Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do you ever have those times???

When you know you have to get to bed so you can get up the next day nice and refreshed but you're too wired to actually sleep? Well, I'm having one of those!!

For any of my American visitors who happened to watch the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and wondered what the heck William Shatner was going on about, it was a take off on this commercial.

And this commercial is why *laughing*



nath said...

I'm so sad the Olympics are over. Sigh :(

CindyS said...

I had to sleep so I couldn't watch but OMG I love the I AM CANADIAN commercials but the one that gets me up, up, up is the latest - Made From Canada! Going to go see if I can find it and post it up.


orannia said...

One of the women in my office in NZ is Canadian and she was on tenderhooks yesterday over the men's ice hockey! Great result BTW!

And I have the same problem Kristie - not being able to go to sleep when I know I need too. Usually on a Sunday night :(

Susanna Kearsley said...

I've always loved this commercial! My favourite of the Molson ads, though, is this one:

(With a warning for fellow Canucks: it's a bit of an son has actually been singing this all weekend...:-)

Kristie (J) said...

Susanna!!! I'm not watching enough sports these days obviously - I haven't seen that commercial - but what a great commercial! And I LOVE that song! I hadn't heard it before but now I'll be singing it - can't think of a better earworm *g*

Orannia: I happened to catch a line by Jimmy Kimmel that I thought was great - he said 'Americans REALLY wanted to win the game, but Canadians HAD to win the game. The American $5 bill had Abraham Lincoln on it but the Canadian $5 had kids playing hockey - it's even on our currency' I had to laugh at that one.

Cindy - you mean you missed the game!?!?! They were talking about it at work yesterday and EVERYONE was watching - even one woman who doesn't own a TV and doesn't know hockey went to friends to watch it *g*. I heard it smashed all records for viewers.

Nath: I'm going to go through such withdrawl now :-(. I started watching more and more as the games went on.

Anonymous said...

LOL, great commercial!

I have those times too, they usually happen after sleeping in on the weekends and being unable to force myself to sleep Sunday night. D: It's even worse if it's a three day weekend, I stay up until like four in the morning.

Oh, just wanted to let you know I have an award for you on my blog~