Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A View To A Kiss or When Enrique Iglesias Comes Through Your Bedroom Window

Ever since I have seen this cover for A View to a Kiss by Caroline Linden (Avon, February) I can't help but think, "Did they ask Enrique Iglesias to pose for the cover?"

The male cover model has a uncanny resemblance to him, don't you think?
The part about Enrique coming through a bedroom window is what the hero, Harry, does in this book. Enrique... er Harry, is a spy who meets the heroine, Lady Mariah, on a darkened balcony during a ball. Since he stays in the shadows, she has no clue what he looks like. Enrique can't show his face to his true love because he is a spy after all. But that still does not stop him from climbing through her bedroom window so he can see her.

Mariah, our plucky heroine welcomes Enrique a.k.a "the shadow man", with open arms, even though she still doesn't knowwhat he looks like, because he won't let her light a candle so she can see his face. She spends half of the book trying to figure out who he is. They go on like this for awhile, where they both fall in love with one another, because Mariah finds Harry's voice so dreamy, and Harry who has watched Mariah from afar, thinks she is beautiful.
I have the strange sense of deja vu in regards to what goes on between Harry and Mariah in her bedroom. (and I am not talking about those special bedroom activites we all like reading about) Does anyone else? And what is so romantic about having a man climb through your bedroom window, especially when he is the man without a face?
Katiebabs (KB)


Anonymous said...

LOL, Katie, he really DOES look like Enrique!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Katie, I see you are reading Embracing Midnight. I saw that one today at Borders and literally had to force myself not to get it. But if it's super good, I'm gonna have to go back and get it anyway. But, I do want to hear your thoughts on it.

KT Grant said...

Barbara: Embracing Midnight was a bit different from her other books because this one was about alien life forms that become humans and are much like vampires.

Kelly Maher said...

This actually sounds a lot like the myth of Eros and Psyche. He comes to her at night for months (they're actually "married" at this point because she was "sacrificed" to him) because she isn't allowed to see his face, but falls in love with him, but her jealous sisters convince her he's a monster so when she lights a lamp and sees he's gorgeous, he flies away because she has broken the "no looking on gods" rule and Aphrodite's all happy because she doesn't think Psyche is worth Eros' love, but Psyche proves herself to Aphrodite and after much harumphing and grumbling, Psyche and Eros are reunited. Yes, I've read this myth waaaaayyyyy too many times :)

little alys said...

And what is so romantic about having a man climb through your bedroom window, especially when he is the man without a face?
I find it creepy and stalkerish. Sadly, I may be adding that into my next story...although, the hero actually is going to be creepy, stalkerish and such.

Lea said...

Hi Katie:

The model does look like Enrique, lol. It's quite remarkable actually.

I noticed you chatting about Embracing Midnight. I have it at the top of the TBR. I love Devyn Quinn's novels. I would read her grocery list.

I'm going to get through all the Christmas stress and then sit and enjoy. She told me that the male character Embracing was introduced in one of her earlier books, I think "The Keeper Of Eternity", which I haven't read yet but will.

I am really psyched for the release of "Man After Midnight", in the New Year.