Friday, September 22, 2006

Etcetera time

Well - we're a week into the new fall television season. I'm always leery of starting to watch new television shows. Because once you start watching them, they often get cancelled. I have this habit of getting too involved in favourite shows. I'm still suffering from the end of The Highlander (although there is a new movie coming out - sometime! I'll have a chance to get a new Duncan MacLeod fix). I was devastated when they cancelled The Guardian - and just when Nick was starting to mellow *sigh*. (note to self - rent the movie Something New)
But for every cancelled show, there are those ones that "take" such as Grey's Anatomy (confession time here - I watched my first episode ever just this week. I'm thinking I'll have to rent the DVD's to catch up) or Lost - and you know how eager I am for it too return.

But there is one new show that has caught my attention already. Men in Trees. I didn't think I would like it; in fact I'm not even sure why I started watching it. I think (thought) Anne Heche was a bit of a nut job. But this show is delightful!! It's quirky and it's funny. The writing is superb and the characters are charming - including the character Ms. Heche plays. If you check the link - it gives a very good overview of the show.

So I hope this one clicks and stays on the air so I don't get disappointed. It's a very good show

Friday nights at 9:00.

So does anyone else have a new show that's grabbed their attention? Something that will actually pull them away from books?

And on an entirely different note - for those breathlessly waiting for Anne Stuart's newest Cold as Ice (Cindy), I just noticed there is an excellent review of it at Romance Reader at Heart.

'til later


CindyS said...

OMG!! November!! I had no clue! I thought it wasn't going to be released until the spring!! *weeps with joy* Ahem. I didn't read the review, I just zipped over to check the release date and TADAAAA!!

I smooch you!!!!


Kristie (J) said...

LOL - well I did read the review - doing that never bothers me, spoil me, spoil me - and it sounds WICKED!! (as in good *g*)

Nikki said...

Thanks so much for pointing out that Cold As Ice review! I have never been to the review site before and it's great!

I can't wait for this book!!!!

Rosie said...

Kristie, my sister called to tell me about this show. She loved it too. She's disturbed because they've already moved its time slot to Friday nights.

I'm a long time Anne Stuart fan. Some readers find her heros too dark and unredeemable, but I'm just fascinated and intrigued. I'm with Nikki...can't wait for this book!!

romancelover said...

Hey, honey!!! Back to blogworld! I love MEN IN TREES...unfortunately I forgot it was on last night and missed it. I'm bothered it's on Fridays...why not after Grey's Anatomy? I heard the show that follows it SIX DEGREES stinks! I rented the 1st Season of Grey's and become addicted last month. I ended up buying 2nd season and watching it during jury duty I'm a Grey nut. Definitely RENT THEM!!! Worth the time!

Devon said...

I saw the first episode of this and unexpectedly liked it too. Hope it sticks around awhile.

ames said...

Hey Kristie, if you're looking for a Simon Baker fix, check out that new TV show Smith. He plays a professional thief in that show. It just started last week, so you haven't missed much.

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: I noticed that!!!! Isn't he just so yummers!! When is it on again? I think I'll watch it but will try and not get emotionally involved in this one - but eye candy - YES!

Devon: I was REALLY surprised at how much I enjoyed it!!! I missed the second episode, but the third one was just as delightful as the premier episode!

Romancelover: Yea! You're back! I missed you girl! I WILL rent the two previous seasons! At the moment they would be much better than the soaps I seem to have started watching again *sigh* Just when I managed to wean myself off them. I really need to get me a job!

Rosie: Trust me when I say - Listen to your sister!!! I know I do mine *g* I love her heroes too!!

Nikki: It is a great site isn't it? I find it a little bit too postive at times - but I love it anyway. They seem to review books that are due out in the future, quite a bit ahead of times and I like that!

ames said...

Smith is on Tuesday nights...not sure what time. I also noticed they played a repeat last night.