Sunday, September 30, 2007

Working 9 to 5 - What a way to make a living

Right about now I’m not so sure about this working for a living!! Don’t get me wrong, I love where I work, I love doing what I do and l love the people I work with but I’m just a leetle bit tired of work at the moment. It was my turn to work weekends so I was supposed to be off Friday. But it’s only a team within a team of 3 that I work with and one of them was off sick on Friday. That left only one working. It can get pretty hairy on a Friday so I told them I didn’t have much planned and they could call me if they needed me. Danged if they didn’t call! So I’m now working my seventh day in a row and I’m getting to be a tired little puppy. Plus last night right after work the group of women I went to school with had our quarterly get together – we try and do it as a group once a season. Of course when I got home I was too wired to go right to bed even though I knew I’d have to get up early this morning.
And did you know the radio isn’t quite the same on a Sunday morning as a weekday morning? Usually I listen to the morning DJ talking about all kind of stuff – I listen to an all news/weather/sports station while getting ready. They give me what I need – time and weather. But not on Sunday mornings. Nope, this morning I woke up to the sounds of some chiropractor who was guru to the Hollywood stars and did research into enzymes and wanted me to take a B5 vitamin supplement – or something!?!?! Why a chiropractor I don’t know. I wouldn’t have a lot of faith into what he was selling let me tell you. But he sure made it sound like some kind of wonder drug. It would help me sleep, keep me perky, relieve me of depression and cure arthritis and/or rheumatism.
So while on the way to work I tried thinking of the good things about working weekends.
Not as many people updating blogs and stuff, thus keeping me off the computer – and time to read.
Not having to wear make-up, thus less getting ready time – and time to read.
Less traffic on the road – thus getting to work earlier – and time to read.
The best parking spots – thus getting me into the building earlier – and time to read.
Only me at lunch and breaks – thus no one to talk to – and time to read

On the other hand, all I want to do when I get home is crash and have a nice long nap – thus no reading time.
I haven’t even had time to get back to the little cutie that I’m going to have redo my kitchen – he is a cutie but he’s been married about 4 weeks and is the same age as my oldest son. And I’m anxious about my kitchen!
So for those I haven’t visited, those I owe emails to, I will get to them, oh yes I will, just maybe not ‘till I catch up on down time

'til later - after nap later


Dev said...

Enjoy your nap, Kristie! I took two of them yesterday.

CindyS said...

I figured you were very busy but 7 days in a row!? Nap time is a must and I hope you get a few days off.


nath said...

Hope you have a nice long nap, Kristie... and ugh, workinig 7 days in a row. seriously, I hear you being tired.

Rosie said...

Sleep is good. :-) Just not enough hours in the day for everything is there? Take it easy. And read. I really missed it when I was busy. It's restorative too.

Sandie said...

Working and no reading do a cranky Sandie make.

Hope you get some R&R and reading too...

Good luck with the re-model!!
Post pics, love home stuff, so much fun. Work, but fun.


Kristie (J) said...

Sandie: *g* makes for a cranky Kristie too! I'll do a post on my latest trying to read shortly *g* And the kitchen won't get started until after Christmas *sad sigh* He's busy up until the last week of November and it will take about a month to do it so I don't want to be kitchenless over Christmas. And I have lived with the kitchen I love to hate for quite some time now - but still.... And I will do pics.

Rosie: I came home - went straight to bed, got up for a few hours, then went back. I'm up early again 'cause I have to write and post for Access Romance but then it's back to bed for me again.

Nath: it was a long haul!!! I didn't even bother working on work stuff for part of yesterday afternoon. Instead I blogged about how tired I was *g*

Cindy: Sadly that's not going to happen. I have Monday off, then I'm back for Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday off, then I work the long weekend - Monday included.

Dev: Naps are gooooooooooddd aren't they?