Monday, July 24, 2017

This and That

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Yes.  Surprise.  It’s me again after more than a year’s absence.  If I’m posting this I actually remember my password.

So – for a long delayed this and that.

I’ve been noticing a trend in the books I’ve been reading lately and I’m not sure – no, I am sure – that I don’t really like.  During love scenes, the speaking and the demanding and explaining are getting quite explicit.  It used to be that they would have the hero whisper in the heroine’s ear what he was going to do to her, but now it seems in many a book that he outright explains – in very explicit detail.  Then he demands she reply to what he wants, what he’s doing.  Now here’s hoping it’s not a sign I’m a prude or anything, but I like things less detailed or I don’t know, more purpley.  I don’t like purple but I think I’d like a tad better than too much graphics.  I’d like them to be a bit more balanced I’m thinking.


I’ve been reading quite a few new adult, a sub-genre I never thought I’d be getting into.  Most of them have younger hero/heroines and are written in the first person with alternating views.  I didn’t think for the longest time I would enjoy first person so much bet I really am.  I read one recently though were the age was a real factor in knocking the book down a few grades.  The heroine was either 20 or 21 and the hero had serious emotional issues.  While there needs to be a suspension of disbelief in reading many a romance novel and I’m fine with this, in the case of this particular book I just couldn’t buy into for even a moment that this couple would last.  She was too immature and he was too damaged.  I wish the author had made them older and shown some growth in the heroine.  It would have made it more enjoyable.  For those authors who write in this genre, just a wish that they keep this kind of thing in mind.


While I haven’t blogged in over a year, I have been more active on both GoodReads and Twitter.  I love sharing books I’ve really enjoyed.  Anyone who has been with me for a while knows this and when I do read a great book I send out a lot of rec’s to my GoodRead ‘friends’.  I also do a lot of checking for other romance authors with similar tastes and can while away many an hour doing this.

And as for Twitter, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people, or at least many, prefer either Twitter or Facebook.  Me, I’m a Twitter gal.  While I had a Facebook pages, I don’t use it at all.  Sad as this is, I think this had an effect on blogging.  Alas, I know it’s been a factor for me.


Politics – There is no possible way I could say everything I think in one short paragraph.  It will take a few posts.  But to summarize, I’m appalled, I’m horrified, I’m confused and most of all, I’m scared for the entire world. 


Amazingly, we didn’t need a password.  The computer remembered


azteclady said...

::hugglepounce:: Kristie!!!!

You've been missed here, though I've seen you on Twitter. Don't go away again, pretty pretty please????


Kristie (J) said...

(((((( hugs right back at you)))))) The plan is not to go away. I have lots to say built up over the past year. But with limited Wifi time, alas, I haven't had the opportunity I've wanted/needed :-(

azteclady said...

Ugh, yeah, limited/intermittent internet access complicates things.

Here's hoping, though ::fingers crossed::

Wendy said...

Hey, hey! KristieJ has remembered her password! LOL

So yeah, I'm kind of with you on the whole explicit sexy times thing. My problem has been there seems very little point to it. I'm the prude who thinks that sex scenes should be organic to the story - and that romances are capable of being "good" whether they have sex in them or not. Every time I see a review on GoodReads that says, "One Star! This book has no sex in it!!!!!!" I want to slap that reader into next Tuesday. I'd much rather read "just kisses" than a romance where the author shoehorned in a sex scene that didn't fit just because "it's a romance and you HAVE to HAVE a sex scene!" Sigh. No. You. Don't.

This cuts both ways for me though. I like explicit books just as much as non-explicit ones. It's all about what fits best for that story and those characters. But I'm wacky like that.