Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Since it's such a good idea.......

I decided to steal it ~

I think Cindy has the right idea!!! My TBR pile is scary. Real scary. It’s scaring me and I’ve never been scared of books before. I know that some readers like Ames set themselves 20 book commitments, but that scares me. It’s too many. So I’m stealing Cindy’s idea and breaking my pile down into 5 at a time. And if I announce to everyone what the 5 are, well then I have to follow through don’t I? The following were all had to have books that I had to have and then haven’t read. The only thing that keeps me going with this insanity is knowing I’m not the only one! So here are my 5

Mine ‘til Midnight by Lisa Kleypas: I’ve had this one since Dallas and I keep meaning to read it. But then I thought I’d wait until closer to the release date because I know I find it very frustrating when I read a review of a book I’m looking forward to only to find out it’s months away yet. And I’m not going to comment on what a truly wonderful, warm, down-to-earth, charming person Lisa really is – wait – I just did, didn’t I?

The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt: Since I gushed at the author and I loved the first two in this series, this is a have-to-read book.

The Calling By Jennifer Ashley: This is the first of a series I was quite excited about. I loved her pirate books and was delighted when I found a copy in Dallas. They haven’t had them on the shelves here so it saved me having to order one. Not to mention it was a freebie I picked up.

Knight on a Texan Plain by Linda Broday: I’d never heard of this author until I started visiting Petticoats & Pistols and I saw she was one of the contributors. Me, being me, promptly ordered three from her back list without ever trying one. Since it’s a Western and I love a good Western, I thought I’d better read at least one before I buy her entire backlist.

Warrior’s Touch by Michelle Willingham: I wanted to have options to cover all moods. This is a medieval, a genre I love but haven’t read enough of lately

OK, OK – I know I said five, but there isn’t a Romantic Suspense in the bunch so I have to have them all covered. I could take out one of the historicals – but I don’t want to so I’ll make it six.

Phoenix Unrisen by Kathleen Nance: I have an ARC of this one. I loved her last book Jigsaw and it’s been quite some time since she’s had a new book out so I’ll add this one to the group.

So there you have it. I have a nice mixture. Some authors I've read and loved before (Lisa Kleypas, Elizabeth Hoyt, Kathleen Nance, Jennifer Ashley) and a couple of new to me authors (Michelle Willingham, Linday Broday). I have one from a nice variety of genres, all of them I like. I think I did good. Breaking the TBR pile down to six doesn’t sound nearly so scary. And that’s it. No new books until I read these ones. This I need to do.

So - Any suggestions as to the order?

'til later


Wendy said...

OMG - I cannot believe you haven't read the Kleypas yet! I thought for sure you'd have read that one on the plane back from Dallas LOL

I've read the first two of Broday's books, but still have Redemption in the TBR. Both were pleasant reads, although, if memory serves, I liked her second book The Cowboy Who Came Calling a little bit better.....

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - I KNOW!!! I wanted to!!! Really and truly!! But I couldn't read it without blogging about it. And it just didn't seem to be quite the thing to be raving about it when it wasn't coming out until October when it was July.
As for the Broday book *g*. I liked the cover of The Cowboy Who Came Calling much better and actually planned on reading that one first. But then I read somewhere that the hero of that one was in the first book and I thought 'what the hell - I'm in a mood to spend' so I ordered the first one at the same time. Then the first one was back-ordered for a while so I didn't start the second one.

Dev said...

Hmm, well if it were me I'd read the Kleypas book first and then the Hoyt. I'm not familiar with the other authors, so I can't really comment on them.

And I can't believe you already have the Kleypas book and haven't read it yet.

sula said...

