Saturday, July 29, 2017

“Politics again!’ you say?

I’ll make this one quick.  I’ve often been frustrated with John McCain.  He ‘gets’ what a nightmare trump is, he and Lindsay Graham both but when push comes to shove they both vote party lines instead of what’s good for the majority of the people of the US.

But he acted in what I consider a real act of courage the other evening when he voted no to the skinny bill despite what I’m sure was tremendous – nope sorry, I can’t use that word anymore – great pressure to do otherwise.  But he put the people first this time when he refused to vote for a bill that made no sense, apparently no one but a very few wanted and that would have devastated so many Americans with its mess up of health care.

Health care in the US is messed up anyway but why can’t the politicians just think of the people first instead of themselves or the kickbacks they get from big corporations.  And since this is basically a blog about romance, this is why I never read a book about politicians.  Even if they start out with the best of intentions, a politician will be corrupted at some point.  It’s unavoidable.  For some it might not be that corrupt and they may still have a relatively intact heart.  But for the vast majority they lose their soul.  And while the US it’s so blatant that it hurts, no country with any kind of democracy is immune.  I would love to see some politician come out and do some kind of congrats to a member of a different party on some kind of political deal.  Here in Canada when a new budget comes out, the opposition can’t wait to pounce on it.  Why can’t one leader, at least once say something like “While it’s not something our party would do, I see why they did that and that they are trying to do the right thing.

Which brings me back to John McCain.  At 2:30 am or whatever time it was when I turned the television off after the results of the vote on the ‘skinny bill’, I felt a bit of hope.  It’s not a lot of hope mind you as the GOP continue to allow this maniac called a president to run around unchecked doing untold damage, but even a bit of hope is nice.


azteclady said...

I understand the gratitude the McCain didn't vote to kill tens of millions of his countrypeople.

On the other hand, he could have voted no on the motion to proceed, and spared everyone a night of anxiety and fear.

He could have also voted no on a number of the many things that have 'concerned' him so much since Trump's inauguration.

He didn't and he hasn't, so what he did on Thursday night/early morning Friday? Was simple grandstanding, to get all the kudos, while Murkowski and Collins withstood threats, both political and of actual physical violence, for DAYS--from other senators in their own party!

Kristie (J) said...

This is all true and there have been times I've been so angry at him I could scream. Him and Graham both. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk. But for one moment - finally one moment only, he took that walk. Doesn't mean I trust him and while I feel bad for his health issues, IMO he's been a lousy senator overall.
But -we do have the one nay, grandstanding though it probably was.

azteclady said...

We have that nay, at least for now--there's talk of McConnel bringing his death bill back at least one more time, and probably even a crueler version of it, at that.