Tuesday, December 20, 2005

As promised

Seven things to do before I die:

I presume these are things I would like to do – not necessarily what I will do

1. Go to Australia – That’s the one place in the world I’ve always wanted to visit

2. Starting off slow – visit every province in Canada first. I’ve been to 3 – BC, Quebec and (naturally) Ontatio. I’d really like to visit the rest – escpecially the east coast

3. Join the local theatre group. I’ve no idea if I can act or not – but I’ve always been curious to try

4. Write a romance novel. There is a problem with this one though. In order to make it work, I think I’d have to write in the first person. Also, I’m thinking it would be quirky and light and a historical. Since I don’t really read first person books – only the rare exception, and I prefer historicals to be dark, I would pretty much be writing a book I would never really want to read.

5. Get in shape – eat heathier and exercise more. Now this one is doable

6. Become close to my sons. I was when they were little but ever since they hit their teens, I just didn’t really understand them anymore.

7. Get hired on full time permanent where I work. I really like what I’m doing, like the people and love the money, but it’s only contract and I would really love the security of a permanent job at this stage in my life. Not to mention, I’d like to get paid holidays

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Vote Liberal in the upcoming elections. For anyone who doesn’t know Canadian politics, they have been the ruling party for the past 12 years. They are proven corrupt after this much time in power. The things that have been found out about some of the things they have done are truly criminal – I’m talking jail time criminal. Yet astoundingly enough – they are leading the poles. I’d love to ask someone who openly says they are planning on voting liberal (they don’t deserve to be capitalized) “why the hell are you willing to give crooks another chance – so they can steal even more of our money????? ‘ Settle down Kristie, settle down – this is supposed to be fun

2. Join PETA. While I never have and no doubt never will wear fur – at the core, I think this is a fruit cake organization. They use scare tactics on children to keep them from drinking milk for heavens sakes.

3. Understand men. I have lived in a house for over 20 years now with 3 of them and I still don’t understand them any better. I was raised with 2 sisters – women I get. Men – no

4. Rob a bank. No matter how bad the money situation may someday get, I’m not going to rob a bank

5. Watch a Woody Allen movie. I used to like his movies but as far as I’m concerned now, the guy is complete slime and I refuse to even however indirectly give him a red cent. I truly don’t understand the Hollywood mind set when someone does something abhorrent, they almost seem to embrace them after. Forgive – maybe. Reward and admire – no.

6. Have another baby. Even if I could – and I don’t think I can anymore – I have grown way to selfish to ever start over. I had my kids when I was in my early 20’s. It was rough at the time. I was a stay at home mom and while I was glad I was, it’s nice to have my own life without the obligations back again

7. Let my hair turn gray. It would if I let it. I tried to let it go gray a few years ago but just couldn’t take it.

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Spouse:

1. That he still loves me after 30 years. It’s not the same passion filled, can’t bear to leave him kind of love. Instead it’s an I love this person because of their faults kind of love

2. He’s good to look at. Yea – that’s important

3. His sensitivity. He hides it well and not many people know how sensitive he really is, but it’s there. He is one of the most sensitive people I know

4. He “gets” me. He really understands me. That allows me to really be free

5. His sense of humour. It’s quirky – just like mine

6. His love of reading. Since I’m such a reader myself, it’s important that my DH love reading too. I’ve told this story before, but the night I first met him, we got talking books. I mentioned that I was reading Alice in Wonderland (an entirely different look it is when you read it as an adult) and how much I was enjoying it. He said he would be interested in reading it. Well fortunately or unfortunately, that one sealed his fate. As far as I was concerned, he was as good as married – to me! I still haven’t gotten him interested in reading romances yet though.

7. His love for our sons. He has always felt family is most important. When our kids were younger, he coached both of them in baseball. I would watch him show patience with them and all the rest of the young boys on the team. He never criticized any of them and he never showed any kind of partiality. I was always so proud watching him.

