Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dorchester Photography Contest!

Now it is your chance to be a cover model! Dorchester Publishing is offering readers the opportunity to create their own costumes based on characters in their favorite Dorchester romances for a chance to win cash prizes and free books.

Romance novels have the power to transport us to worlds of fantasy, lands far away, the distant past and the distant future. They capture our imagination and allow us to see, smell, breathe and touch as if we were the character in our favorite book. Dorchester challenges its readers to bring the books to life by “getting into character” and taking some pictures.

Participating is easy. Simply choose your favorite character or scene from a Dorchester book, dress up accordingly, snap a photo and send it in to be judged by our Romance experts.

You could be Egan MacDonald from HIGHLANDER EVER AFTER fighting in his plaid and paint or Rain Tairen Soul from KING OF SWORD AND SKY, shape-shifting and brandishing your deadly blade. Perhaps you’d like to go shoe shopping and mystery solving like the indomitable Maddie Springer from ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS. If the future is your bag, dash across the Northern Waste as Raina Bowen in DRIVEN. The sky is the limit!A winner will be chosen in each of the following categories: Best Historical, Best Paranormal, Most Romantic and Most Creative. The winners will receive cash prizes and copies of their favorite author’s books.

HOW TO ENTER: Choose your favorite character, get a costume and snap a photo. Email the photo to by September 1, 2008.

For more information: Photo Contest
So, if you had your choice, what character would you want to be?
Kristie(J): Sarah Fielding I think. She's a writer - plus she has Derek Craven *g*
Katie(babs): Since I am on this Rehv kick lately, I would try to pimp out the mohawk, fur coat and cane. Or, I would want to be Catherine from Wuthering Heights and be shot in a passionate clutch with my Heathcliff :D


Kwana said...

Oh I hope they show lots of these entries on line. I want to see what people come up with.

Christine said...

Sounds like fun. I agree with kwana... I want to see the entries!

I gather characters must be from Dorchester books? Then I'd maybe want to dress up like someone from their Shomi line of action adventures... Or someone from the Tairen Soul Series. Kate! Blossom would look great dressed up as Ellysetta!

Aymless said...

Er... Could I be the Invisible Man? I don't like my picture taken. LOL