Monday, November 16, 2009

And still two more!

Wow!! My blog links is growing by leaps and bounds!! I'm going to have to figure out how google reader works now so I have time to visit everyone.

And with that, the two newest bloggers I've found:

Anna of Good Gone Girl, who seems to be into one of my favourite genres at the moment - Sports Romance. Anna is a fairly new baby blogger - she joined us in October so go say hey


Tabitha of Tabz Book Blog
who is reading my trump author (TM Tara Marie) at the moment, J.D. Robb. Tabitha is pretty new to us to as she started her blog in August. So say hey to her too!!

(Now if um someone can tell me how google reader works????)


farmwifetwo said...

Easy. Log into your google account. You'd have one with blogger or set one up.

Click on "Reader" at the top of the mail screen. It opens the reader. See on the top left where it says "add subscriptions". Click there, cut and paste the links to the blog you wish to follow. Click on add. Voila. Now, just click on that blog and it'll open into the reader.

Some bloggers don't allow for the full blog post to show - they don't last long b/c I hate opening them into a separate window. Most do.

You can double click on the blog name where you have it in the reader or double click on the post title itself and it will open the blog post into a separate window.

Love the Reader. I even have the National Post blogs in mine. Not to mention all the autism stuff..

Kristie (J) said...

Ack!!!! I'm trying this and you've taken me to a world I've never BEEN to before!!! I still entered my blog through the original way. I didn't use my google email for a LONG time and couldn't even remember the password *g*.
I've managed to find where you mean - but it's showing ALL the posts of the two blogs I loaded so far. How do I get it to just the recent ones?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the bloggers!
And Google Reader is wonderful, I am on it several times a day. Makes blog reading and saving favorite posts super easy!



Anonymous said...

Kristie you can click "mark all read" to clear everything and start fresh.

farmwifetwo said...

It gives you the last 10 within the last month. You can click "mark all read" or scroll through them. Best part is you can scroll entirely through a blog from the reader, the read posts don't vanish.

Sometimes scrolling doesn't mark them read, so I usually click the button to make certain everything is cleared.

Now... about deleting blogs you don't want.

See in the top right corner "settings" in the yellow is "subscriptions". Click on the square, then click on the garbage can... and they're gone.

I haven't had time to play more than that in here. I simply use it as a blog management tool that saves me from going blog to blog to blog....

Wendy said...

Kristie: You should check out Google Reader's YouTube channel. You can find it here:

You'll want to watch the intro video, the Welcome To Google Reader! video and the Reading Feeds with Google Reader video.

Hope that helps.

nath said...

Woohoo!! Thanks for introducing all these new bloggers :D

If you have any trouble with Google Reader, let me know. Hope you won't stop commenting because of it though!

Tabitha said...

Well hello there, Kristie! Thank you for introducing me! :)

I have RSS feed on my blog because another blogger asked for it but I actually don't know how it works. Lol.

I check everyone's page individually. Just because I like visuals and, okay, because I don't want to deal with Google Reader ha.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Kristie, thank you so much for introducing me! I feel so honored! :D

I only know how to scroll on Google Reader, haha. I stumbled onto it after creating an email account.

orannia said...

I'm going to have to figure out how google reader works now...

You and me both Kristie! Once I have broadband (fast internet :) I'm there! Thank you for the instructions everyone! I've made notes *grin*

Tracy said...

Google Reader overwhelms me on a regular basis! lol So don't feel like you're in the minority. :)

btw Kristie - It's your book pick on the email. :)

kanishk said...

I hate opening them into a separate window. Most do.

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