Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm a Winna!


I won a copy of Hot Spell on CrankyReader's Blog.
I love to win things. It doesn't happen very often so when it does it's even sweeter. I did win a book at Jill Shalvis' blog which was nifty. And quite some time ago I won one at BJ's old blog - not her new one.

The best thing I ever won though was a Surround Sound System I scored at a work related function over year ago. Now for anyone who knows me, installing this electrical, wiring device was out of the question. I still have to ask my husband how different functions on the phone works - like call forwarding and getting messages off it. I'm in awe of the things Angie W can do with hers. And I did take over 3 hours to figure out how the DVD worked - and had to call in troops to do it. So I had to wait around a couple of days for my husband to install it. I bounced up and down like an overexcited puppy waiting for him to get it all hooked up. He finally got around to it 2 days later. After hooking everything up - nothing. He read the instructions over again and checked all the wires - still nothing. Disappointed didn't begin to cover it. Now my husband is, if nothing else, dogged about getting stuff working. Me, not so. I give up in less than 3 minutes. He worked on that system for the next hour trying to get it going. Finally out of patience, he tried one last thing he hadn't thought of yet. And eureka! It worked.
Who knew turning the volume up, could be such a complicated thing.

What's really frustrating though is he doesn't like it. Says it echoes. Ummmmm it's Surround Sound. I personally think he's still mad at it though and holding a grudge. We do use it though for movies which really is impressive. And I've managed to talk him into using it for my key shows though - Lost and Cold Case.

I'm kind of hoping I don't get any electrical devices for Christmas.

'til later


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Way to go on the win! Isn't it fun? ;) I thought you were holding out for the ebook reader? Gave up on that?

Anonymous said...

It is fun winning! And nope, I haven't given up on it yet, but I'm trying to keep things simplified for the time being - trying to avoid things I can get stressed about and I think finding and operating one right now would cause me stress *grin*. What is a no brainer to most people is a mountain to electonically challenged, simplify seeking people like me. I'll get one when I'm ready to venture to a more advanced level. IPods for example scare me *chuckle*

Nicole said...

Congrats on the win!

Oh...iPods aren't that difficult. They're the easiest of all the mp3 players to use, it seems.

CindyS said...

Kristie - Good Win! I think you will enjoy the book.

I used to be an electronics wiz and now I feel like the entire industry has passed me by. I need 4 remotes to watch a DVD. I think I could program one to do everything but reading the manual is a huge NO-NO for me. I don't know whether I think I'm 'all that' or just lazy. Probably lazy ;)


Avid Reader said...

Congratulations, Miss Thang :-) I know what that feels like as I won a copy of Connie Brockway's ARC of her last book, My Surrender. I was shocked silly as I don't win anything either. So, big congrats.

ag said...

Congrats, Kristie. It's great to see you in better spirits.

Hope you get ebook reader too.