Monday, November 09, 2009

Putting Aside All Others

So - it was a great book day today. I stopped at the bookstore on the way home - the one not really near me, but on my route home - and picked up Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh, Ain't to Proud to Beg by Susan Donovan and Skin Game, the one Rosie loved, by Ava Gray (aka Ann Aguirre).

And when I got home, my Chapters order had arrived. It included The Countess Lends a Hand by Bonnie Dee, Paradise Rules by Beth Kery - and.........Kindred in Death. Which brings me to the reason for this post. I'm currently reading two books, one so so and the other one which is pretty good.

But! I laid aside all other books in order to dive into Kindred in Death. I do this with each and every new In Death book. It doesn't matter what I may be reading - even if the book is un-put-downable, I put it down for Eve and Roarke and the gang. And it made me wonder if anyone else has a certain author or series that they will put everything else aside in order to read it.

It's not that every single In Death book is a 5 out of 5. But there is just something about this series that pulls me in to the exclusion of all else.

So what about anyone else - do you have something that rises to the top no matter what?


nath said...

Hmmm, pretty much all my favorite authors: Nora Roberts, Kelley Armstrong, Nalini Singh, Meljean Brook, Sharon Sala, etc. But then, I also do read quickly, so I'll rush to finish the book and start right on my new pretties :D

Lucky, you got the Susan Donovan. Haven't seen the shadow of that one yet in Montreal.

Jessica W. (Book Bound) said...

Hmmm...~ponders~ For myself I would definitely have to say Kresley Cole and Sherrilyn Kneyon. I love both the IAD series and the Dark-Hunters series.

And by the way, you got some really great books today! I'm jealous. ~pouts~ I tortured myself today by going into the bookstore and staring at all the pretty books that were screaming out to me, begging to be read. But...alas...I had no money for books today. ~regretful sigh~

Enjoy your reads!

Jessica W. - Book Bound

Mary G said...

Hi Kristie
Anything by Beth Kary, shiloh Walker, Jaci Burton, Jill Shalvis & Lauren Dane.

JennJ said...

There are only a couple that I will do that for but they are Jo Goodman and Pamela Clare otherwise I try my best to just hurry and finish up the one I'm reading to get to the next one in line.

Wendy said...

Honestly? No. I always finish whatever book I'm working on first.

Yes, I truly am this much of a fuddy-duddy.

Cecile said...

I always try my best to be a goodie goodie and finish with what I am reading first. I know a fuddy duddy!
I mean I have some that I will read as soon as I am finish with the book, but I try to finish the book

Hope you have been well my friend!
Have a great night!

Leslie said...

Right now it would be both Ilona Andrews' series and Patty Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. Can't think of any others atm.

Tara Marie said...

Authors that trump the TBR pile--Linda Howard, Julia Quinn, Loretta Chase, Liz Carlyle, Eloisa James, Meljean :)

Kristie (J) said...

Tara Marie: Being a confirmed fan of euchre, I love the way you put that *g*. Linda Howard used to be like that but I still have Burn - unread.

Leslie: I haven't tried Ilona Andrews but I keep meaning too. And I still have Hunting Ground to read, so she doesn't have that much power yet.

Cecile: *G* That just means you haven't found the right author yet. But she/he is out there.

Wendy: Must be the Librarian genes in you. And I know that you are very organized :-)

JennJ: I think Pamela Clare has almost the opposite effect. When I get one of her books, I slaver over it for a while first, watching it in eager anticipation.

Mary :*laughing* and what do you do if you get a Lauren Dane and Beth Kery book on the same day? Who trumps who - or do you flip a coin? *g*

Nath: The Donovan book was only in one bookstore in the city - and that one was on my way home.

Janet Webb said...

What an apropos question! I have the latest Gabaldon from the library and I just haven't opened it. But I just found on the latest In Death is waiting for me and I can't wait to read it :) ... gobble, gobble. JD Robb & Mary Balogh: they're my two instant reads :) ... no one else.

Patti said...

There are a couple of authors - Ilona Andrews, Rachel Vincent, Patricia Briggs, Richelle Mead...actually I think all my "stop what you're doing and pick this up" authors are paranormal.

I haven't heard much about the In Death books except that they are very popular. It looks like there are a lot of them to catch up on but I saw a few in my local used book store and I think I'm going to go for it.

Bev(QB) said...

Fun question, Kristie.

I still drop everything for Bertrice Small (not her contemps, though) and Laurell K. Hamilton (particularly her Merry Gentry series). Yes, I realize that all the cool kids in Romancelandia make fun of both of them (and, to be honest, not wholly without reason). But I am still completely addicted to them.

