Monday, February 22, 2021

What I did before my recent resurgence


Since I reappeared out of nowhere after a Very Lengthy Absence things have changed A LOT in this world of ours.  I thought I’d do an update on what’s going on in my life under quarantine.



I think it was just about this time last year I drove to work for the 12 to 8 shift and there was barely a car in the parking lot.  This was very strange as there are more people who work there then there are parking spots and it was nightmare city for those on the afternoon shift so an empty parking lot was very strange.  Since I job share I was off the previous day.  There was a note on the door saying that due to Covid the office was closed and everyone was working from home.  Shock doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Because I work in health care, the lockdown affected us sooner than many companies.  I called my boss and arranged to pick up all the equipment I needed to work from home.  Unfortunately I didn’t have working cable or Wifi and it took me working with IT three days to discover it wasn’t going to work.  

I called my sister who lived about 45 minutes away from me in a near breakdown.  Everything happened very quickly.  I had no cable, no wifi, lived by myself and the coffee shop I visited on off days to sit, catch up on email and stuff and just to people watch closed due to the pandemic.  My sister saved me when she told me I could work at her place.  So I started commuting the 45 minutes several times a week depending on my schedule. 

I still had the kitties at home so I couldn’t stay at her place full time.  But after a couple of months it was clear this was going to be a while so I knew I needed to get past my IT type stuff phobia and call the cable company.  I managed to get wifi going – needed a new modem and router and Lisa, who is tech savy labled every single wire and box and monitor and screen and we had a couple of practice runs on taking it down and setting it up.  Seriously.  We really did.  And with that and my eternal love and gratitude, I got things up and running from home.


And I like working from home.  I like it quite a lot.  But I miss seeing my coworkers so, so much.  I’m truly blessed to work with wonderful, fun and caring people and 75% of the reason I’m still working is because of the comradery of my team mates.  I had plans to retire in the fall and the first thing I was going to do was take a cruise to Alaska.  I had a number and was all set to call and book it when WHAM life for all as we knew it, took a turn.  I decided to keep working because why not?  I still enjoy the job and working from home has it’s perks.  I was making plans for after my retirement.  One of them was to read to the residents of nursing homes.  I thought I’d start out with something like Mary Stewart, Georgette Heyer, Daphne DuMaurier, that kind of book and then work up to raunchy.  I like raunchy and I figured they would too.  But – Covid.  Living alone and knowing me I couldn’t just retire to nothing.

So here we are, a year later with no end in sight.  And I truly appreciate working from home two or three days a week from home, most especially in winter on days like today.



Haaa, haaa, haaa

I stayed overnight at my sister’s a couple of times, Christmas night for example.  Back last August I went to dinner with my job share partner at work.  I had lunch outdoors once at a restaurant with my Case Manager from work and then she had a few people over to her place and we sat and ate on her deck outside.  And I went to a friend from works house in the summer for a potluck.  There was her and her husband and the other friend from work; both of whom I take that week in summer to stay at a cottage with.  Of course we didn’t do it this year.


Oh, and I go to the grocery store once every two weeks to stock up on food.  And this one is as short as the last one was long.


Dorine said...

Good to read an update from you. I need to do the same on my blog. I usually do that every year and my motivation hasn't been there, so maybe reading yours will get me going.

Bravo on braving the technology challenge. Arriving at work with no one there and a note on the door had to be a real shocker. I can't imagine it!

Looks like we like/read many of the same types of books so I'll send you a request on Goodreads so I don't miss anything. :)

k said...

Dorine, I said in a post a cof posts ago that although I kind of quit blogging for over a year, it was still always in my heart to get back to it and I'm so glad I have. I'm pretty active on Twitter and while I like it there, I unfollowed all of the political, controversial and negative Twitter people so I don't find it the cesspool that a lot of people do, I do like chatting a lot longer than Twitter allows *grin* so I'm often having to cut out a lot of what I want to say.
So this is me being long winded in encouraging you to get back into blogging. I'm feeling very reinvigorated and I think you would do. Thank you for visiting.

And Wendy, Superlibrarian is my hero for being my inspiration. She never gave up.

Wendy said...

I'm beginning to suspect I'm too stubborn to give up blogging completely - but I'm certainly not posting with the frequency I was "back in the day."

My Mom retired from nursing but then promptly took a part-time job at a "call center" that handles after-hours calls for doctors' offices. She started working at home rather late compared to others - thinking she wouldn't care of it - but she's taken to it. My folks had the Wifi settled, it was the other equipment/tech. But that got it handled thanks to one of my brothers-in-laws and her boss.

I've been working this whole time - and going into the office on the regular. It's been about 50/50 between office and working from home. I'm a division head, so I have to be in the office at least some of the time to make sure things are running smoothly for processing library books/materials.

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