Friday, September 29, 2006

Here's a spot of good news

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase seems to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately. There is an interesting interview with Ms. Chase at AAR. The interviewer doesn't ask the question I would be tempted to ask - Why the hell did you sign with Avon???? But then that is a bit of a rude one anyway *g*.
But what is the good news is that Avon has told Ms. Chase they plan to rerelease Lord of Scoundrels and The Last Hellion - About time I say.
This part did make me chuckle though. According to the article, they plan to repackage it.

Repackage it??? This is Avon we are talking about here.

For those who have never seen this book - this is the original cover from 1994 - 1994 keep in mind.

And for comparison here are a couple from 2006 - 2006! Twelve years later they are still recycling the same covers!!

But still - new packaging *snort* aside, it is very good news that this wonderful book and also The Last Hellion will (hopefully) soon be rereleased.

Now if only they will do the same with Bliss and Dance by Judy Cuevas/Judith Ivory I'll be a very happy camper!!

'til later


Lori said...

Cool - I just read these books for the first time and loved them! And, gotta say, I so agree with you on the cover thing. Avon covers are what give romance novels their stereotype!

Tara Marie said...

Now if only they will do the same with Bliss and Dance by Judy Cuevas/Judith Ivory

From your mouth to god's ears, or maybe the publishers.

Those covers really are lousy.

Rosario said...

LOL, I was wondering the same thing! I just hope they don't go for the original cover for nostalgia's sake.

Mailyn said...

OMG this is THE happiest news!!!!!!!!!!!

I have wanted these books to come out again. My copies are falling apart! Now if only they would do hardcover.

Kristie (J) said...

Mailyn: Actually it looks like you can get LOS in hardcover. I checked on Amazon and there are a few available - brand new for only $50.00 *g* Or I saw some available on the Chapters website available for $81.

Rosario:LOL - yea I can see them doing something like that. There seems to be a kind of hierarchy at Avon though - the less well-known the author, the crappier the covers. The better known ones get better covers. Now this seems to me to be a very wonky way of doing things. Gee - why not just give all their authors good covers? Then you wouldn't have people like me making fun of them all the time.

Tara: I KNOW!!! Why don't they do that???? Reprint those two books? Again - they are a wonky publisher. They recently rereleased a few Kinley MacGregor books - A Pirate of Her Own and another one - with different covers and more expensive no doubt. And in the book store near me - THEY STILL HAD THE OLDER ONE ON THE SHELF!!!!!

Kristie (J) said...

Ooops - hit enter too soon there!
So why ????? don't they rerelease those 2 by Judy Cuevas? Although I do have my fingers crossed since they have recently rereleased a couple of her older ones.

Lori: They are good aren't they! And did you notice it appears to be the exact same couple on the cover of LOS as is in the second one? Remarkable that they haven't aged in 12 years.

Jennie said...

This is good news! Especially since I still need to read The Last Hellion. Maybe I can buy it new.

OK, I think I must be the only person in the world who thinks the LoS cover is kind of cool. In a campy, classicly trashy kind of way. Except that the guy looks like Patrick Swayze. But something about the font and the purple foil and the swirly bright colors just appeals to me.

Don't make fun. :p

Kristie (J) said...

Jennie: LOL I think it's the hair, the hair that's flowing all over the damn place that really get to me in this kind of cover.

nath said...

Well I have to say I'm happy that they are going to release LoS again... I'm still waiting for the library's copy!!!!! It's been more than a month since the book was returned and I reserve it. All they can tell me is "Soon available" urgh.

romancelover said...

I have a feeling they'll repackage by making it look like a Heath book (with two standing up and one doing something to the other) or the new Ivory book where you just see legs...

I dunno. Since it is LORD OF SCOUNDRELS with LORD in the title, they might focus on the hero. I just hope they don't go scuzzy!