Wednesday, September 27, 2006

From the Library

I seem to be in a bit of a slump again as far as new books go, but I can still read some of my old favourites. Since there are so many new bloggers and readers of romance I thought I'd review some of my oldie but goodies - now that they are "out of the box". I'm starting with this one because I brought it up when I highlighted some of my favourite pirate romances. It called me - it really did - and said "read me." Well - when a book does that, you really have no choice. I've mentioned more than once that this is one of my favourite futuristics but it's been a few years since I've actually read it - so here goes

The Skypirate by Justine Davis

back blurb:

He is Dax, the skypirate hunted to the ends of the universe by the cruel interstellar Coalition. He has survived the destruction of his planet, but he can't escape the demons haunting his soul - or the allure of the woman captive who wears the notorious golden golden slave collar.

She is Captain Califa Claxton, once the Coalition's top battle strategist. Only a great cosmic irony has her rescued by Dax, the Coalition's deadliest enemy. Although she knows secrets that can make him triumphant, he posses the collar controller which can break her will. But his touch alone arouses her passion. If she can gain his trust, a chance to destroy the Coalition together awaits them among the stars. And in the white heat of their explosive union a new bond may be forged - souls joined by a maginifcent love!

(whoever comes up with these blurbs sure does go heavy on the cheese don't they?)

This is the second of a two book series. The first one - Lord of the Storm - tells the story of a fabled planet Trios and how it was raided and destroyed by the evil coalition. The hero was the Triotian prince who had been made into a slave and the heroine was a pilot in the coalition who met, fell in love with and rescued the Triotian prince. He had been owned by the heroine of Skypirate - Califa.
This one takes place several years later. Califa has been made a gold collar slave herself. It is thought by the Coalition that she had knowledge of Dare and Shayla - the hero/heroine of the previous book. When the story opens, she is a prisoner along with another female, Rina, who had been captured cheating in a card game. When Rina, a member of the Dax's crew is rescued, he takes Califa along with him, not knowing who she is. Dax and Calipha dance around each other but both are very attracted to the other. Dax makes such a wonderful hero!!! One of the best. He still feels very guilty that he wasn't around when his planet was destroyed and does whatever it takes to do his part to take down the Coalition. Califa was a nasty piece of work in the first book and because Ms. Davis is such a talented writer, she does a remarkable job in not only redeeming her but makes her a sympathetic character that you actually root for. I really enjoy Lord of the Storm, but I like this one just a wee bit better. Unlike LOTS, in this one we get the point of view of both Dax and Califa. She really makes us feel the pain that Dax does on thinking he is one of the last of his kind and the depth of anguish he feels.
This is one heck of a good book and I know it's a favourite of many. For those who haven't read it, I highly recommend it. I wish Ms Davis were still writing books like this. It's a real loss for us readers that she isn't anymore! And to be honest - considering it was published in 1995 - I even kind of like the cover *ducking*

Grade: 5 out of 5

I haven't updated my recent buys in ever so long!! There have been a bunch - here are just a few of them

Lord of the Beasts - Susan Krinard - some of hers really work for me - some not so much. Hopefully this will be one that works.

A Reason to Live by Maureen McKade - finally found this one! A Western *sigh* And it's been getting rave reviews.

What a Gentleman Wants by Caroline Linden - I've heard good things about her previous book

An Unexpected Pleasure by Candace Camp - I've recently rediscovered her and wondered why I "lost" her. She's very good.

True Blood by Patria Waddell - I read another futuristic by her, enjoyed it and wanted to read this one. Besides - I really like the cover

O'Rourke's Bride by Barbara Dan - bought this one on pure spec. The hero is a down on his luck Irish actor and it takes place in the west. How could I resist. Add in the price and it seems like a great deal.

And on a side note - why or why did I let myself get hooked on Dancing with the Stars????

'til later


CindyS said...

Dang, I can't decide which new book to read let alone decide on a re-read!

I saw 5 minutes of Dancing With The Stars and would have been hooked but Bob suddenly asked 'Why are we watching this?' Fine.


ReneeW said...

I agree with your review of Skypirate. I really loved how Califa redeemed herself and I think I even shed a tear for her. I should get this one out of the keeper box (no I don't have shelves like some people I know :) I finally found A Reason to Live too. I may tackle that one next.

Nicole said...

Skypirate looks really good!

Kristie (J) said...

Nicole: It IS very good!!! I don't think you have to read the first one to get the story. If you ever see either one come up though, I'd recommend snapping them up :)

Renee: Didn't she do a great job with Califa?? She turned out to be a wonderful character.

Cindy: I have SO MANY new books I want to read, but I dunno - I pick them up and it's just not there. Thank goodness I can still read older ones I've read before. Maybe that's it. Since I know the whole story already, I don't have to suffer the angst the first time. It gets easier with a third or fourth reading.

LOL - I KNOW that Dancing with the Stars is something I wouldn't have been watching before

Tara Marie said...

Lord of the Storm and Sky Pirate, 2 of my all time FAVORITE books!!

Krinard never works for me, I've given up trying.

A Reason to Live is already on my TBR pile.

Already read What A Gentleman Wants--good.

I had the Candace Camp in my hands yesterday and couldn't decide, I'll wait for your thoughts.

I'm reading True Blood right now.

O'Rourke's Bride--the price is right. I don't have this one, but "O'Rourke" always makes me think of F-Troop (am I showing my age?)

Kristie (J) said...

Tar: LOL on F-Troop. I remember that show!! I just take off the O and then can picture a real good hero *g*. And aren't they two of the all time BEST EVAH futuristics?????
And as for Krinard - her wolf series was meh for me but Body and Soul (a reincarnation) and Kinsman's Oath (a futuristic) are very very good!!

Rosario said...

I liked Skypirate very much, but I just wish we'd been able to see the whole process of Califa's redeeming. When the book started she already was such a different person from the cruel bitch she was in Lord of the Storm!

Rosie said...

Where is Justine Davis? Anybody know? She used to be an auto buy for me, but I don't think I've seen a book by her in ages. I have her futuristics on my keeper shelf. When they came out they were so unique and different. There weren't alot of futuristics out then.

I'm usually addicted to DANCING WITH THE STARS, but I missed the first couple and now I can't get into it...okay the guy I live with is a lot like CindyS' Bob...only it's more like. "Give me the clicker!" Thank God for books!

Kristie (J) said...

Rosie: I'm not quite sure what happened to her. She took quite a break from writing because her husband was very ill and then when she returned to it her style was very different. I haven't seen a book by her for a while now. The last one was a Harlequin release in the Bombshell line which I didn't get. As for single title releases - it's been ages and ages since she had one of those.
And as for DWTS - I only just started watching it for the first time this season - but there are some very good dancers!! Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence are both excellent. As is Willa Ford (and her partner is very nice to look at!!) But I notice it, like AI, is a lot of popularity only. How else to explain that Jerry Springer is still on it?????

Rosario: I know exactly what you mean. She had undergone such a drastic change from LOTS that we didn't see.