Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well Hot Damn!!!

I should be in bed - it's way past my bed time and I'm on the early shift. But I've been watching the Olympics and my favourite part of the Olympics is the skating. And my favourite part of the skating has been the Ice Dance. Ever since Torville and Dean burst onto the scene, I've been glued to both the World's and the Olympics and poor Ron had to sit through them and at times miss the Leafs so that I could watch Ice Dancing. Ryan was over tonight and I made him watch it too!!

I've been especially excited this year because one of the Canadian Ice Dancing teams had been picked to do well at this Olympics and I almost kind of felt like I sort of knew them. One of the women I used to work with at a previous job happened to know Scott Moir as he was from a small town right near mine and the woman I worked with belonged to the Legion there and was always talking about he and his partner. And his partner, Tessa Virtue is from London - as in Ontario - same city I live in. I've been glued to the telly every night for the skating and during the Ice Dance I didn't even take break time. Well - I might have missed one pair much earlier in the evening when I had to do a bit of shoveling.

And tonight they won the GOLD medal in Ice Dance!!!!! The youngest couple ever to win GOLD and the first North American couple to ever win GOLD.

Hot Damn!!!

And huge Kudo's too, to the US Ice Dance team of Charlie White and Meryl Davis. They were fantastic too and well deserving of the Silver Medal.

I know for most of Canada, the big prize will be if Canada wins the gold in hockey - but for me - the big one was won tonight!!


Sayuri said...

I sat up and watched it too Kirsite and they were amazing. Totally deserved win for Canada!

Rosie said...

Me too!

CindyS said...

I saw the dancers last night but needed a nap tonight. I'm just glad to hear another medal for Canada on home turf!

Sophie Renwick said...

They were exquisite, breathtaking, heavenly, and I cried watching their performance. Just so beautiful!!!!

I've been an ice dance fan since Torville and Dean, too. I was figure skating then when they burst onto the scene, and I wanted to be just like them!

Tessa and Scott have an amazing connection togther, and long,long career ahead of them!

Leya said...

I just watched their performance and they were wonderful. I wasn't able to stay up last night. One more gold for Canada. Yeah!

Anyway, I left you a little something over here.

Hilcia said...

Congratulations to Canada! This couple was gorgeous on ice. It was worth staying up to see the competition. :)

Wendy said...

I wonder if I'll lose my "girl card" if I admit I didn't watch the ice dancing? LOL I used to love watching the skating when I was younger - but these days...not so much. I'm a big enough person to admit that the judging "system" tends to piss me off.

We've been watching an obscene amount of men's hockey. Right now the Bat Cave consensus is that one head of the three-headed monster (Canada, Sweden or Russia) will win gold - but then the US sort of surprised us the other night - so who the heck knows?

Book Junkie said...

I so loved this ! I watched all 3 nights it was on and was totally captured. I really think the Canadian team outshinned all the rest! I am so happy they won, although an American, I think they rocked and deserved the gold.

nath said...

The Canadians really skate well :D It was a great performance!! By the way, notice how late they did their twizzles and turns? and you know what I loved most about our Canadians? The costumes!! Just so simple and elegant :)

And I kept thinking about you whenever they mentioned Tessa and Scott were from a town outside of London :P

People put way too much hope into hockey. They're setting up for disappointment, seriously.

D.L. said...

Now I totally regret not staying up! I think I went to bed some time after the Russian's performance. I loved watching, but it was never on my radar until last night. My big event was men's figure skating. I was thrilled when Evan Lysacek won.

Kristie (J) said...

DL: I think they do a repeat of the three medal winners in each of the four events after the women's skate is done so you might get another chance to watch it. And I confess - I think I liked Johnny Weir best in the mens competition but alas - he finished 6th.
And there were a lot of tired people at work today besides me *g*

Nath: I was commenting today on Tessa's costume. It was so elegant and beautiful, yet simple and because of that, we were allowed to focus on the skating and not get distracted by the costume - like say the Russian skaters costumes where I was trying to figure out if that was a face on her one breast or not *g*
And should Canada get to the final game for a gold in hockey, I'll watch it for sure - but up until then, I've only been tuning in to check the scores of the games.

Book Junkie: I really enjoyed Meryl Davis and Charlie White's skate too and on another night would have been routing for them. In fact I saw both performances at the individual Championships (US and Canadian) and liked Davis and White's long routine better of the two. But there seemed to be something magical about Scott and Tessa in every performance they did in Vancouver 'specially last night. I'm glad to see that it's not just us Canadians that felt that.

Yep Wendy - sorry to say but you do lose your girl card. Ice Dance, more than any of the other choices is about the 'romance' of it all.
And while still far from perfect, the judging has improved quite a bit since the debacle that was the last Olympics. And while you have to hand in your girl card, I have to hand in my Canadian card since I haven't watched a game yet!! I've been turning over to them during breaks - the games are playing on 3 channels here and each channel is different, but as far as sitting there watching a hockey game - I haven't. Though if Canada makes it to the finals I will.

Hilcia: Wasn't it grand???? The trouble with it being on the west coast though for us east coasters is that it runs so late. Normally I'm in dreamland at that time of night on a weeknight.

Leya: Interesting thing!! Two of the gold medals that Canada has won has been in skating of one kind or another and both of them women, and both of them from the same city as me!!!! And I shall be over when I catch up on sleep :)

Sophie: After the Olympics that Torville and Dean were in was over and they were touring, they came to London and we went to see them. It was amazing!! And I hardly breathed last night when Scott and Tessa were skating - partly because I was terrified they would blow it somehow and partly because it was so magical. And after they were done, I sat there in the living room - all by myself - clapping. Scared the cats I did!!

Cindy: If there's any way you can catch it on a repeat, you really need to watch their routine. It was breathtaking and beautiful.

Sayuri and Rosie: There have been so many lost opportunities and close calls for Canada during these Olympics - though they aren't too badly - when they failed to win, that it made it that much more rewarding when Tessa and Scott won last night with such a wonderful program. Up until they skated, I was sure that the US skaters would take it, but after Scott and Tessa skated, I thought if life was fair (and it isn't always) they should win. And then their marks came up and I was just delighted!!!!!

Julia said...

Congrats to Cananda and US! It was an interesting dance! I was amaze that all the dancer couple did well too :)

orannia said...

Congrats! I taped it and am looking forward to watching the free dance tonight, once I get offline :)

Elizabeth said...

Did you watch Joannie Rochette? That was a pretty impressive performance. What a tough situation she is in--even though it's supportive, all the attention must be hard to deal with. My son went off to school in his Canada jersey today--you can cut the tension in our house with a knife!

I am lucky to be IN Vancouver, so I don't have to stay up too late.

Lynn Spencer said...

Oh, they were fabulous! I usually skip the ice dancing because the judging makes zero sense to me, but I watched because I saw an earlier round with this pair and just liked watching them. These two and Even Lysacek from the men's competition were just incredible to watch.

Amy said...

Of course I was pulling for White and Davis or Belbin and Agosto. That was until I saw Moir and Virtue in the original program. WOW! They sooo deserved it, and I only got to see the compulsories and original. Missed the free program.

Tonight, I'll be rooting for Canada in men's hockey!

Natalie said...

Ohw ice dance was fantastic. One thing very disturbing though is Charlie White's hair is sooo sexy to me. haha. i don't know why...

Kwana said...

I totally enjoyed the ice dancing too and the Canada win.