Saturday, December 31, 2005

I don't often do this but

Random thought first. Why is it days - even a week or more can go by and I can't think of a single thing to blog about, then next thing I know, the thoughts won't stop coming?

Anyway - on to the rest of this one

I was at the book store this morning and picked up these three books. Now normally I just add the new books to the sidebar, but today was a little different. In order to understand why, you must know that I am - well - cheap. I hate spending money and would much rather save it and check out my bank account several times a week. The only area I'm not that cheap is books. I don't hesitate to drop a bundle on books, and I do - much more often than I should. But even in buying books, my basic cheapness has a hold. I will only very very rarely buy trade sized and never hard cover. The exception to the hardcover is through the Doubleday book club. But then I recently got to cheap for that.
Still, when at a book store I will pick up trade and hard cover books and hold them longingly in my hands until I reluctantly put them back on the shelf and tell myself to wait until they come out in MM paperback. Now keep in mind that here in Canada trade sized books go for over $20 a pop and hardcover usually over $30.


I got a rather large sized gift certificate for Christmas and when I was at the store this morning I thought "What the hell! Go for it." So I did. I picked up one of each. The best part is I hadn't really looked at the price of The Smoke Thief before today. I just assumed it would be too much. Imagine my delight when I saw it was only $20. Plus the store was selling all hardcover books at 30% off. Add to that the additional 10% I get off with my discount card and the price was just too good to ignore. I just finished Julia Ross' Night of Sin a week or so ago and just loved it. Knowing Game of Pleasure was another book in the series sealed the deal.

Every so often it's real fun to ignore the cheap side of me!

'til later


CindyS said...

Ahhh, gift certificates. They always loosen my purse strings ;)

I've sworn off Tradesize (for now) and only buy HC by ... dang, I think I ran them all off! Used to be Evanovich, LKH, Brockman and Howard. Now, not so much.


Alyssa said...

Yay, lucky you!

I might go shopping tonight, but that will depend on how I feel after my afternoon nap. LOL! I have a gift certificate of my own to spend.


sybil said...

I won't buy tradesize unless I have a coupon or I will buy it online.

I can't think of the last tradesize or hardback I bought in a store full price.

Or if I can I get them used, I don't feel much guilt over buying used in general but not at all with HB or trade since if I keep it I always buy a new copy when it comes out in MM.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much never buy new tradesizes. $14 is too much for a book that I'm going to be done with in 72 hours or so in my opinion. So I can't even wrap my mind around $30 for a hardcover.

But letting yourself go wild and buy what you please is always fun :) Especially if it's with other people's money.

Karen Scott said...

I didn't get one single gift certificate this year. Drat.

My biggest problem is that I rarely buy used books, due to the limited number (non-existent actually) of second hand book stores stocking decent romance books. Somedays I hate living in England!

Happy New Year Kristie!

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: Linda Howard was my last Hardcover author, but cheap overrode new to buy. Now I'm waiting for PB's

Alyssa: Hope you felt good enough to make it. It's like they burn a hole in your pocket. I managed to wait a whole week to spend part of mine

Sybil: Depends on the author as to whether I feel guilty buying used or not, Nora Roberts - never! But a rookie author I like, I like to support by buying new. But since there are very few rookie authors in hardcover - well, I don't buy hardcovers, but if I did, they would be used

Jay: why DID they decide to start publishing in trade sized anyway? Why to make more money I bet! So I would just as soon make a statement by waiting in most cases.

KarenS: I do feel your pain at the lack of good UBS's in England. I am so glad we have them here. I just wish though they would keep older titles in stock. They don't (at least the ones around where I live). They don't take in books any older than 5 or 6 years. That makes it tough when you're trying to find an authors back list if it's a long one

Anonymous said...

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