Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Kindred in Death by J.D. Robb

Why this one: Hello - it's J.D. Robb - the queen of the trump books

Steam Level: Surprisingly this one was only luke warm. But I didn't mind that at all

Blurb: When the newly promoted captain of the NYPSD and his wife return a day early from their vacation, they were looking forward to spending time with their bright and vivacious sixteen-year-old daughter who had stayed behind.

Not even their worst nightmares could have prepared them for the crime scene that awaited them instead. Brutally murdered in her bedroom, Deena's body showed signs of trauma that horrified even the toughest of cops; including our own Lieutenant Eve Dallas, who was specifically requested by the captain to investigate.

When the evidence starts to pile up, Dallas and her team think they are about to arrest their perpetrator; little do they know yet that someone has gone to great lengths to tease and taunt them by using a variety of identities. Overconfidence can lead to careless mistakes. But for Dallas, one mistake might be all she needs to bring justice.

My Thoughts: Nothing stands between me and the my need for the latest J.D. Robb fix and this one is no exception. As mentioned a couple of posts previously, when this one arrived in the mail I dropped all other books so I could read this one.

The story opens with Eve and Roarke enjoying a rare two days in a row off and having just enjoyed the 'steam' for that particular day, they are trying to figure out what else to do with their time when Dallas gets called in for a crime. The daughter of a fellow cop, a newly promoted Captain, has been brutally and repeatedly raped and then strangled. This one is a tough case for Eve as it hits close to her own horror filled childhood. And it's tough for us the reader to read about how she suffered before her death.

One of the things Ms. Robb excels at is drawing the reader in and making us feel what the victim and what Eve feel. I'll confess to not reading a lot of mystery books, but I can't imagine that there are very many that are as well written as the In Death series.

As Eve struggles to solve the case, she juggles this with her role as Louise's Matron of Honour in the upcoming nuptials of Louise and Charles and what exactly her role is and how much is expected of her. It's always so delightful to see Eve struggle with things that the rest of us take for granted.

This is a typical In Death book and I think those of us that love this series will love this latest installment. Roarke is as usual, Roarke and there are some tender moments as he realizes how this case in particular is hard for his beloved Lieutenant and he himself is pulled in with the similarities to the death of Marlena, Sommerset's daughter (I think that's her name but I could be wrong). We get to see all of the characters we love so much. There is a tender moment between her and Morris, the insult hurling between Eve and Sommerset, the banter between Eve and Peabody and of course the deep and passionate love between Eve and Roarke. And there is another character who has been in a few of the books now who makes an appearance and plays a vital role in solving the case.

It's fascinating watching as Eve, with help of her gorgeous techno geek husband sort through the clues and try and determine who the evil person who took away the life of a very popular young woman.

In some books I get a little frustrated as the case takes the main focus and the great relationships take too much of a back seat but there is a good balance in this one. Of course my favourite books are where the relationships are featured more, but I wouldn't put Kindred in Death in this category. Still - it's another very good addition and I'm already looking forward to the next one, even though I just finished this one yesterday.

There are a couple of coworkers reading this series now and and I very proudly showed them my copy as they looked at in envy - they aren't nearly to the point in the series that I am. I even took a book bag with me to work since this is a harcover and doesn't fit in my purse and I read it at every opportunity. I just read three of the series for Nath's challenge and now I feel like going back and reading a few more. I honestly can't see me ever getting tired of this world and these people that J.D. Robb has created.

Grade: 4.25 out of 5


nath said...

I enjoyed it too :D I thought it was good :D Not great, but quite good :D I'm already looking forward to the next book, next year! By the way, are you planning to get the novella?

Also, when do you think Eve will earn her bars?

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: *g* Absolutely!! I think it comes out in December.
As for earning her bars - I'm not even sure she would accept them if offered. I think it would mean she would be behind a desk and if I remember right, her commander Whitney said although she more then deserved them, he hadn't pushed it because he doesn't want to lose her in the field. It was also mentioned that her marriage to Roarke might have played a role in her not being promoted, but considering how much he is a 'civilian' team member these days, I'm not sure that would be so much a factor any more.

PeggyP said...

Hi Kristie - I finished this the other day and liked but didn't love it and I usually LOVE any In Death books. Other than Charles & Louise's marriage, none of the characters seemed to move forward in this book. I was hoping for more of something... you know? Still have Naked & Glory as my most favorite & often reread books and will be eagerly reading the next full book in Feb.

