Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lest We Forget


Hilcia said...

Thank you, KristieJ. The 11th hour is now past, so I can post -- thank you for putting this up. :) Our Vets deserve more than one day and all our gratitude, but today I'll be thinking of them all day long.

AnimeJune said...

My great-grandad fought in WWII. He was a Polish immigrant, and in the '30s he worked on a farm with a German-Canadian supervisor. While all the farm hands were sitting down to have lunch while listening to the radio, the breaking news that Germany had just invaded Poland came on.

My Polish Great-Grandad walked up to his German supervisor, punched him in the face, quit his job, enlisted in the army ....and then went home and told his wife. *headdesk* He survived, though. My dad was nuts about him, and still tears up when he thinks about him.

My hearts and prayers go to all soldiers and veterans.