Monday, September 10, 2007

Excellent Author News Alert!!

I saw this at Giselle's blog

It looks like Marsha Canham might (probably is) coming out of retirement. Sweeeeet!

She's thinking of writing a book on the two brothers from Iron Rose. Sweeeet

But she really wants to write more Medievals. Sweeeet

Check it out here.

One thing I've always loved about her books is she writes in so many genres; historical, western, medieval and she does a great job with the swashbuckling pirate romance too!

'til later

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C2 said...

Yay!! I love her! I've been holding on to some of her books in Mount TBR until I'm desperate for something really good (pacing myself, dontcha know) - and if she's writing more pirates?? Awesome!