Wednesday, April 27, 2005

OK - I gotta do this

American Idol non watchers can skip this post

I just turned off the TV and American Idol results show. I must say I was rather shocked at the outcome. As you know I didn't get to watch it last night but hope is coming. Right "Gladys"?

If you want to know the winner, hold mouse over next line.
But Constantine?????? Now I'm not a great Constantine fan, but he is worth watching for the cheese factor alone and I seriously thought he would go much further.

And who the hell keeps voting for Scott Savol. He is one hell of a scary looking dude man. I can't believe he was in the top three. It must be the underground anti American Idol faction that does the voting for him.

And what (again) was up with Paula???? Crying? The rumors must be true.

And is it just me, or is Bo Bice getting hotter each week. Oh man I love that scruffy look he's got going!

And oh my,,,,,, they replayed "the KISS" on Lost. sigggggghhhhhh


Jill said...

That kiss from Lost ... sigh ... LOVE it.

Avid Reader said...

American Idol -

I didn't really watch it this year because I kept missing the early auditions but I can tell you that I really can't stand Paula. Her criticisms are worthless. And her crying and giving stand ovations by herself are just that: her opinion. I almost gagged when she said a auditionor who was performing a James Brown routine was BETTER than James Brown. Give. Me. A. Break. Did you hear that scandal about her and that other American Idol contender? He says that Paula seduced him and offered him hush money. LOL. Whatta show!

Anonymous said...

I find Paula and Randy's comments are always the same. I'm not a Simon fan but he's way more on the money.