Thursday, September 20, 2007

And we have a winner

Nath guessed the book (and she was trying so hard :) )

It is indeed Exposure by Susan Andersen, my favourite book of hers (so far. I just started Coming Undone but it will have to be pretty good to beat Exposure.)

Hearty congratulations Nath!!

And here are the rest of the clues - since I worked so hard figuring them out *g*

He has and has always had, big mother problems

She is good with cars

He is named after a Very Famous Entertainer who performed in Vegas

Her daughter is adorable and she is fwee

He has a hook instead of a hand due to his injuries.

Nath, I'll email you for your address.


CindyS said...

Oh wow! It was the book I was thinking of. I was going to ask if Blue Suede Shoes had anything to do with it. Again though I started to think she was running from her ex.


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: heh heh Nope the old dude who she thought of as her father had her husband murdered. It was him she was running from when she found all the tapes he had of her.

nath said...

Yatta!!! I guessed correctly :D LOL, it's been bugging me the whole day yesterday and the clues would just pop up in my mind at random moment and I'd try to think of a book. :) I actually figured it out in the shower LOL :) You know, I knew many heroine with young children being stalked and on the run with the hero in law enforcement... but usually, that's because the heroine has a husband or ex that is abusive... not many widow with that problem :D

Dev said...

Congrats, Nath!!!!

ReneeW said...

Oh, well, shoot. I knew this sounded familiar and like something I had read recently. I just read it last February. Good for Nath! She smart girl.

Holly said...

LOL! I love that book, but it never even crossed my mind.


She's a smart cookie for sure. :)

Kristie, once again...I love this trivia thing. ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Holly: Thanks!! I'm having a ball doing it although some numbers are hard to rhyme - 6 for example *g*. And it brings back fond memories of my favourite books!

Renee: I think one or two more clues and a lot of people would have got it. I love Susan Andersen and this is my favourite. I pondered for a while on just how much to put in the clues *g*

Dev: She's good isn't she?

Nath: LOL - you just never know when or where lightning will strike do you? So did you like the book?

Anonymous said...

I knew I was going to kick myself when the answer came up! I love this book!
Jane A.