No matter what audio books I've got in my queue, a new Charlaine Harris Sookie audio book gets bought and listened to before anything else. In addition, I'll drop everything for Karen Marie Moning and Patricia Briggs, even downloading the audio book if I know I won't be able to get to the print version on release day (I still buy it though).

I call all these "drop-everything" authors my First Tier authors. They ALWAYS land at the top. Then there's the authors I also love but consider them Second Tier (i.e. Jean Johson, Diana Gabaldon). They DO all get read, based on my genre cravings.

Finally, there's the Third Tier (aka Mount TBR, which I KNOW you have to have too) that I intend to read someday but they end up sifting down to the bottom. Oh, then there's the Pile O' Shame, (aka the What was I THINKING? group) that I doubt I'll ever read but I paid for, dammit, and so I HAVE to keep them. Although hidden within Mount TBR to camouflage them, I don't consider them part of my Mount TBR.

Katie Mack said...

I usually just hurry up and finish whatever book I'm reading. The only series I can think of that I would literally abandon my current read for is Julia Spencer-Fleming's Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne series. And I wouldn't come up for air until the book was done.

Lynn Spencer said...

I'm usually really picky about finishing whatever I'm in the middle of reading. However, I have been known to throw things aside to read the Gardella Vampires (Colleen Gleason) or the Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne books.

Hilcia said...

Oh this is a fun one! I always try to finish what I'm reading first, but (there's always a but), I usually give priority status to Nora Roberts, Lisa Kleypas, Mary Balogh & Nalini Singh. Kresley Cole & Ilona Andrews have become recent favorites. :)

orannia said...

*thinks* I used to do that - my family used to laugh about the fact I could be reading two or three books at a particular point - but stress has made me more obsessive-compulsive and so I have to finish the book I'm reading. I would have thought Nalini Singh would be one who would jump the pile, but I bought (yes, bought :) Blaze of Memory on the weekend and...I've added it to my 'Not Now' (as Renee calls it) list.

And I have Promises In Death to read next! Am looking forward to it!

Mary G said...

Good one Kristie LOL
Then I have to go with what I'm in the "mood" for.

Kristie (J) said...

Janet: I'm about half way through it now. I would have been further but *sigh* So You Think You Can Dance trumped even Roarke. But so far I'm finding it another excellent entry into this series.
It's nice to know she has the same affect on others too *g*

Patti: I can't say enough good things about the In Death books!! I know it's a scary thing when you look at how many of them there are now - but I've seen some who are fairly new to the series but have got up to speed. It's hard to say what it is about them - there is so many good things.

Bev: I hope you don't mind, but I did get a chuckle that Bertrice Small is one of your trump authors (I really do like that way of putting it) I never have tried Laurel K Hamilton though. But I hear she is hard to let go of.
And I hear you on the different layers of the TBR pile. I have them too.

KatieM: The In Death are the only ones I will do that for. They have another unique distinction going for them too. They are the ONLY books I read where I don't cheat and read the end long before I 'officially' get there.

Lynn: I'm afraid I'm guilty of dropping books I'm not enjoying that much fairly early, but if it's one I am enjoying, it's rare that I do.

HIlcia: Hard to believe but even with a new Kleypas book, I will finish what I'm reading before starting her books.

Orannia: I often am reading two or three books at the same time - due at times to forgetting where I put down a book, but with the In Death books it's different. I could be at the most exciting part of the current book I'm reading - but it must wait until I read the current In Death book. It is a great series isn't it?

Kristie (J) said...

Acckkk! Jessica - I missed you first time round. I did get some great buys!! I knew this would be a big month. I plan months in advance for what I'm going to get and I think I only got a couple in November and I checked ahead in January and February and there aren't that many that interested me so I figure November is my biggest buy month of the year :)

prashant said...

I love both the IAD series and the Dark-Hunters series.

Lingerie Affection

Janet Webb said...

Oh my gosh, PLEASE say we can still be friends but I'm finding Kindred in Death doesn't quite thrill me as much as some of the other entries in the series. Which is not to say that Fantasy in Death is not at the Top of my List for 2010.

I'll be interested in your review :)

Holly said...

I set everything else aside to read Kindred as well. While I enjoyed it, it wasn't as good as many of her previous entries. Even so, I sped right through it and I'm glad I read it.

Have you tried Ain't Too Proud To Beg yet? I tried reading it earlier this week and eventually had to set it aside. I can't decide if it was me, or the book. I'd like to hear your thoughts when the time comes.