Monday, April 25, 2005

But I was going to wash my underwear

One of the good/bad things about having the whole evening to myself I have discovered, is being able to spend the entire evening on the internet, well not Tuesday night – that night is reserved for American Idol, The Amazing Race (and if anyone else watches these shows and hasn’t read Mrs. Giggles recaps – well half the reason I watch the shows is to read her gut hurting from laughing take on them) and Judging Amy. And Wednesdays are tied up with Lost and the judgment night of AI. But all the other weeknights, I spend the whole evening doing my own blog; trying to add pictures – I envy all those bloggers that can do this and I love looking at them; I feel like I’m in kindergarten blogland when others are in fourth year university going for their masters, reading other readers blogs, posting on other blogs, finding new blogs to read, checking out AAR, TRR, Mrs. Giggles etc. I spend hours reading through them. And when I take a break, I read whatever book I’m currently reading. Then it’s back to the computer. If I eat dinner, it’s in from of the computer. What a wonderful world of bloggers there is getting to be!
Most nights when I finally look up from the internet/my book, I realize it’s time to go to bed and I think to myself
“But I was going to wash my underwear.”
Dang if it didn’t happen again tonight. Good thing I have lots.


Jill said...

I am completely addicted to Amazing Race, but I've never read Mrs. Giggles ... I will have to give her a try!

Kristie said...

Oh Jill, are you in for a treat!!! And bonus, she's a Rob and Amber fan too.

Caro said...

Go, TAR!

I'm a reality tv-show fan, but the only show I can get the husband to watch is Amazing Race.

Nope, I don't get much writing done Tuesday nights either.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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