Thursday, December 18, 2008

Need a Little Mr. Romance In Your Life?

Ever wonder if Hollywood would ever make a movie about those male models (a.k.a. Nathan Kamp or Fabio) who are on all the covers of our favorite romances?

Your wish has come true...

New Regency has acquired “Mr. Romance,” a pitch for a comedy that will be helmed by “Four Christmases” director Seth Gordon.

Jeff Roda ("The Siege of Fulton Avenue") will pen the script.

Regency has acquired rights to a Joshuah Bearman article commissioned by GQ magazine. Tower of Babble’s
Beau Bauman will produce with Gordon.

The pic will be a comedy about a cynical guy who is forced to enter the Mr. Romance competition to win back the love of his life. The competition, which finds hunks whose photos grace the bodice-ripping covers of romance novels, is a real event.

“Romance novels sell 50% of all books, and there is a convention where guys submit themselves to physical and psychological tests to determine their romantic IQ,” Gordon told Daily Variety.

This sounds like a cute comedy! Even though the statement about "bodice-ripping covers" annoys me.
Who can you see playing the cynical guy? I can see Gerard Butler in the role. *G*

Katiebabs (KB)


Rowena said...

Well this sounds like a cute romantic comedy, I'm curious enough to see it. I would hope that GB is Mr. Romance!

Lea said...

OMG Katie:

The cover you posted is giving me flashbacks! That was a Johanna Lindsay novel wasn't it?

I can't help it, I'm giggling here. A friend of mine met Fabio when he was here in Toronto for a book signing of a romance novel that was ghost written for him years ago.

She said the guy was a total Neanderthal, as in, "gah, duh, ah I sign where?". There is more but I won't bore you.

He was very well managed though and if I remember correctly Johanna Lindsay used him exclusively for her books in the day!!! lol

Great post, we will see what comes of the movie?

Dev said...

The movie sounds cute! I'd definitely watch it. I agree. GB would make the perfect lead for this. Or Richard Armitage. I'm happy with either.

cheryl c said...

Sounds fun! Hmmm...who could play the guy? Hugh Jackman or George Clooney or Eric Dane?

Shaymless Aymless said...

Love it!

I also had flash backs to JL with the cover.

Samantha said...

niiice My vote is for James Marsten as the lead. :D

KT Grant said...

I just noticed that the female model is covering all the key parts if Fabio.

I can see James also! He was adorable in 27 Dresses.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I think that cover was on the first Romance I ever read. Is it Savage Thunder by Lindsay? A lot of those covers got recycled. Ah the memories. That book had a place of honor under my bed as a teen.


Renee said...

Hi KristieJ and Katibabs: I just wanted you to know I've awarded you a Kreativ Blogger award for "Blog that has it all"!
More details on my post. Congrats! You guys are awesome! :-D

Kate said...

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive (and that's entirely possible - I'm a little cranky today) but am I the only one bothered by the fact that there doesn't seem to be any romance writers involved in it? I know it's too soon to really have a crew set up, but if Romancelandia is going to be so heavily featured you'd think they'd want to bring in some writers in to consult. Of course since it's so far away - 2012 listed currently - doesn't have any details at all, so I may just be picky for no reason.

KT Grant said...

Kate: Or you would think that would have consultants who pick and choose romance covers on the set.

Kate said...

I hope so! :)

By the way, I'm seeing someone youngish...Hugh Jackman could pull it off, maybe James Franco???

KT Grant said...

After seeing James Franco in Milk, I would see anything he was in. Also without a shirt on ;)

Kate said...

Ooo, I haven't seen Milk yet, but really want to. I was just thinking of how funny he was in Pineapple Express, a movie that I otherwise didn't like.