Sunday, February 28, 2021

Black History Month Reads

 Part 2

And continuing on.....

Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley

I really got a kick out of this cute opposite attracts book.  They both work at the same radio station.  Tate Grayson is the sports guy and riffs on all things sports during his time slot and Noelle Butler is a tied up and buttoned down Physiologist who give advice on love and they couldn’t be more opposite and each get on each others nerves.  When he calls her during her show and then she calls him during his, their bosses think it would be a great idea for them to work together as they seem to have some kind of on air chemistry.  Of course these two start to rub against each other in a good way soon.  This book just worked for me and for sure I’m going to try some of this authors other books

Grade: B+

An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole

I’ll be honest, I was crossing my fingers I would like this book.  I happened to be at a conference a couple of years ago that the author also attended.  I sat in on a couple of panels she was at and I was so impressed by her.  I started another one by her and couldn’t get into it at all.  But when I started reading this book I figured out why.  I started reading the 3rd book in the series and that’s why I found things so confusing.  But starting at book1 made all the difference.

This book takes place during the Civil War and Elle Burns is a former slave whose family was given their freedom.  She is now working as a spy helping the north.  She has an eidetic memory and is working undercover as a slave in the home of a southern politician and trying to learn anything she can to help the north.  Her contact is Malcom McCall, a white undercover agent who, while not even close to the same kind of experiences as slaves, did have his family land stolen and family destroyed in Scotland.

Elle is such an amazing heroine, she ranks right up there in my top five heroines of all time.  She is, well, it, as far as heroines go.  She’s brave, strong, courageous, intelligent, resourceful – just everything.  Malcom isn’t too shabby either and what I love about him is he knows what a rare and precious person she is.  I’m trying to keep these reviews fairly short and it’s so difficult to do that with this book it’s that good.  But I now have all of the Loyal League series as well as another one of her books and I’m so looking forward to reading them.  This book is romance at its finest and then some.

Grade: A+

The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry

I picked this one out as I’d read so many new to me authors, I was ready to read an author I’d read before by this time and since I love this author’s works, this is the one I chose.  I’ve read it before but when I started it again, I didn’t remember much of it at all.

Elizabeth and Tristan have both suffered the death of their loved one and in Tristan’s case it was even worse.  Elizabeth left town to try and deal with her loss. But she’s back now and her neighbor Tristan is despised by most of the town as he’s rude, unkempt and just plain mean.  But the townspeople don’t know what he has suffered.  At first he treats Elizabeth the same way but they slowly begin to open up to each other about their losses.  At first they pretend the other is the lost love, but then they begin to care more and more for the person each other is and in doing so slowly begin to heal.  Ms. Brittainy writes beautiful emotional books and this is yet another one that shouldn’t be missed.

Grade: A

Wild Rain by Beverly Jenkins

My only issue with Ms. Jenkins books is the prices.  So when I saw this one was on preorder for a very good price I scooped it up.  After I read and completely loved Forbidden, I wanted to read another of her books so this is the one I chose.

Spring Lee is the heroine of this Western romance and she’s a very unusual heroine.  She owns a small ranch and works with horses.  She’s perfectly fine living on her own and has no plans on marrying or having children.  She’s very independent, she’s had to learn to be due her father’s neglect.  She meets Garrett McCray, the hero, when he is thrown from his horse during a winter storm and she takes him to her place to take care of him until he has recovered.  He has come to interview her brother, Colton, the local doctor and hero of a previous book – and yes, I now have that one to read.  Spring is unlike any woman he has met before and he begins to fall for the free spirit she is, so much so he is willing to rearrange his life to spend it with her – if she will have him.

As with the previous Beverly Jenkins book I read, this book is more heroine centric.  Yes, I did fall for Garrett, but Spring is the standout.  She is unforgettable and to be truly admired.  She has gone through some terrible things and come out stronger and more sure of herself because of them.  I’m ever so glad that I picked up a number of Ms. Jenkins books after reading Forbidden.  I have some books of hers now I’m really looking forward to reading.

Grade: A


Wendy said...

Sigh. Wasn't An Extraordinary Union amazing?! So, so good. And I need to check to see if I have that Jamie Wesley book....

Kristie (J) said...

I’m awed at how much I love it. And now I have the next two books in the series.