Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not just a Twofer - but a Threefer!!

As Nath reminded me, Chapters had a 25% weekend this weekend just wrapping up. I wasn't going to get any books, but the more I thought about it, the more I justified to myself that it was a good idea to go. And with just a very short encouragement from Stacy, I did.

My latest haul.

Born of Fire and Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon.
Now I gave up the Dark Hunter series quite some time ago. But I was actually on the Sherrlyn Kenyon train years before even then, when I was into futuristics and read a couple of hers and enjoyed them quite a bit. I read somewhere that they were going to be reissued but lost track of when. Then I read at Leontine's place that Born of Ice was one of them. When I checked online to see if the Chapters near me not only had this one but also Born of Night - well I had to get them right? I already have Paradise City - now I'm going to have to figure out which one it is and how it compares to the reissued version.

In the Flesh by Livia Dare.
I read about this one Stacy's place and was instantly intrigued. But I'll be honest, I find the cover cringe worthy. But I figured if I bought a group of books and with luck the checkout person was female and not some young studly guy, I could slip it through. I did and it wasn't so all was good!

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind by Karen Kelley
I really enjoyed Earth Guys are Easy, the second in a trilogy and I picked up Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy, the third a few days ago. So I just had to get the first one - right?

How to Tempt a Duke and How to Tame a Lady by Kasey Michaels.

Now I have both of these in my cart at Harlequin but there I save 20% off the cover price. With my Avid Reader card I say 10% and 20% is better then 10%. But 25% is even better then 20%. So by getting them today at Chapters, I'm saving a total of 10% - 5% on each book. See how that math works? In fact, by that kind of math, I actually saved 90% on the books I bought!!
And in case you are wondering, I actually credited the savings because I would have saved 10% at Chapters regardless.


Anna said...

I loved both Born of Night and Born of Fire. Actually Paradise City is Born of Ice that comes out in December. :)

Jessica W. (Book Bound) said...

Awesome loot! I managed to scrape up some extra cash this weekend for the Chapters sale too! Don't you just love Chapters?

Anonymous said...

That's great that you bought so many books! Book buying can always be justified when bookstores have such fabulous offers, haha. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Born of Night, it's been in my TBR pile for a while.

pattepoilue said...

Ohh,i've been waiting to read reviews of Born of Nights before giving in to the temptation and ordering it. I've never read any book from Sherrilyn Kenyon.

lol i love the maths involved in buying books discount, that's pretty much the only kind of maths i like ;)

farmwifetwo said...

The avid reader card is a JOKE. You have to spend $250 just to break even since it costs $25.

My indie book store gives 5% on each purchase until $10 and then you can spend it. So after spending $200 I get $10 off... much better deal - IMO.

Does Chapters still charge you for shipping on pre-orders?? It's the #1 reason I stopped buying from them since I have to buy online.

I still get my 25%'s at Zellers.

Kristie (J) said...

Farmwifetwo: Alas - I used to get a lot more books at Walmart where they were 25% off and some at Zellers too. Then Walmart decimated their book section (bastards) and cut it down to 1/4 of what it used to be. And all the Zellers around me got rid of their book sections altogether. So I hear you on your anger with Chapters!!! I think I've done a post before about the anger I feel that their is only ONE book chain store in the country - though I hear there is another one out west - but not around here. And the indie book stores around here don't really carry romance - just a very few.

Pattepoilue: I used to be a faithful fan of Kenyon and her alter ego Kinley MacGregor, but after a while it just seemed that her books were nothing more then sequel bait for the next book and I got frustrated and quit her. But these three, Born of Night, Born of Fire and Born of Ice were actually written at the beginning of her writing career so I'm willing to give her another go.
And my youngest son is an accountant. Let's just say we don't see math in quite the same way *laughing*. He loves it and I'm scared of it so I kind of make up my own math rules.

Anna: I feel almost guilty at times that I'm at that stage where I can fully indulge my addiction. When I was a young mother, almost all my buys were at UBS's.
But I don't feel guilty enough to stop *g*.

Jessica: LOL - see my reply to Farmwifetwo. I'm NOT a fan of Chapters - but I do like when they have their sales. That's when I really go wild.

Anna: Thanks for the heads up!! Now I don't have to strain the brain trying to remember and can sit back and just enjoy the reading.
I did read two of them way back when, when futuristics were in vogue, but I don't remember where the first one went to.

farmwifetwo said...

Mine carries a little romance and paranormal but the store itself is tiny.

They order in anything I want. Actually I was given the catalogues for Usborne books (children's - have to return them) so I guess that tells you what I spend... :)

They can't get Hqn's. But Zellers (25% off) and Shoppers (no sales there) carry the full line so I'm not without.

I do miss the 25% off new H/C's but since I pretty much only by JD Robb's and JAK's now... it isn't that big a deal. By the time I'd pay for shipping from Chapters on preorders... I'd rather buy local.

nath said...

Seriously, I think it's not that bad... and you don't have to spend 250$ to get your 25$ back on the Irewards card. The past year, I think because of the economy crisis, they had a lot of coupons and promotions. Just this past week-end, I saved 21.74$ - and the total of my purchase was 68.40$.

I like in Quebec province, so I'm actually just grateful that at least, there's a big english bookstore chain. Sure it sucks that there's only one... but one is better than none.

by the way Kristie, nice haul :) The cover of In the Flesh indeed has a very high cringe factor. I'll look forward to your review :D

I don't know about the Sherrilyn Kenyon. I've decided to give up on her after I read Bad Moon Rising. However, these are old releases right? Hmmm. Dunno what to do.

nath said...

I mean "live in Quebec province" not like.

orannia said...

So many pretties and all of them new to me *screws up eyes tightly*

If I don't see them I won't be tempted...yeah, right *grin*