Thursday, April 07, 2005


Well, that made me cry last night. I expected it, I mean it wasn’t any secret someone wasn’t going to make it, but still it made me cry.
And colour me confused but did Jack get married? I think he did but those were the strangest vows I’ve ever heard. Part of me thought he was breaking up with her but telling her he still loved her.
And what do you suppose will happen between Jack and Locke?


BJ Deese said...

OMG what a show it was! It was definitely a tear-jerker. For a few minutes there, I thought it was going to be Jack because of the blood transfusion.

And, yeah, I thought Jack was about to say he wasn't going to marry that girl. I think it's going to turn out that his wife died.

Oh, and Jack and Locke...that's going to be something to see. I hope next week is not going to be a rerun. Do you know when the finale is? That is going to be a powerful 2 hour show. At least it better be! lol

Jill said...

JJ Abrams just had better NOT kill off anyone else, sob!

Anonymous said...

I thought Lost would end this year with a conclusion. It'd seemed like a one year type show when it started. I now get the impression it will go into another season. I don't think I'll like that. How much farther can you drag this thing out.....their lives....I don't want to be disappointed in the end.


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