Thursday, September 21, 2006

Various & Assorted

I bought another half bookcase today. That makes six of those puppies now. The price at Walmart is very good and Lisa and I figured six of them should be enough to house the rest of my books. Of course that doesn't include the other bin full of them and the 2 plastic three door carts that I have upstairs that hold my TBR pile. I'm not sure Lisa knows about them. She will shortly though. She has taken to reading my blog since I started telling about our bookshelf building adventures. Being a NON-romance fan she has mostly skipped it up until recently.
The bookshelves come in three different woods, mahogany, birch and maple. I've been sticking to the maple ones so they will all be the same. I've bought them at three different times - buying out the lot of maple when I see them. I can't help but smile to myself when I picture whoever stocks them on the shelves scratching their heads and wondering what is so popular about the maple ones. I must stop though. I'm starting to become obsessed about buying bookcases now. And while the price is good, it's a heck of a lot more expensive than just a simple book. I could buy 3 mm books and a Harlequin with the price of one bookshelf.

So Saturday is the planned day to move to Phase Two - "Kristie and Lisa - Bookshelf Assemblers". Thank goodness no saws will be needed for this phase although I'm not sure about hammers. At least I have one now in case we need it!

I think I've misplaced a box or bag or two of them though. I know some of my favourites are missing. It's amazing (and rather frightening) that of all the books I have, I still know when some of them are missing. And, being the compulsive person that I can be about some things, I know I won't rest until I either find the missing ones or replace them. And if I have to replace some of them, they are going to be darned hard to get hold of. Which brings me to another one of my "quirks".

When I loose something, I don't really look for it. Because if I loose something and look for it and can't find it - then I know it's lost and I get upset. Wierd kind of thinking I know. But I tell myself, if I don't really look for it, then it will turn up when least expected. This wacky theory worked when it came to my prescription sunglasses. I mentioned earlier that they went missing for months. I looked for them, but not very hard. Instead I figured they would show up somewhere eventually. And sure enough they did several weeks ago on the rainy Saturday on the floor on the backseat of my car. Lisa is rather puzzled by this theory of mine and just shakes her head when I try to explain it. I figure this is what will happen with the missing books. They will just show up sometime - probably after I get the whole lot of them alphabetized and then I'll have to go buy another maple bookcase at Walmart and start all over again.
And speaking of hammers - did anyone check out the neat link Nicole posted in the comments not too long ago? Those tools are just To Die For! (Get it? ha ha - and one of the missing books by the way). I checked out the whole website and thought "what a hoot of an idea!" I'm not one to throw 'parties', but if I were - this would be the one to have. Much different than Tupperware.
Anyway - it's 2:00 in the morning now and I suppose I should get to bed. I will as soon as I remove Her Highness - Zina Princess Warrior Cat

(I'm really going to hate giving Ryan back his camera)

'til later


Janet W. said...

I don't think I've ever posted to you before but I've read you avidly -- I'm a huge fan of Rosario's blog and (true confessions time) I "knew" the author of Where's My Hero before she was a blog heroine. And I grew up in Toronto! Which brings me to my request: if you figure out which books you are missing, PLEASE post a list -- I love looking for books in UBSs ... no promises, especially if they are hard-to-find but I live in the Bay area now -- maybe geography will lend a hand.

I HATE to clean or get organized but there is something about your amazingly organized bookshelves that is making me want to sort, classify, buy bookshelves and put that great collection of mine up front and personal ... thank you SO much for sharing your stories :)

Mina Wolf said...

You know, you could always buy a camera for yourself! That way you can post pictures regularly!

ames said...

What a cute cat! She looks pretty big. Tulip is still small, but her legs are really long. And her ears are still big.

I always eye bookshelves when I go to the store, but I never buy them-because I technically still have shelves free on my wall. And I figure if I buy shelves, I'll want to buy more books to fit on them. :P

Kristie (J) said...

Janet: Thank you so much for the offer!! I know they are around somewhere - some I'v only read a few months ago - but in the massive transfer of books from in closets, under beds, in drawers and desks to "the library", I think I just missed either a box or a bag. I'm sure their little cries will get louder and louder until I finally hear them and reuntite them with all their friends. But if I don't hear their cries of distress, I will let you know ;)
I'm glad I'm inspiring you! When I started opening up some of the older boxes I'd packed away ages ago and started finding favourites from many years ago - well it was a wonderful feeling.

Mina: I probably will get one once I've given Ryan's back. Of course I'll have to bring him with me when I buy one. When I first tried to use his, I held it up to my eye like a regular camera and tried to look through the view-finder. Boy did he laugh at me. So I don't want to do anything like that in front of a sales person.

Ames: Isn't she adorable? She isn't that big - I just took a close up of her (nifty feature of that camera - zooming in and zooming out! Of course I had it on the movie feature for a few minutes and couldn't figure out why the pictures didn't take *see note to Mina* *grin* She's very needy though and I'm not quite used to a needy cat. When I try and sit down to read a book, that's her cue to jump up on my lap - take 5 minutes to get settled and then try and snack on said book. I have all kinds of books now with little tiny teeth marks in them. To someone like me who keeps their books in tip top shape - it's rather dismaying.

Mailyn said...

Awww love your cat!!! I wish I could have one.

CindyS said...

Awwww, I love the picture of your ticky-boo (yes, I have weird nicknames for my critters and tick-boo is for cats). She looks mighty comfortable.

Wow, with all the books you have out I'm surprised you know there are more somewhere but then I think I'm the same with my books. I'm learning that the hard way right now.

I procrastinate in trying to find things because I know if I can't find what I'm looking for I will start on the downward slope of how I'm a complete waste of life because I have no idea where I filed those dame tax receipts. I tell you, tax time this past year was brutal for a week. For three days I pretended like I knew where the papers were, only to find out that they weren't there and then all hell broke loose until I found them 5 days later just before the deadline. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy!

You're going to start collecting bookcases!


Devonna said...

Kristie ~ Same thing happened to me. I took my books out of storage and I'm missing quite a few. I don't have near the collection you do, but I do have a lot of books and it amazes my I know which ones are missing.

I hope you find yours soon!

Jane said...

see, you need an ebook reader. No lost books and no bookshelves. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Mailyn: Isn't she sweet? I'd be lost without her - even though she does drive me bonkers at times. She follows me wherever I go and I swear she "scolds" me when I go out.

Cindy: LOL - Ticky boo?? Ron was the one that named her. When I took her to the vet, I spelled her name Xina. When Ron noticed that, he made me change the spelling to Zina the next time I took her in. I felt a little silly telling me that I spelled her name wrong the first time *g*

Devonna: Isn't it strange that we notice those things *g* I forget just about everything else - I had to get a board to put on the fridge to remind me of things. Yet I can remember a single book that I bought 7 years ago when I can't find it.

Jane: I know. I am so tempted at times to get one! But then I go to "the library" and look around and sigh.