Seven things I say or write most often:

1. Right now, the thing I say the most is “I don’t know Ron”

2. “Weeeell”, my family and those close know this usually signals the beginning of a rather long story and sometimes complicated story. I’m used to the roll of the eye and move it along hand signals though and tend to ignore it and still tell it my way.

3. “Rats” I’m not, as a rule, much of a swearer – although I have been know to break out a time or two. This word suffices usually. Of course there is the very odd time when a full blown temper tantrum comes over me and all swear words are fully used.

4. “Shit” – for those times when Number 3 just doesn’t work

5. “let’s just take it one day at a time” This one goes with number 1 quite a bit.

6. "til later” I don’t so much say this one as type it. I use it on my blog and when signing of on personal emails. For some reason I just can’t say bye.

7. I honestly can’t think of anything else

Seven books or series I love:
1. Alice in Wonderland – well yahhah

2. Dreaming of You – Lisa Kleypas. Although I’ve read every book she’s written before and after that one, none has seemed quite as good

3. The Lord of the Rings – this is another book – well series – that my husband read on my recommendation. He loved them as well and we wore out our original copies

4. After the Night by Linda Howard – I know I’ve raved about this one here

5. Black Beauty. I haven’t read this book in years and years, but when I did way back when, it showed me how the written word could move me to tears.

6. Morning Glory – Lavryle Spencer. I’ve mentioned this book before too. To me, it’s perfect.

7. The In Death series by Nora Roberts. I take them as a whole – the growth of a tortured yet incredibly strong woman

Seven movies I watch over and over:
1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy

2. The Phantom

3. Last of the Mohicans

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

5. It’s not out on DVD yet – but when it comes out – I Walk the Line

6. I’m expecting this one for Christmas. It’s not a movie but – the first season of Lost

7. Field of Dreams

Seven people to Tag (if you’ve already been tagged, you can ignore this):
Trying to share and name people I haven’t before

Angie W, Sybil, Kaitlin, Karen S, Amanda, Misty G, Rosario


CW said...

Wonderful job on the meme. (Some of your top seven books are my faves!)

Ron definitely sounds like a keeper. :P

CindyS said...

Kristie, as a fellow Canadian, I just cannot vote liberal in good conscience. Bob and I discussed this and I think the argument for is 'why rock the boat?' For me it's 'let them know that even though they have stolen for me, I will still let them govern.'. Just can't happen. I have been disappointed in Canadian elections before.

I can't believe that one is running on a platform to reduce the GST by 2%. WTF? You're just going to grab it from somewhere else so that means nothing to me! The other guy is saying *he* isn't corrupt. Fair enough. Still someone has to be held accountable and to let them back in would just greenlight massive fraud.

Ooops, I know politics should never be discussed but like you I am baffled. I'm hoping the polls are wrong.


sybil said...

Morning Glory – Lavryle Spencer!!! I think it was you and xina that rec'ed this to me. And I got it for .25 at a library sale.

It sat on the shelf for-ev-er than I took it down about a month ago and wow. Way different than the norm for me but I lurved it.

Megan Frampton said...

Fun to read others' seven things, Kristie.

It's nice to know our country isn't the only one to elect corrupt officials (and that could apply to both Democrats and Republicans, btw).

Kristie (J) said...

cw : which ones out of curiosity! And yea - he's a keeper. That's why I've kept him 30 odd years give or take a year.

cindys: Oh I could go on about the "fiberals" but then I get too depressed.

Sybil: isn't it a great book? sigh. Whatever you do though, DO NOT rent the movie. It's hideous.

Megan: I know you guys in the States have issues with some of your politicians *grin*, but I've yet to read about the level of corruption that has hit the highest levels here.

CW said...

Everything except Black Beauty, basically. I was more a Black Stallion gal. :P

Suisan said...

Coming late to the party, as usual.

(I'm never on time...)

Great list! Everyime I read someone else's lists of movies and books I start saying, "Oh! Forgot that one!"

Anonymous said...

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