Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Now why would they do that?

The city I grew up in was less than a mile and just across the river from the US. I have lots of wonderful and silly memories of crossing the bridge with my best friend when I was young. There was this great ice cream place just on the other side of the bridge on the US side. We would walk over the bridge, once or twice spit over the side (why I don't know - we were kids and we were silly) have some ice cream and head back. This was a great thing to do in the summer. As we got older, we would often drive over to 'the States' to shop. I moved about an hour away but would still go over to do some shopping. The first time I drove, cars were whizzing past me and I thought "my they drive fast here." It wasn't until my sister asked how fast I was going and I said 30 - just like the signs say - when I realized the signs referred to miles and I was driving kilometers.
They had Wal-Mart’s long before we did with much better prices. It's still a great way to spend the day. And because of our higher dollar, a lot of Americans would come over to shop. I've always considered us the 'best of neighbours' like a much broader good friend next door scenario. Quite a few older retired Canadians go to Florida and other warmer states over the winter months. They call themselves snowbirds and I think they do quite a lot for the economy. Why probably quite a few are neighbors of Jerry Seinfeld's parents :) There's a big difference in our weather temperature too. When we say it's going to be 32, that means a real scorcher. Up until recently before the dreaded 'politics' spoiled things, I considered us great friends and neighbors.
Well, I still do, but apparently starting very shortly us Canadians will need a passport to get into 'the States'. To me this is utterly ridiculous! We're buddies for Pete’s sake. And I'm sure it won't take long for the idiots who run our country to reciprocate and want Americans entering Canada to have them.
Passports! This is incomprehensible to me. I know times are much different than they were when I was young. I think unfortunately, that things at the borders need to be strengthened. More questions should be asked.
But now I think things are going too far. Passports. To get to the States. Now why would they do that?

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