco for some sight seeing fun and relaxation before the hectic RWA Conference starts.

You would think two weeks would give me enough time to to decide what type of clothes to pack. I am very much a t-shirt and jean type of gal. I kind of have an idea of what I should pack but it seems the closet monster has eaten all my clothes which makes me think I should go shopping for some outfits. Yup, I am using that excuse and sticking to it! *G*.

So, what type of clothes or outfits should I bring with me? Should I dress to impress? Are jeans acceptable? Do I leave my $2.50 Old Navy flip-flops at home? HELP!

And for my BIG announcement... cue the band...

Not only will I be reporting my coming and goings here, but I was asked by All About Romance to be their RWA star reporter! You get two Katie(babs) for the price of one!

AH THE PRESSURE!! *gulp gulp*

Any idea what I should report about?



Wendy said...

There isn't a strict "dress code," but I say you can't go wrong with business casual. 95% of what I wore to the conference last year was stuff I wear at my job. Jeans and a nice shirt would be OK, but you might want to keep those Old Navy flip-flops at home ;-)

I'm tossing a skirt into the mix this year - but again....I'm mostly packing my work wardrobe. My casual attire will be capri slacks and some nice T-shirts.

Oh, and pack some comfy shoes. You're going to need them.

Wendy said...

Oh, and if you're planning on attending the RITA ceremony - it wouldn't hurt to pack a dress. I'm bringing one of my basic little black dresses....which is pretty much the only type of dress I bother to own anymore. I'm boring.

La Belle Americaine said...

Watch the weather. SF is usually cool in the summer, but it's been shockingly hot in NorCal. Since you seem pretty casual, what about khakis and plain, fitted tees? Or linen trousers? If you do denim, wear "dressy" denim--jeans that fit well and can be worn with a nice top; a pencil or A-line skirt, etc.

And congrats on your gig. I can't wait to read everyone's blogs--it's so much fun to read commentary from readers. As to what you should report about? Anything that catches your attention. After all, you were chosen for your unique perspective.

pidute said...

Congrat's for the big job !
Loads of pressure huh?

Heather said...

When in SF, it's helpful to dress in layers (or at least be prepared to) as the weather can change depending on where you go and the time of day.

azteclady said...

Wendy, you are never boring.

Kate, don't worry, you'll be fabulous, dahling :wink:

Tracy said...

"Star Reporter Katiebabs reporting from RWA" I like it! :) Congrats. And I'd go nice casual if it were me. But isn't there a formal night or something? I wouldn't go casch for that! lol

Katie(babs) said...

Wendy: I will keep my cheap flips at home. :P. I was thinking of bringing more business casual clothes.

La belle americaine: Thanks a bunch :D Hopefully I can deliver.

Pidute: No pressure at all *starts to shake*

Heather: The windy bay is perfect for a hoodie me thinks.

AL: Wish you could come!!

Tracy: I am leaving before the RITA awards :( I can wear something snazzy for you.