Friday, September 21, 2007

Why is it?

That when you're all set and ready to buy something, you can't find anything? I was all set to order books last night - what with our dollar being par and all - and that wacky Amazon didn't have hardly any recommendations for me. Well - they had quite a few but either I already had the book or it didn't appeal to me. Normally, when I'm not actively shopping, I'll get page after page and since I read all genres, some of them really look intriguing. I'll get anything from Science Fiction romance to Medievals. Last night all they gave me were Westerns and Historicals. Now I like both those genres - don't get me wrong. But I was in the mood to go wild and nothing wild came up!
This happens in other areas too! When I don't have the money, I'll find all kinds of clothes I like. When I do - nada. It's one of life's mysteries.

And in other news - I mentioned a while ago that I'm going to see Loreena McKennit. Well the concert is tomorrow night *shiver*. We have seats on the floor - THREE ROWS FROM THE FRONT!! I *ahem* may have mentioned this before. So I will leave you with one of my favourite songs - The Highwayman. I found this version on YouTube. It's Ms. McKennit's interpretation of the famous poem put with different scenes. And whoever did the video did include pics of Gerard Butler - and that's never a bad thing. Warning though- the song is long - almost 10 minutes.
The song is beautiful and so very sad. So get the kleenix out and enjoy

Here is the original poem if anyone is interested. *heavy sad sigh*

Now I'm going to go out and sit on the patio with a beer and a book and maybe another beer 'cause it's Friday, I don't work tomorrow, I'm going out dinner with Lisa first and then going to see one of my two favourite singers. Life can be good sometimes.

'til later


sula said...

Ohh, totally jealous that you're gonna see Lorenna McKennit. I listened to Book of Secrets ad naseum through college and then brought it with me on my European backpacking trip. Nothing like those moody songs as you watch the scenery outside your train window flash by.

Enjoy the concert!

Kristie (J) said...

Sula: Thanks! She is great isn't she? I saw here quite a few years ago but I don't think she's been back since then. I first saw her performing on the Juno's (Canada's version of the Grammies) singing and playing the harp and I was blown away. Do you ever hear songs that make shivers go up your spine? That's what I felt that night. I've been a huge fan ever since.
Now the singer I REALLY hope to see some day is Enya. She rocks my music socks big time!!
And backpacking through Europe *sigh* That must have been great!

nath said...

Hey Kristie :D don't worry, our CDN$ is going to be strong for awhile and so you'll have time to buy books :D but yeah, it's pretty much the same that always happens... you want to buy books, can't find any... you don't want to buy books and ohhh, this one looks interesting, this one is a must have... LOL :) Hope you'll enjoy your concert :D

Rosie said...

Kristie, if you get an answer to your question please send it to me. :-) I'm so with you especially where clothes are concerned.

Dev said...

Kristie ~ Doesn't it just seem to be that way...especially when you've planned the buying (of course, when it's not planned, there's always lots of books to choose from).

sula said...

kristie, yes I totally hear you on the spine-shivering music! Tell you what...the first time I heard "Dante's Prayer" (last track on Book of Secrets), I was totally transfixed. It made me cry like a baby for no good reason. Even now, thousands of repeat plays later, it can move my spirit in a way I can't explain. Isn't the power of art just amazing? There's something almost mystical in the way a particular combination of notes or a well-written book or a certain film (I'm lookin' at you, North and South!) can transport you to another realm. Honestly, it's enough to make me believe that magic really does exist.

As for concerts, there is something amazing about music being created in front of you, being surrounded by it, it's like you are physically participating in the experience. I work at a university that has a large conservatory and I take every opportunity I can to attend concerts and recitals. It's weird, but hardened cynic that I am, I can get choked up by the swell of the orchestra or the plaintive cry of one violin. And don't even get me started on what it was like to stand in the center of a crowd of 10,000-odd other crazy U2 fans and hearing the crescendo of "Where the Streets Have No Name" swell up through my feet to my fingertips... *sigh*

Aaanyways, I'll shut up with the raving, but I do hope you have a wonderful concert experience. :)

CindyS said...

I'm betting you had a great time at the concert! I hadn't heard the Highway man before but I love that the heroine sacrificed herself to save her love even though it didn't :(

For me, one of the most emotional parts of Last Of The Mohicans is when the sister finally did the bravest thing she could. I loved the brother and was a mess when that scene ocurred!

Oh and having the cash burning a hole in your pocket is always the worst. I usually end up buying something I have no real interest in.

Have you ever gone through the browse section at Amazon? You can search by recently released and sometimes you find books you didn't know were even coming out. Well, I do.


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: Remember when I was listening to that song on the way to visit and said I was almost sobbing by the time I got to your place? That's why *g*. The song is so moving and so sad and so beautiful. The concert was awesome (I'm writing this the next day obviously) that it deserves it's very own post.

Sula: She sang Dante's Prayer last night and - wow her voice in that one, from quiet beauty to a soaring crescendo. Usually I'm not quite so descriptive, but her music calls for it *g*. So many of her songs are like that - a perfect combination of song and instrument and voice!!
And North and South gave you shivers too eh? I have that DVD. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and I'm just waiting for the right time to watch it.

Dev: I find that happens so often!! And it drives one nuts doesn't it?

Rosie: I don't think there is an answer. It's just one of life's mysteries along with where on earth did the other sock go.

Nath: Way too many times, I go ahead and buy anyway - even if it's not planned. But it's when it's the planned buy and you can't find anything - that's the real annoying one. And I LOVED the concert!