Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Musical Meme

So – I was tagged by Kaitlin a while ago for a meme. The gist of it is to got to the year of your 18th birthday, pick your five favourite songs and wax poetic about them.

I think part of why I’m late doing this one, is my 18th year wasn’t the best one of my youth. My parents moved us all to another city that year. I was in my final year of high school and had a real tight group of friends in my old city. Suddenly I had to make all new friends and as I was much shyer then than I am now, that was a very hard thing to do. I was so homesick for my old school and my old friends. Plus I went through major culture shock. At the school I went to, they were pretty slack about going to class. We were the oldest bunch and I guess many of the teachers figured we were old enough to decide if we were going to go to class or not. The only one I skipped with any regularity was English – mostly because I was bored. Being an avid reader all my life, not to sound obnoxious or anything but I was more advanced in English than many of the other kids. So even with skipping a rather alarming number of classes, I still pulled off an A+. Of course it was entirely different with Math where I was lucky to pass!

But when I started the new high school, by accident and schedule mix-up, I missed one class. And boy did I get into trouble for that.

So – I did not like the new high school.

On top of that, I had a boyfriend that I wanted to break up with desperately. He was from the old city and he was a very nice guy, very nice. But I just didn’t feel the love. And boyfriends for me were few and far between. L. So I angsted about that for months until I finally got up the nerve to end things - and then spent weeks after crying that I had hurt such a nice guy.

So – my memories of songs are laden with yucky shit.

But! I did go back to the web-site provided and looked up the songs that were hits only to be hit by another problem. The year was 1973 and there were/are very few that I liked!! I mean – what about that classic - Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree - Dawn featuring Tony Orlando – Yukkers!
Or we have that groovin’ one I Got Ants In My Pants - James Brown. *shudder*.

Some of the ones that weren’t so bad, My Old School - Steely Dan, Over The Hills And Far Away - Led Zeppelin – ah……no. Or we had some other ones that didn’t really sit well, Peaceful Easy Feeling – Eagles (I wasn’t feeling too peaceful); Just You 'N' Me – Chicago – I dinna think so. I've Got So Much Love To Give - Barry White or I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby - Barry White - *snort* I think not.

Feelin' Stronger Every Day – Chicago – not applicable!

I did manage to come up with a few though.

Space Oddity by David Bowie. That was in his Ziggy Stardust days and when I listened to the words, the song creeped me out. Big Time. The poor astronaut, Major Tom, is just floating around in space unable to get home to his wife. I almost went nuts imagining it.

class="MsoNormal">Another one I liked - Little Willy by Sweet was fun to sing too, yet at the same time really stupid! (although it is funny if one has a dirty mind!)

I'm Just a Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band) by Moody Blues I really loved the Moody Blues but that one wasn’t my favourite. Now Nights in White Satin is an entirely different story – cause in my mind – it was Knights! Although dressed in white satin would make it kind of ludicrous for all those jousts and tournaments!

So – I managed to get three anyway.

And thus a slice of life in a young teenage girls heart.

‘til later

(and remember to keep the guesses coming)


Gwen said...

Don't think worse of me, but I love to have that Moody Blues album playing when I'm gettin' busy, if ya know what I mean. it's just such a sensual album if you ignore the lyrics to a couple of the songs. (blush)

Kristie (J) said...

Gwen: LOL - it is a very sensual album isn't it.
Story on Nights in White Satin. When I was a young thing and single and did the bar thing, there was a band at my favourite haunt one Saturday night - well they were probably there all week but we only went on the Saturday night. One of the guys in the band was GORGEOUS. My girlfriend and I were sitting near the front and on a break he came over and sat with us and paid my some attention. I couldn't believe it! I kept looking around thinking 'he MUST be at the wrong table! He's flirting with ME???? - Me, who didn't (and still doesn't) know how to flirt if my life depended on it?!?!? Every break he came over and sat with us and continued to flirt. In the last set they sang Nights in White Satin and he was looking at me the whole time. After the bar closed the two of us went out and got something to eat and then later got *ahem* a little closer. But me, being me and well, let's just say not willing to round all the bases (in fact he didn't make it past second), called it an evening and went home. They moved on to another city to play the next day and I never saw him again. But for one magical night I felt almost....princess-like and not that I didn't love the song before, but after that night it became one of my all time favourites. 'Cause a gorgeous guy in a band sang that song to me!!!

Kaitlin said...

Sorry I'm late coming over here. I like your list. It's very interesting. :)

Mine was awful, but it's because it was 1994 and the music sucked! :P

Have a great weekend!