Like having a baby - I think Eve getting her bars would kind of hamper the possible story lines. Unless she gets them and then gets knocked back down because of something her or Roarke does...ooh, that might be good conflict!

ReneeW said...

I love this series and I'm only one book behind (still need to read Promises in Death). I completely agree with you - I never get tired of this world and these characters (as opposed to the Stephanie Plum series - I opted out at book 12 or 13). I think that's because the characters just keep growing and changing and each book makes me feel like I'm visiting some old friends.

Kristie (J) said...

I think overall, Portrait is my favourite. It was so different to see Roarke so thrown and Eve helping him out for a change.
But as in most of the In Death books, it was the little things that really got me in this book, things I can't remember after of course, but brief conversations or tidbits - like in this one Eve admitting that Sommerset kept winning the insult contests or her conversation with Dr. Mira and how she can describe to a tee what Dr. Mira is wearing but only describes her dress as yellow.
But it's fascinating to see how she has evolved over the course of the books from the absolute loner she was in Naked to the much more relaxed and well rounded person she is today.
And I agree - her getting promoted would be like her getting pregnant - something she and Roarke and us the readers - aren't quite ready for yet.

Kristie (J) said...

Renee: I love the continuity too. Some characters we see in every book and some only every few books. But with the characters who aren't regulars, when they do make another appearance we are so glad to see them again.
And Promises is very good - very sad in some ways - which you will see - but still a good book!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

*head falls in shame* I am 3 books behind and when I get Kindred, that will make 4. *sigh*

Jessica W. (Book Bound) said...

Honestly, I have never read a J.R. Robb book. Shocking isn't it? But after reading this review, she has been bumped up on my "Books To Buy" list!

Jessica W. - Book Bound

Kristie (J) said...

Katie: *g* with - what is it now 36 including anthologies? 3 behind isn't that many at all. And you can give yourself a pass too if you wait for the paperbacks. And you're a fast reader - much faster than me :-) And just think - if you get in a real 'I heart Roarke' mood, you will be able to read 3 new ones back to back (to back *g*)
I think this is the one of the few series I'm NOT behind on.

Jessica: With so many, it can be rather intimidating to look at the number, and it took me 3 attempts to get into them. I started reading one and didn't really care for it. But I kept hearing how great Roarke was and after a second failed attempt, tried again 'cause I really felt like I was missing something - and they just clicked. If you do start reading them, it's real important that you start with the first one - Naked in Death. There is a lot of growth and development that goes in between the characters and with Eve herself and watching the progression is half the fun of the books.

Holly said...

Like Nath, I found this entry to be good, but not great. I much prefer the ones where the focus is on the relationships and where there is more strife between Eve and Roarke (watching them makeup makes me happy..heh).

I'm going to start the novella tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

farmwifetwo said...

I too read complaints that this one isn't "romantic" enough, or that Roarke and Eve need to fight more... WT????

These are mysteries. They are not romances, or romantic suspense books. Nor are they marketed as such.

I expect the mystery first, the characters second. I enjoy their conversations, their laughter, their lives... but I don't wish to read about only them. If I did I'd actually enjoy Nora's latest quartet and I find it dull. I bought the first, the rest are coming via the libary.

Also, why do people think we should get Louises wedding?? We didn't get Eve and Roarke's. They are secondary characters... and very at that since they aren't part of the police force and it's circle.

Katie Mack said...

I'm about 18 or so books behind on this series. No, I'm not kidding. The next one up for me is Divided in Death. But I came to this series waaayy late in the game. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

So I couldn't actually read this review for fear of spoilers, but I was happy to see a 4.25/5 grade. That gives me reassurance that by the time I finally get to Kindred, the series will still be worth reading.

Kristie (J) said...

I've bee horribly back tracking!

Holly: I like them better when there is conflict too. In fact I just went back and picked up Innocent in Death. I think that one has best conflict. Roarke, who is usually so perceptive when it comes to Eve, is so clueless in this one.

Farmwifetwo: I know they are shelved in the mystery section and that is the main focus of these books, and the lack of love scenes between Roarke and Eve didn't bother me at all, but I confess to liking the ones with more interaction between them a bit more. If the mystery takes top spot though, it's not going to keep me from loving this series!!

KatieMack: Well - the plus to being behind is if you go on an In Death marathon, you don't have to wait for the next one like those of us who at up to date :-)

orannia said...

Oh, I can't wait to read this. I have ~60 pages to go in Promises in Death, and it's good :)