Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two Hellos and a Very Sad Goodbye

I do a lot of backtracking and wandering around when blog hopping and sometimes I'll stumble on a blog and mean to go back and then get distracted and loose them. So I may have stumbled on these blogs and then lost them. But I grabbed hold of them this time and added them to my sidebar.

So first off, if you haven't dropped by and said hey - be sure to visit PATTEPOULLIE from One Book Away From Heaven.

And it was the day for Patt(e)(i)(s) as my other new blogger find is Patti of Book Addict just one more. Now I know I've seen her but this is my 'Official' Hey and Welcome.

And now for the sad goodbye. *sniff* Barbara of Happily Forever After is closing up shop. She has a young family, she works, she loves reading and is finding it hard to find the time for that and she has dreams of becoming a romance writer herself so she is finding that keeping up Happily Forever After just too much. But she has promised to hang around blogland even if she is putting her own blog down. And I've no doubt that sometime in the not to distant future we all will be able to read one of her books.

I've gotten to know Barbara and her wonderful voice online and then was very fortunate to call her roomie in Washington DC. She really was a huge part of what made the time there so much fun.

I'm really going to miss you Barbara, but I can see the need to prioritize. And you be sure and drop by - you hear?


pattepoilue said...

*waves* Thank you for the kind welcome Kristie =)
I'm glad you found me because i love coming to your blog now.

It is sad when a blogger friend decide to stop blogging, i hope she'll find the time to still keep in touch
Have a great Weekend =)

Patti said...

Hey Kristie! Thanks for the warm welcome! I do that too - I'll find a new blog just to lose it again...

I'm sorry Barbara is leaving, I also enjoy her blog and yes hopefully she'll find time to say hello occasionally.

Kristie (J) said...

And I'm so glad you I found you both again!! I know I've been to both your 'places' and meant to return, so this time I added you to the sidebar and made it "official" *g*
And it IS sad when a blogger hangs up the blog - but there's no question it can be a time sucker and when you have a lot of other things to do and accomplish in RL, sometimes that's the only thing you can do. And she has promised she will still be around - not just doing her own blog on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

(((hugs))) Thank you so much Kristie :) See? I'm still here, just without the pressure of maintaining my own blog, lol! Now I can freely visit all of your posts ;)

But I have to say, the thought of deleting HFE killed me! I'll have to leave it there, it's just taking a nice long vacation, lol. Who knows, maybe one day I'll start posting again.

As for writing...guess who dusted off the old MS this morning? :D Ahhhh.....Man, it's been so long since I even read it. I'm so excited to get back in to it.

And a big welcome to the new comers!! Kristie is the best at welcoming everyone and making them feel at home.

orannia said...

Welcome Patti and Patti :)

(((Barbara))) All the best with the writing!

Janicu said...

pattepoilue is a sweetheart! :)