Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog Shout Outs

I have about 10 minutes before I have to leave for work - yes *sigh* I have to work today.

But I direct you to two blogs you simply MUST visit. First off is this one.

And then you simply HAVE to go here!!!

You won't be soooorrrrry. *mischievous wink*

I'm going to be very mysterious and not say who or what or why - just go - heh heh heh!

Speaking of which - now I have the germ of an idea for contests. And guess what I will soon have as rewards!


Carolyn Jean said...

So sweet to shout out new blogs. Esp these worthy crusaders. Or maybe crusaders.

pidute said...

Thank you for the shout !
I understand you now ,I can stop trying to make my friend watching .
The best friend is coming on holiday in a month and i can't keep my month shut about North and South....
I feel a bit like a drug dealer "watch a bit if you don't like ,fine but if you like it , i have all the episodes "mwahahahaha

little alys said...

You. Are. So. Bad. ;p

I'm trying to get all my friends together and watch it one of these weekends, but no one's got the time. >_< Soon...very soon.

Kristie (J) said...

CJ: thanks *g* I remember how when I first started blogging and someone would link me - it was so thrilling - in fact *g* it still is

Pidute: Even if our friends don't want to watch it - now we have our cyber friends who do *g*

LA: And I will be watching for when you do *evil grin*