Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Everything but the kitchen sink

I had a rather nasty (for me) experience this morning. My virus software kept popping up that I needed to update it for the past several weeks. It was one of those things I kept meaning to do so today was the day I decided to actually do it. I went to the website and downloaded the package I chose. Then I tried to download it - and ran into download hell. Windows kept popping up telling me I didn't have this installed, I needed that installed. I downloaded and that opened up more windows. I began to panic and started looking for a number to call for help. I went all over the damn website looking for tech support. All they seemed to have was more stuff to install. After looking around for half an hour - just trying to find a phone number, I finally located one and called it. By this time I was frantic. They guy on the phone kept telling me to calm down if I wanted him to help. I hate when they do that - it only get's me more worked up. Finally he clued in and said sorry for the problems I was having. That worked. That's all I wanted - someone to acknowledge that those of us who aren't as savy in that area need help. He gave me another number and I called it. This guy had me deleting old programs. I always cringe when I hit that final delete button. Then I was transferred to a very nice woman who took over my computer and installed the newest version. By this time I was fine and now I'm all set with my updated computer anti virus protection.

I was hit on last week. Yep - that's right. I sometimes go over to the mall with a book and have lunch in the food court while I read a book. This guy came and sat at the table and started talking to me. I knew him by sight. I've lived in the neighbourhood for 25 years now and worked in the area grocery store for 9 years some years back, so I recognize a lot of people on sight. Now my sisters will confirm I have a hard time not being to polite to people. They still give me grief about the time I said hello to a homeless person in Toronto quite a number of years ago and he ended up following us for blocks. They were so mad at me for that one!! Later of course we all thought it was a riot - but I still can't get over that being polite to people thing. Anyways, this guy started talking to me - wanted to know what I was reading and other stuff. He made me uncomfortable, but it got even worse when he wanted to know my last name and where I lived. Then he started flattering me. At that point I wondered how the hell I was going to get out of this situation. Finally he got up and left and said he would see me around again soon. NOT!! Now I feel like I can't go back to the mall for lunch anymore. And I used to like that. *sigh*

I had a job interview the other day. It seemed to go pretty good, but afterwards I was trying to figure out how to tell them I wasn't interested (it's that being nice thing again). The wage they were offering was $5/hour less than what I was making before and while I don't mind not making as much - $5 is a bit too much. Plus it was a small office and cluttered to the max. I would have gone stir crazy working in that much chaos. It was a couple of days ago now and I haven't heard back so I'm kind of hoping they don't call. But just getting that first interview under my belf felt good.

I am so not a photographer. Since I still have Ryan's digital camera, I thought I would take some close up's of some of my books. I always like being able to read the titles when I see other bloggers collections.
Beware of the following - they aren't very good pictures.

They all have either too much light shining off the background, or they have this reall wierd slant to them. I shan't give up though!

I went out yesterday and picked up two half bookshelves. I think I will probably need at least four more, so I can get the rest of the books up. I did get the number of boxes down from 9 to six though. I took a lot of weeding.

I finally finished a book!! It's been quite a while now. The book I finished is Emmal Holly's All U Can Eat. I quite liked it and hopefully will give a more detailed review shortly. In the meantime, maybe the damn is letting up.

And for those who watch it, tonight's the night for Rock Star Supernova!!!! I still don't know who I want to win - but I'm kind of going with Lucas. I loved the sparly blue eye shadow he wore last night - and didn't that fact surprise me *g*.

'til later


Bookwormom said...

Er. Hm. It's probably me, but I rarely have issues with telling strangers to quit bugging me & go far, far away while you're at it. Then again I live in the city, so..Reading & eating quietly might work at a coffee shop, though. I'd hope you'd be left alone there.

Unfortunately it's the way of the world that it is necessary to be assertive in order to feel safe. Being assertive & taking care of yourself need not be rude, but can help you feel safer.

Devonna said...

I'm still undecided on Lucas. He's not near the creep I thought he was at the beginning of the show, but I'm wondering if he's too punked out for this band?

Dilana was better last night, but I'm still unsure about her. I think she thinks she's got it in the bag ~ but I just don't know.

Toby's been pretty good ~ although he does do some strange stuff sometimes. But then again, so does Tommy Lee.

Magni, who I've been rooting for since day 2, I think he's going to be the first to be eliminated tonight. Just a feeling.

I just don't have the ownership in who wins this year, like I did last year. I am looking forward to seeing who wins though.

Tara Marie said...
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Tara Marie said...

Don't feel bad, I'm nice to everyone too and often end up with odd ducks following me around, I don't have the heart to be rude, but then I talk/flirt with strangers. But that guy sounds weird asking your last name and stuff, smile, nod, walk away but go back. Hopefully, he'll get the hint.

I'm so glad you liked the book :D

Okay, I'm going to complain... I can't read the book covers, can you make your Archive Image bigger in Hello (Picasa) it's in the settings section. I'm going blind reading Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife--LOL. The books great, but the print is tiny.

Lori said...

Devonna, I'm with you. I was much mire invested in the outcome last year, and was totally picked off when they picked JD instead of Marty LOL.

As for this year, I think I'm rooting for Toby. I agree - I think Magni will get the boot first tonight as well. I'm not a big Lucas fan. We shall see...

Kristie, don't let anyone chase you out of the mall. Just tell him "no thanks" or "I'm married" because in your heart, you are. So there. But congrats on getting hit on *bg*.

Good luck on the job interviews - it's always such a hassle.

Rosie said...

Wow, you've had a lot going on! If you can't say anything to the guy at the food court. Don't, just get up and leave. He'll get the hint. It would be a shame for you to give up something you enjoy.

Good for you on the interview. Hope you find the one that really clicks for you AND the pay is right. you say you LIKE to see other people's bookshelves? Is this true? Heck, I'll do a post on my bulging shelves in that case. : )

Kristie (J) said...

Bookwormon: I think I might move to a coffee shop for a week or two until he gets the hint. Then if I go back and he still bothers me, I'll call out Krisite

Devonna: It is so hard isn't it??? I think they are all so good. I like Dilana and Magni but I think they are looking for songwriters too and those two are a little weaker in that area. I really like Toby but Lucas just a twitch better. Ah heck - I really like them all!

Tara: I fixed the pictures :) took me a while but I did it. And I did! I did like the book.

Lori: I was slow to the draw as to what he was doing, but once I kind of "got" it, I was very uncomfortable. Like I said, I've seen him around for years.

Rosie: I love looking at other readers book shelves - so I'll be waiting to see yours *g*