I would read Hoyt and then Kleypas (or the other way around). The medieval looks interesting. Or at least, that guy's back looks nice. lol. According to MrsG the Ashley book is surprisingly entertaining. In any case, you have some good reads ahead of you. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Sula: I think I might go with the Kleypas first 'cause it's a rare thing when I have a book ahead of everyone else and since it's out soon, it's not too long a wait. Plus this is the one I've wanted to read the most. But after that it's a toss-up. I want to read the Hoyt....and the Nance.....and the Ashley.... and the Broday.... and the Willingham..... and the Susan Andersen..... and the Rachel Gibson.... and the Patti O'Shea..... (well you get the picture *g*

Dev: *g* I'm amazed I haven't read Mine 'til Midnight either. I can only say, so many books, so few hours. If I didn't work and if I stayed off the computer and if I sold the TV I might just make a dent.

sula said...

oh, wait a minute...the Kleypas book is Cam Rohan's story?!?! Ok, changed my mind. I'd read it first. Hell, I'd have read it as soon as I got my hot little hands on it. lol. Although I'm still a little bitter that he didn't end up with Daisy. hmph. Still, you gotta love a gypsy hero.

Kristie (J) said...

Sula: Yeppers - it's Cam's story. I read the review at AAR and it sounds like a Most Excellent Book!!!

Lori said...

I'd be reading the Kleypas, the Holt, the Broday (who doesn't love a good western?!), the Nance, then I'm at a loss...

I want me some LK!! I'm hoping to pick it up when I meet the girls this weekend for our Blogger get-together. Fingers crossed that Borders has it our a couple days early!

Rosie said...

Okay now I don't feel so bad about not reading my ARC of EVERMORE. I've only had it two weeks. At least I'm in good company.

Lori, oh, that would be soooo cool. From your lips to God's ears.

CindyS said...

Good job on picking your books. I haven't put any new to me authors in my pile because I have a goal and new to me authors are more about taking the time. I don't have all that much time so I will read books I know I'll love ;)

Don't feel bad about the Kleypas - I have my AS but I haven't been able to crack the cover yet because I'm not ready for it to be over!

We bookaholics have to stay together and I agree, a few books at a time is better than overwhelming yourself. Although I will still buy more books but I really only buy authors I have read before so maybe 4 to 5 more books this year to be bought. It took me years to build my TBR pile and sometime it's scary that I could really tear through it in a few years and be back to zero.

No thanks!

We can cheer each other on with this one.


nath said...

Hey Kristie :D cool list :) most important is that you're comfy with the size of it. I've tried to do a list too (not that my TBR pile is as scary as yours)... but then, I feel obliged to read it and it just doesn't work for me.

Do let us know what you think of the new Kleypas... I would buy it just for the cover :P So nice LOL :) Also interested in The Calling :P

Anonymous said...

Hi KristieJ,

You are a strong woman! I would have broken down and read it in the hotel room, once I got ahold of Mine Till Midnight. I'm a huge LK fan. Luckily I got my copy this week and I have to say I really enjoyed Cam's story. Now, I'm dying for LK's next release in March 2008. Thankfully she has an excerpt of Blue Eyed Devil on her web site. It looks really good. If you get an ARC, please try to post soon.:-)

Thanks for sharing your list.


Kristie (J) said...

Carol: Hello and welcome!! So Cam's story is good eh? I might just have to put up the poll again - now that we have a new hero. I've read a number of books with Gypsy heroes and they have become a weakness of mine :) I can't think of one I haven't enjoyed. So - a book with a Gypsy hero by Lisa Kleypas - I'm astonished at me too *g*

Nath: LOL - it didn't seem nearly as scary when I broke it down to 6. The issue now is I'm reading a good one so I can't put it down until I'm done, but I'm really getting anxious to get to MTM. I have tomorrow off - but dummy me - I said I'd work if they need me. They are short staffed and one girl was off sick today. I'm hoping she'll be back tomorrow *g*

Cindy: I'm going to try and stay away from even buying more until I'm done because at the rate I've been buying lately, not to mention all the ones I got in Dallas added to the fact that I'm just not reading like I used to, even I'm thinking enough is enough. I do like trying new authors though. You never know what gem you'll find. I'm reading one right now!

Rosie: LOL - two weeks isn't bad at all!! I have books a couple of ARC going back much longer than that!

Lori: I hope you all find copies on your big weekend too!! And I'll say again, I'm so green that you all are meeting and the rest of us won't be there. And it's a dilema what to read after the Kleypas and the Hoyt all right!

ames said...

I wish you luck on this venture. :P LOL I'm having some trouble with my new rule, but the timing is wrong. I have now decided my new rule doesn't go into effect until October 1. hehe