Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Why is it????

That when I announce that I AM NOT interested in getting Viagra at 80% off, I'm now bombarded with their spam. Of the 22 spam emails currently in my folder, 14 of them are Viagra related????

Off to delete.

Oh, oh, oh!!

And I got to change my calendar at work again! This is what I get to look at for the month of February.

And *snort* my coworkers think I'm odd! I say it's calendar envy


Carolyn Crane said...

Yay for February!!

I've been getting those Viagra and med spams too - so many this month!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I get those Viagra emails too. And I like your February image ;)

Cecile said...

Calendar Envy for sure!!!! I mean who wouldn't be... Just watch out for Blodeuedd... once she founds this - she may try to steal it, lmbo!!
Hope you have a great Viagra kinda day!! Up up and away! lmbo could not resist!

Sayuri said...

I wish it was just viagra emails I'm getting in the old spam filter.

So far Feb seems to be the month of really skanky sex offers. With really intincing titles. Words like SUK & DONG are used FREQUENTLY.

I'm beginning to think someone has posted my email somewhere dodgy! LOL

Mandi said...

Wait, you have a N&S calendar?? Awesome!!!!

Kristie (J) said...

Mandi: Yep - I made it myself - well kind of. I'm always getting these offers from Vista Print and whenst checking into some of the other stuff one time, I noticed they had calendar - with which you could upload your own pictures. Now most people would upload pictures of loved ones - their children, their other half, their pets. But me - I uploaded pics from North and South.
And some people call me obsessed - hah! It is too laugh.

Oh - and I also did the same thing with TWO different mugs, a mouse pad and a fridge calendar magnet.

Sayuri - I don't why the Viagara spam is so high this month. It's not as if I actually clicked on one of them. But I seem to get at least 10 of the suckers a day!!!! So far of all the spam email I've gotten, there's only one that sounds fun enough to keep. And make fun of at a later date.

Cecile: A number of my coworkers ask me to switch shifts with them - I'm the easy mark. And every time they do, I say - wait! I MUST ADD THIS TO MY CALENDAR. My coworkers laugh at me. Although they all do think he is mighty fine. And mine is so much more interesting than their flower or scenery or recipe calendars. I'm thinking - just of the heck of it - to do one with some of the more man titty book covers - and give them as gifts.

Barbara: It gets even better as I get to the summer months *big wink*. And I waste more time deleting those stupid emails.

Carolyn: I'm glad I'm not the only one!! At least they (mostly) go into spam so it's rather easy to delete them. But what a waste of time and energy it is. And February is rather a 'growly' kind of month - but in a most excellent kind of way :-)

Bev(QB) said...

I don't open those nasty globs of spam slime either. But I have to admit that sometimes their attention getting titles are hilarious. Recently I got one that started "Rev up your meat machine". Some of the truly awful English translations are pretty amusing, too.

Oh, and Kristi, Iz gotsa prezzie for you that I found over on Marta Acosta's Vampirewire, who is a sistah Armitage groupie: Telephone- Richard Armitage fanvid. Enjoy!