Friday, September 29, 2006

I can't believe I'm doing this

I really can't. I swore I never would! But ever since reading how Laurie has just discovered the joys that are the In Death books, I've had this urge to reread some. I was playing on the internet trying to decide whether I wanted to go to bed or not and I visited a soap site. Now I've noticed this actor before and from (and here's where the I don't believed I'm doing this part comes in) when I picture Roarke - this is who I imagine him as.

Now this is the first and last time I'm ever going to post on who I think should play whom - but being bored leads me to do things I don't normally do.

'til later


Jennie said...

Yeah, he's pretty good as Roarke. Maybe a little too 1980s though. He's Roarke at the beginning of the series.

Does he still have long hair in the later books?? I haven't gotten there yet.

Kristie (J) said...

Jennie: yep he does. I think even in the latest book, it's roughly only a year and a half or two since they got married.

Devonna said...

I love Michael Easton ~ Been a fan of his for years. He's just yummy.

Ok ~ haven't read any of the Death books yet. I guess I need to find out who Roarke is.

CindyS said...

I have always found this actor sexy - just as long as he doesn't speak ;)

And I sooo don't do Roarke *gasp*


Rosie said...

Casting people from books is a past time I share with my sister. We love discussing it at length all sorts of books. It's amazing even with descriptions in the books that we visualize our own idea of the characters. Cool pics!

Kristie (J) said...

Devonna: Isn't he just the yummiest? And I'm so glad he's not really dead - even though they all think he is *g*. I like the character he plays on OLTL - that hero, loner type.

Cindy: I kind of like his deep gravely voice. *g* And I know, although I don't understand it myself *chuckle* that there are those out there who just don't get the appeal of Roarke.

Rosie: I know - that's why I'm always very leery when they turn a favourite book into a movie. They just never seem to cast the person I've imagined in the role. I don't have anyone else in mind for any of the In Death characters, but he just seems to scream Roarke to me.

Devonna said...

I'm glad too, Kristie ~ but we have to wait until November to see him! There I go, wishing my life away again. Speculation is he is the burnt man in the hospital ~ time will tell :-)

sybil said...


I can't believe you posted this!

::falls on the floor::

I am soooo telling Ro.

sybil said...

oh but, i did like Todd when I watch OLtL

Kristie (J) said...

SybilL LOL - yea I know - but I dunno - he just screams Roarke to me. Now would that be the old Todd who is now on As The World Turns as Paul Ryan or the new Todd *g* I really really need to get back working!!

Kaitlin said...

Michael Easton? Oh, never! He always sounds stoned to me when he talks. he-he

I'd say my choice would be either Gerard Butler or someone else. :-D

I'm a huge Roarke fan...why? Because 1. he's super sexy, 2. he loves Eve SO much 3. he's sexy...wait I already said that. he-he

Hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon!