Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Can you hear a heart break

I had an entirely different blog post planned but it has been a flowing day.  Since I started this morning, the senate has gone ahead and voted to repeal affordable care.  I truly believe this is the darkest day for the United States in modern times.  Shame, shame, shame on the whole party.  They have put hatred and greed and their own disgusting ambition ahead of the American people.  I’m truly sickened by what they have done today and while I won’t be affected since I live in Canada WHERE WE HAVE UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, I have many friends in the US and my sister lives there also and will probably be affected.  The last time I spoke to her she couldn’t talk about the subject. 

 I’m building up to a rant here and believe me it is not against the American people but how long can things go the way are?  The US is no longer a first world country by many standards.  They have just voted to remove the basic right of health care.  In every other first world country, health care is a given.  In Canada, in the United Kingdom, in Australia, in France, Germany and many other nations, health care is a given.  The governments are not fine to let people die because they can’t afford to pay.  This hurts my very heart and should hurt the hearts of everyone who has one, no matter where they live.  I truly want to weep now for the people of this country.


How can the GOP do this?  How can John McCain, who claims to be a champion of the people and now diagnosed with cancer, now a preexisting condition, head to Washington and vote to take it away from everyday people?  How can he do this?

How can these people with the exception of Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski vote for something that they don’t even know what it is they are voting for? 

From the Huffington Post:

Heading into Tuesday’s vote, it was highly uncertain that McConnell would have enough votes to take Obamacare repeal over this first hurdle. This first vote was a real test of whether Senate Republicans were committed to undoing the Affordable Care Act, increasing the number of uninsured Americans by millions or even tens of millions and disrupting the health insurance market in ways that would disadvantage older, poorer and sicker people.

Republican senators who voted for this motion did so without having any idea what legislation they were about to move on to.
The faces of Evil



From Politico:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), recently diagnosed with brain cancer, entered the chamber to a standing ovation and cast the 50th Republican vote. GOP Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska broke ranks to oppose the measure, forcing Vice President Mike Pence to break a 50-50 tie.

From Shareblue:

The Republican health care bill is enormously unpopular, and would strip health insurance coverage from over 20 million people, while cutting Medicaid by over $700 billion. It is completely supported by the Republican leadership, including Donald Trump, McConnell, and Speaker Paul Ryan.


I don’t understand and I will never understand such cruelty

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Heidenkind said...

It's just because it's Obama's legacy. They're determined to undo it because they're racist. Meanwhile, they're affecting millions of their constituents' lives (including mine). I share your disappointment but not your shock - the only thing that surprises me is how long it took for them to do it.